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A Few Interesting Life Hacks for a Wedding Reception

July 23, 2018 at 6:19 am Comments are Disabled

Wedding ReceptionAlthough the ceremony is the most crucial part of the wedding, most people believe that the real event happens at the reception. However, planning it can be a tedious process. Aside from hiring a wedding florist in Denver, you have to consider other things as well. Luckily, there are several ways to plan a wedding reception while working on your budget.

Choose the Perfect Lighting

Choosing the right lighting can effectively transform a space into something amazing. Adding candlelight can even accentuate the beautiful floral arrangement on each table.

Consider Putting White Christmas Lights

Most people use white Christmas lights on their back porches to give a mesmerizing feel. You can also consider hanging them from the ceiling, in potted plants, and even around the cake! If you don’t feel like using Christmas lights, then you can use lanterns instead.

Let the Venue Stand Out

If you’re holding the event in an opulent place, putting too much decoration may be overwhelming for everyone. Thus, try not to do it by placing too many decors and let the venue speak for itself. You may use a beautifully crafted chair sash to pitch your wedding motif.

Use Fabric

Covering the table with fabric that’s similar to the drapings from the ceiling can give it a romantic and cohesive look. You may even play with a few materials to create a more intimate atmosphere.

Consider Doing DIYs

Putting a little personal touch can make your wedding look even more intimate. You may consider putting a few origami swans or streamers that’ll fit your theme.

Decorating your reception doesn’t have to be expensive. You may want to consider a company that can provide you with the right tools for your wedding and ensure that everything will work the way you imagine it to be.