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How to Clean Windows That are Difficult to Reach

June 26, 2018 at 10:27 am Comments are Disabled

cleaning a windowMost of us have hard-to-reach windows at home, especially if you have a basement or a second floor. These can be hard to clean, so make sure to follow our hacks to keep your windows clean at all times!

Today, window expert Utah Window Cleaning Inc, a commercial window washing company in Salt Lake City, will give you expert tips on how to clean those hard-to-reach windows.

Use an Extendable Squeegee

For second to third-floor windows, an extendable squeegee can be a lifesaver. Make sure that you can properly handle it though, as these things can be a tad bit difficult to move around because of its length and weight.

When using one, you also have to make sure to start from the top to the bottom of the windows to prevent it from getting streaks and marks. Simply grab a window cleaning solution and water, your squeegee and clean away!

Hose it Down

Now, this one’s a less permanent solution. If you just want to give your windows a good washing down, then grab the hose and direct it to your windows. This could give your windows a couple of streaks though, especially if you just hose it and not wipe the water away.

This is a good temporary solution, but definitely not for thoroughly cleaning your windows.

Hire a Professional

We recommend leaving the job to a professional window cleaner. They would know how to do it perfectly and how to clean your windows without leaving any streaks on it. Also, they can climb the whole house safely to make sure that those hard-to-reach windows are thoroughly cleaned!

Cleaning your windows do not have to be a difficult task; you just have to be equipped with the right tools and knowledge, and you are good to go!