Your Choice of Landscape Determines Your Inner Landscape

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Beach Rentals in Sea IsleThe idea that your choices reveal who you are as a person is a premise that launched numerous narcissistic quizzes.

But it rings some truth, especially when it comes to geography. Studies show that your preferences of vacation destination links to how much of an introvert or extrovert you are. University of Virginia psychologist Shigehiro Oishi and colleagues Minha Lee and Thomas Talhelm claimed that introverts thrived in secluded locations while extroverts enjoyed open areas.

Oishi’s Study

Oishi and his team surveyed 921 undergraduates, rating their personalities with a standard questionnaire. The survey asked students their choice between mountains and oceans. Comparing the results, the study reported that extroversion shared a link with beaches while introverts chose a peaceful night at the mountains.

Visual tests further confirmed their findings. After taking the standard personality questionnaire, the students viewed pictures of beaches and oceans. Oishi’s team asked where they’d want to visit and invest their time.

Beach Please or Solo Night in the Mountains?

The beach was the top choice among extroverts and if you are one, it’s easy to understand why. Extroverts are most comfortable in the presence of others. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach, Realtors, a local Sea Isle rental, says that the beach offers endless opportunities to bond. You can play volleyball, jetski, or simply lay down on the sand with other peers.

But if you are a professed introvert, you want some peace. The mountains, not the beach, are your places for solace. Introverts enjoy most when they are alone with their thoughts. Since the mountains offer a more peaceful setting, you would want to spend time here rather than in a noisy beach.

Room for More Research

Sure enough, the study still has its set of limitations. The researchers could not determine whether geographical preference shaped personality or vice versa. There’s still much to explore on how living near beaches or mountains affects an individual’s personality.

Still, this study is a reminder of how your surroundings match the landscape within you.

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