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Trendy Offices Borrow Concepts from Home Design

May 17, 2018 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

office furniture designIt’s not that hard to imagine. After all, you spend as much time in the office as you do at home, if not more. With tight deadlines, employees may even need to pull an all-nighter. Gone are the days of functional but uncomfortable office environments.

What you want is a trendy setup with all the good elements of home design.

Personal Space for Everyone

Home is supposed to be a sanctuary for everyone. Each one has a corner to go to, and a room they can retreat into when they feel overwhelmed. Though you cannot offer each employee a room, look for an industrial desk for sale at Urban95 that will accommodate all their personal items. This gives them something that they can call their own, and if they’re busy or dealing with a lot of work, they can sit down and organize according to their priorities.

Communal Areas that Invite Conversation

Though it’s nice to watch everyone buried in their tasks, that’s not what the office should be about. You have teams and departments, and employees should interact. This is especially important when projects require collaborative input. Don’t make them resort to Starbucks meetings just to get everyone in the same table. Have communal areas where they can interact, whether it’s work-related or not.

Shared Meals, Shared Experiences

When employees stay in the office for eight hours each day, they don’t get enough exercise. They could be busy, but all they’re doing physically is sitting down. Things get even harder when they want to squeeze more work into their schedule and compromise their lunch by resorting to fast food. This leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, and it concerns you because it affects company productivity. Healthy meals served in-office make it easier for them to interact with everyone without it taking too much of their time.

Your office might be functional, but is it productive? A few home-like updates here and there might be what you need to keep employees happy and healthy.

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Rid of the Office Cubicle Just Yet

March 24, 2017 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

Office CubicleWhile the open-office plan continues to take over offices from New York to Los Angeles, managers who have long ago jumped on the bandwagon are starting to realize that full-time collaborative workspaces and complete transparency may not be the ideal solution.

The office cubicle has been maligned in every way. From books to movies, people have acted as if the cubicle has ruined their lives. And yet workers now realize that working in a cubicle does have its benefits after all.


The biggest and most important advantage of being able to work in an office cubicle is the increases in efficiency and productivity. By blocking out the distractions from your coworkers, you let yourself focus more on the work you need to do.


In an open-office plan, anybody can silently stand behind you and snoop on your emails as you read them. This will not happen with the privacy that an office cubicle provides.


Modern office cubicles are not like the stuffy, gray boxes of old. There is a broad range of styles and designs that you can choose from, and employees have all the opportunity to personalize their cubicles to keep it their own.

Cost Effective

Used office cubicles provide the chance to re-install some of the much-needed privacy in the workplace without having to pay the high cost of brand new equipment.

As managers are now starting to realize, perhaps the open-office plan is not the best office plan after all. In the same way, keeping workers boxed in all the time may not be such a good idea as well.

As with everything in life, balance is the key. A good mix of open workstations for collaboration, cubicles for heightened concentration, and even a few fun, unconventional workspaces for inducing creativity will help create an atmosphere that your employees will appreciate.

Setting the Right Atmosphere for Your Office

July 22, 2016 at 2:52 am Comments are Disabled

Office Furniture from Orange CountyContrary to the impression that you can work from anywhere, and all that you need is a desk and a chair, it is actually important to have the right office space and layout as they have a direct influence on your success. Floor plans enable the flow of energy, and equipment and décor have an effect on output and mood. Here are some ideas that will transform your office into a success.


When looking for a neighborhood for your office, don’t settle in an area simply because it is what you can afford; consider the environment and culture that you want to create. You would also want to factor in the type of employees that you would want to hire and whether they would settle on the location that you are choosing.

Office space

When settling on the floor plan, consider what your team's responsibilities are. Some people deal with sensitive information and so a closed office plan would be more suitable for them. If the team needs constant collaboration, then an open office plan would be ideal.

Office furniture

Buying office furniture requires thorough deliberations. Consider purchasing furniture that is durable and not merely because it has a good appeal. Engage your team on their needs so that you procure what will serve them. There are used cubicles for sale in Orange County that are excellent for the office, Cube Designs reminds.

Storage and filling

Documents are important in your organization. Use shelves and filing systems to make retrieval easier. Think of using stackable systems that maximize on space. If you don't have adequate space, look for secure off-site storage.

Lighting and décor

Workstations should have appropriate lighting to prevent eyestrain. If computers are set up near windows, think of possible glare from the sun. Choose warm décor that encourages one to work, but does not distract one from his job.

 After you have set up the right equipment and décor for your office, always walk to the office with the right attitude. It will set a good office culture, and everyone else will follow.