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Best Ways to Get Some Nature into Your Home

October 4, 2018 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

Green lawn in a colorful landscaped home gardenNature has a way of making people feel happy. According to studies, those who live closer to nature feel more relaxed compared to those who live in the city. Everyday traffic, noise pollution, and the lack of nature in an urban setting contribute to higher stress levels.

There’s no need to move closer to the ocean or mountains, however. You can bring a little bit of nature to your home and spend a few minutes surrounded by beautiful blooms and plants that can easily lift your mood. Here’s how:

Start a Home Garden

If you have extra space for a garden, then go ahead and build one. Not everyone has a green thumb, so it’s perfectly fine to do a little research or even hire custom landscape design experts in Utah, recommends Impressions Landscape. Start with plants and blooms that are easy to care for such as poppies, sunflowers, and pansies. You don’t need a huge space for a garden.

Get Skylight Windows

There’s nothing like getting natural sunlight into your home. Not only will skylight windows make everyone feel more in touch with nature, but they’ll also help save electricity, especially during summer. A healthy dose of vitamin D is great for you and your family’s health. Apart from these, you also get good ventilation and fresh air in, making staying at home more pleasurable.

Install Wall Water Fountains

The sound of water can make anyone feel relaxed. This is why you’ll find most spas have wall water fountains or pocket fountains. The good news is it’s not hard to find a contractor who can help set this up for you. Just make sure to hire someone who is an expert in this field to ensure the quality of work.

There are ups and downs to living in the city, but this doesn’t mean you need to miss out on nature. With a little bit of creativity, time, and budget, you can turn your home into a piece of heaven in the suburbs.