Research: Engineers In UK’s West Midlands Earn The Highest Salaries

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Applicants in a recruitment firmIf you’re looking for listings about mechanical-design engineer jobs in the U.K., the West Midlands has the highest median annual salary for this profession nationwide, according to new research.

The analysis of Office for National Statistics data showed that engineers in the region earned an annual salary of £43,046 on average in 2017, which was 15 per cent more than the £37,359 wage in 2012. Engineers in West Midlands now make more than those in London, where wages only rose by 3.2 per cent in the same period.

Appraised Salaries

Engineers in London earned an average salary of £42,837 per year compared to £41,483 in 2012. While they earn less than their counterparts in West Midlands, Centre for Cities said that the capital city still has the biggest salary per week at £727.

However, the high cost of rent in London worth £665.87 on average offsets this income rate. Whether you are in the engineering profession, you should consider working in the south such as Reading, Crawley, Milton Keynes where weekly salaries cost between £619 and £655. The cost of rent there would likely be more affordable. If you still prefer to work in West Midlands, various infrastructure projects would continue to support the trend of high-paying jobs.

Reasons For Growth

Experts attributed the salary growth for engineers in West Midlands to the automotive industry’s strong need for skilled workers. During the last five years, companies had trouble finding people with the right engineering qualifications for the jobs.

This led them to offer higher salaries to attract potential candidates. While car manufacturing has slowed down recently, the HS2 and M6 motorway project among other infrastructure work would continue to support the demand for engineering skills.


The place where you live mostly determines the salary that you may earn as an engineer. Competition may not be too hard due to a shortage of skills, but it pays to know where to find the best job that suits your qualifications.

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