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What to Do When a Family Member Gets Arrested

November 19, 2018 at 5:16 pm Comments are Disabled

Officer arresting a manGetting in trouble with the authorities is very stressful, and when it happens to a family member, figuring out what to do can quickly become overwhelming. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you:

Get a Defense Attorney

The first thing that you must do when someone is arrested or involved in legal trouble is find a lawyer. In Salt Lake City, a lawyer can guide you through the next steps, including gathering bail bonds, preparing for court dates, and other things that affect the case. Asking an expert to give you advice as you move forward is essential, especially in a criminal case. The stakes are high, so it’s best to rely on people with experience.

Avoid Getting Arrested

If you’re in the area when the arrest happens, make sure you don’t get arrested as well. Don’t try to interfere and do your best to maintain a calm disposition. You can ask the police officer where they’ll be taking your loved one, but remember to be extremely polite. Gathering as much information about the situation is wise. If you can, take note of the name of the arresting officer, their precinct and jurisdiction, as well as the charges your loved one is being arrested for.

Show Your Support at the Court Hearing

Your loved one will have a chance to appear in court to hear their case. The first appearance’s purpose is to let your family member know what their chargers are and the rights they are entitled to. The judge will then determine if your family member should be immediately jailed or released. If the judge decides not to release your loved one, the conditions of their arrest will be declared and explained. Clear your schedule so that you can get to the court hearing early.

Being familiar with the legal process following an arrest is very important. Your loved one needs all the support at this very trying time. Get in touch with their attorney to find out what you can do to support your family member better.