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Recycling Bins for Businesses: What to Consider

March 27, 2018 at 7:19 am Comments are Disabled

Coloured trash binsIf you are in an industrial or commercial business, you know waste is something you cannot avoid. For purposes of health and cost-effectiveness, many businesses have found recycling to be essential.

Waste management solutions companies provide a wide range of recycling bin options that businesses can adopt, to enhance their recycling programs. Choosing the right recycling equipment for your facility helps maintain high standards of cleanliness and waste reduction.

Bin Material

Recycling bins are primarily available in concrete, plastic or metal. Popular plastic materials are polyethylene and resin. Metal options include aluminium, steel and stainless steel bins. Under concrete bins category, you could also get polymer concrete bins. Each of these materials has pros and cons. For example, while concrete is weather resistant and suitable for heavy applications, it is usually difficult to move. Aluminium is light and resistant, but could be damaged easily.

Bin Size

Choose the bin size based on your need. For example, a paper-recycling bin tends to load up slower than a glass-recycling bin. It’s better to choose several bins for each material. You should also use a bin for materials that are non-recyclable. Finally, The location of the bins and the number of people that will use them are significant factors in choosing the right size.

Easy to Handle

Your waste management program is even more effective if you pick a recycling bin that is easiest to handle. If you are using larger bins, they should have handles, rollers or dollies. The design of the bin top is also critical. You should consider vented and removable tops.

Choosing the right waste management solutions is essential, but you need to select the right recycling bins. The right one will affect your waste recycling solutions.