Four Unique Attractions in Bath

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Travel SavingsNestled in Avon Valley, Bath has a lot to offer with its treasure trove of Georgian buildings, snazzy spas, lovely countryside, and long history to boot. Here are unique places to visit while you’re in the city.

The Roman Baths

The epicentre and the reason Bath is known as a World Heritage Spa City, the Roman Baths is a grand complex constructed in 70 AD. Today, it has become an interactive museum where you can take a trip down memory lane and see for yourself how Romans socialise and take a bath in this complex during ancient times.

You get to explore ancient pavements and chambers as well as the Temple of Sulis Minerva while listening to an audio guide as you check out the different sections of the site. Located right in the heart of the city, you can easily get to this attraction if you’re staying at a hotel in Bath City Centre.

Bath Skyline Walk

Just a short walk away from the city centre, you get to see the spectacular beauty of Bath’s countryside. Take a leisurely stroll at the city’s skyline hill and traverse through meadows, woodlands and valleys. Here, the fragrant smell of flowers, constant chatters of birds, soft breezes, babbling spring and scenic view of the cityscape below are yours to enjoy.

Bath Abbey

Founded in 1499 in a site that’s been used as a Christian place of worship since 675 AD, the Bath Abbey, also known as the Cathedral of the Bishop of Bath, has a fascinating story. The cathedral was constructed following a dream of Bishop Oliver King, where he saw angels going up and down a ladder to get to and from heaven. He took it to mean that the ancient place of worship should be restored, and thus, this Gothic church stands to this day.

Georgian Architecture

The city of Bath is like a big museum featuring buildings of distinctly Georgian architecture. Some renowned structures worth visiting are The Royal Crescent, the Building of Bath Collection, The Royal Circus, and Assembly Rooms, home of the Fashion Museum.

Since the Roman times, Bath has been a place of relaxation and a popular travel destination. While the Roman times have come and gone, you can still do as the Romans do and enjoy everything that this city has to offer.

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