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3 Must-Have Cards For Your Veterinary Practice

October 7, 2017 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

a veterinarian, pet owner and pet cat smiling for a picture inside a pet clinicA common mistake many veterinarians make is focusing too much on the business side of their practice and forgetting that what they do is also a part of the healthcare sector. While professionalism is extremely important for your veterinary practice, keep in mind that it’s just as much as a family-oriented business. Your clients treat their pets like members of the household, so you should too.

As such, you need to share the emotions (whether positive or negative) that they have when it comes to their pets. A great way to do this is through giving or sending them cards.

Here are three of the non-calling cards you should always have in your office:

Veterinary empathy cards

As unfortunate and sad as it sounds, most pets have a shorter lifespan than humans. However, the emotional attachment they share with their owners is similar to what humans have towards one another.

Show your concern by sending veterinary sympathy cards to clients who have suffered such a great loss. Moral support and heartfelt empathy are just as important during times of grief, and the recipient will truly appreciate it.

Birthday greeting cards

Celebrate your patients’ birthday with their owners by sending greeting cards. You most likely have this information in your records, so take note of them in your calendar. While it may seem easier to just send them a greeting through text or email, it doesn’t have the same kind of positive impact as an actual, physical birthday greeting card.

Congratulatory cards

Take part in the joy and excitement that newborn pups, kittens, and other baby animals bring to their owners with congratulatory cards. Your clients would love to thank you for the successful and smooth delivery of these cute babies; use the cards to show your appreciation for trusting you.