Strategies to Maximize the Value of Old Content

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Digital MarketingAre you considering removing content from your pages? Before you do so, think about the audience you reached because of it, the links you built and the potential it still has to help your business. You don’t have to remove the articles or videos because they still have value.

Experts from a Denver-based SEO agency cite the following ways you can maximize the value of our old content.

Internal Linking

You’ll regularly post new material on your website to generate traffic and build authority. You can improve the value of old posts by linking them to new ones and vice-versa. This approach directs visitors to other pages that may interest them or provide them with a background or details about a current topic. Internal links also boost search rank and allow Google to crawl and index them properly.

Improve Topical Authority

Simply creating a new page for a specific topic isn’t enough to expand or gain authority. Before a search engine attributes expertise and trust to a page, it must meet certain criteria and a proven track record. This is when improving the value of old content becomes important. Build on old posts by alternating the types of content you update it with.

Mix videos, with podcasts and long articles to diversify your reach and pique the interest of visitors that prefer reading or just watching a video to get more information. Build trust and grow your reach using different platforms that mention your brand and the specific page you want to increase authority in.

Update and Refresh Information

Revive interest in an old post by updating it with fresh information and explicitly telling your audience. New details about an old topic re-engage old and potential readers and visitors of your blog. It also expands your authority and improves your brand’s trustworthiness and perceived expertise.

These are some of the techniques you can implement to re-use and boost the value of old content. Try these to get the results you want and stay ahead of the competition.

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