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Boosting Your Public Image with the Perfect Business Headshot

April 3, 2018 at 5:41 pm Comments are Disabled

Photographer taking headshots in studioImage means everything in the business world. A good image leads to more clients that trust you with their needs and wishes. With this, how can you project a good image? An image covers a variety of methods and tools, but you can start with your business headshot.

Headshots Contribute to Image

A business headshot may seem like a simple image of you, but it can tell potential clients more about yourself than thousands of words. Whether you post the image on LinkedIn, on your business website, or on some publication, a business headshot will largely contribute to your image. A good headshot will then lead to a better image.

Princeton psychologists state that people can judge a person’s character from a photograph within a tenth of a second. Clients — or people in general — will then take your facial features, expression, posture, and clothes in a headshot, making snap judgments about who you are. This impression can either lead clients toward you or away from you.

Find a Great Studio

To take a good headshot for the sake of your image, you have to find a great studio that does headshot photography in Salt Lake City. JayLynn Studios explains that these professionals know what angles to take and what backgrounds to provide to compose the perfect headshot. Of course, you still have to do your part in terms of makeup, wardrobe, and other elements.

Update and Define

Headshots need to be up-to-date. With this, you need a headshot no older than three or four years. Clients want to see images of you as you are now, not you from 10 years ago. Aside from updating your headshot, you also have to define your headshot objectives. Do you want to fight the competition, or do you want to stand out? Your photographers can then arrange your headshot accordingly.

A good headshot can make you look friendly, professional, relaxed, or any other characteristic appealing in business, and with such an image, you can be sure to attract more clients to yourself.