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Court Reporting Technologies That May Impact Your Case

June 23, 2018 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

Court Hearing in ProgressAny litigator will tell you that there exists no substitute for thorough preparation for a trial. One needs to know the details they will present and when to do so. These are critical to impeaching a testimony or making a case.

At the same time, court reporters in Phoenix, AZ such as those provided by firms like Phoenix Deposition Services know how difficult it can be to recall all the court details. Thanks to accumulated hours of depositions compiled over years or months, it can get overwhelming.

However, with the help of technology, attorneys have options to help them to prepare efficiently. They include:

Real-time transcription

Transcription has helped to improve court cases for the last decade. It allows reporters to convert all their notes to text instantly. This happens during a court proceeding and relies on specialized software that works alongside a stenography machine.

You can stream the records to any participants even those who are off-site.

Live depositions

You often have to spend a lot of time and money attending depositions in some court cases. What if that were no longer necessary? Many legal services have begun to offer access to live depositions.

As long as you have secure internet, you can access platforms based off the web that enable you to attend the hearing from anywhere. They also have additional features that upload exhibits allowing collaboration through a group chat.

Online repositories and case management

Thanks to technology, the attorney can say no to filing cabinets overflowing with folders from a relic past. There are online storage solutions that are both secure and easy to manage. The digital systems store everything from transcripts to exhibits and allow easy access to anyone as long as they have authorization.

They also have management systems that schedule invoices, court hearings, and other litigation support.

If the attorney is just talking head, it can be difficult for them to remember all the details. Technology allows them to present all the information and in good time. It will enable the jury to remember the details quickly.

Next time you are choosing a legal service, inquire about the technologies they use for their court reporting.