Search Engine Optimization’s Value to Start-up Companies

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a small companyDigital marketing has helped established businesses to promote their new products while allowing them to reintroduce their old ones. This is because digital marketing, apart from being cost-effective, enables businesses to reach a wider audience.

Some businesses, however, do not cater to everyone. That is why a more focused marketing technique, like search engine optimization (SEO), is important. As Cerco states in a blog, SEO is “vital to help potential customers from your geographical location to reach you.” SEO is particularly valuable to start-up companies, no matter how niche a market they may serve, that are looking to make their mark in the local business scene.

SEO like Google, Yahoo and Bing have algorithms that rank websites. The higher the rank of a website, the more it drives traffic to the business. This is especially significant for start-up companies that have yet to gain traction with consumers. With the proper strategy, SEO can increase brand awareness.

Important facets of SEO include:

Keyword Research

When optimizing a website, the first thing to do is keyword research. Internet users don’t typically type in an entire sentence when they search for a product, business or service — they usually type in a set of words or phrases. Digital marketers have techniques to analyse the search habits of users. Meanwhile, start-up companies don’t have a wide clientele yet from whose activities they can base keywords. Alternatively, they can use discussion websites like Reddit and Quora. Checking the competitor’s keywords can also help.

Topic Generation

Websites with constant updates generally receive higher rankings. However, content and topics should be relevant to the company’s products and services; moreover, it should be of help to the end-user. The website’s content cannot should be of value to the user.

Content Value

Speaking of value, Googles algorithms encourage websites to provide quality content that is useful to the visitors. Some websites tend to overuse a set of keywords, to which Google responds by lowering the website’s ranking. The days are gone when the concept of SEO involved mere keyword stuffing. By providing useful information on their website, a company establishes authority.

Linking Schemes

Internal linking can help build credibility and allows users to navigate the company’s website. Internal linking leads a visitor in a certain direction within a company’s website, for instance, to the contact details, locations, product portfolio or services, price lists, news, reviews, blog posts and the like.

With the use of SEO, start-up companies not only build an online presence but also boost their authority and credibility as well. It makes way for brand awareness, higher conversion rate and results in a bigger return on investment.

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