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Choosing an FBO Management System: What to Take Into Account

April 28, 2017 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

FBO ManagementThe aviation industry is one of the most coveted and competitive fields today. It is an expansive field that requires the management of huge projects and a diverse pool of professionals. The daily operations in the aviation industry, from the actual flights to the fixed-based operations or FBOs, are highly technical and precise. These require great skill and talent, as well as the right tools for the job.

With the advancements in technology came the rise of digitalization. Many industries have shifted to automated and digital processes. The aviation industry is no exception. In recent years, cloud-based and full operational solutions became popular. But with the many options in the market today, how can you tell which FBO management system will suit your business?

Schedule Management

In the aviation industry, precision and timeliness are not preferred – they are absolute necessities. Flight delays can cost millions, even billions of dollars. A good FBO system should have a precise schedule management feature, as well as a real-time scheduling option.

It is preferable for the system to have the ability to prioritize activities based on a pre-set list of factors. Anything less would only mean more work and even more hours for the management, defeating the goal of digitalization.

Security Access and Accountability

FBO data is confidential and requires the highest degree of security. It should not be easily accessible. Traditional transactional and operational solutions offer two layers of security through limited keys. For FBOs, however, security must be tighter with restricted remote control access and even more limited access to data. The FBO management system should be able to keep track of the access, complete with time, IDs, and activity tracking.

Database Capacity and Storage Management

Among the overlooked features of FBO apps and systems are the database capacity or storage management and the cloud option. Due to the susceptibility of clouds to a security breach, most companies try to remove this feature. But it is an important feature that allows seamless back-up and data recovery in times of crisis or breaches. There should also be enough database capacity in order to maintain the efficiency of operations.

The options for management systems are limited at this point, but making a definitive choice is still quite challenging. Consider these important factors and you will be able to choose the right management tool for your operations.