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3 First Aid Steps Every Parent Should Know

June 28, 2018 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

man performing first aidKids are vulnerable to getting choked while feeding. They may also get injured or burned while playing. In such a case, they require an immediate first aid administered to them. Hence the need for a parent to learn some easy and safe first aid tips that can help save the child. A pediatric doctor in Lehi shares the following tips:


Choking is common in kids between the ages of 2 and 5. It can happen when the child is feeding or playing with some toy parts in the mouth. In case it happens, sit up the kid and make him or her gently lean forward. Pat your kid on the back, between the shoulders, and the neck. This helps dislodge the object from the throat forcing it out of the mouth.


In case of a burn, get a clean towel and wet it with some cold water. Place it over the affected part so that it cools and reduces the burning sensation. The coldness helps a lot since it helps relieve the pain hence making your kid comfortable. You can still consider buying any recommended anti-inflammatory lotions that can help speed up the healing process. However, if the burn is severe, don’t hesitate to seek medical advice.


First, seek to stop or reduce the bleeding. For small cuts, wash the wound with some clean water or any antiseptic available. Get some antibiotics and apply to the cut. Gently dress it with a very clean bandage. Remember to change the dressing at least once a day to ensure the wound stays clean and antibiotics regularly administered to it.

Kids can be sensitive and delicate to deal with. They are vulnerable to so many dangers including accidents and choking. For this reason, the above guide becomes helpful in such situations.