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RICS: UK Rental Prices to Exceed Home Values amid Regulatory Changes

September 22, 2017 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

Couple looking for a new propertyThe idea of renting private properties in the U.K. could be more expensive than buying houses in the next five years, as rent will increase higher than home prices.

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the forecast may likely take place due to regulatory changes such as a stamp duty fee. These changes could force British landlords to exit the housing market in 2018.

Investment Exodus

More than 60% of surveyors believe that fewer property investors will enter the market by next year. RICS’ Paul Bagust said that the potential exodus of investors is disconcerting since a “functioning” rental market helps in maintaining a stable housing market.

The rental sector also helps in providing business to commercial bailiffs such as MS Webb & Co. and other enterprises, yet a 3% stamp duty surcharge hampers this. The new tax covers transactions for second and succeeding properties.

At the same time, experts expect investors to lose tax incentives over time for mortgage interest payments.

Rising Rentals

For renters, an obligation of paying rents became more burdensome in August when average fees nationwide, excluding London, amounted to £776. This reflected a 2.3% increase compared to the year-ago period. The increase also represented the biggest rate of annual inflation since November 2016.

In London, renters paid an average monthly fee of £1,609, up 2.5% in August. Rates in South West of England rose the fastest at 3.9%, followed by 3.7% in Northern Ireland. The sole decline in rents happened in South East, where rates dropped by 0.2% on average.


The rental growth in most regions in the U.K. may still convince real estate investors to hold on to their portfolios, despite regulatory changes. It remains to be seen whether they intend to leave the market in 2018.

4 Changes to Keep up with the Evolution of the Modern Office

September 18, 2017 at 9:21 pm Comments are Disabled

Colourful office chairsFor decades, modern offices have largely shared the same design. In recent years, however, we have made strides to transform the modern workspace. Offices — its physical design and furnishings — currently serve as more than just a physical space to do our jobs. They now also deeply affect employees’ the state of mind.

To help us adapt to this shift in office design, Bishop Interiors, who offers office partitions in Christchurch, enumerates the changes we can consider to make the modern office more pleasant.

Replace Furniture

You can take redesigning a step further through your office furniture. You can find many pieces of office furniture that are beautiful and functional at the same time. You can match these pieces to departments or designated areas. This is to improve concentration and focus. You can even use the furniture to encourage collaboration and teamwork among employees.

Introduce Plants

Reimagine your office design and décors. Foster a culture that encourages your staff to be their best versions. Simply putting plants in the workplace will have a profound effect on employee productivity and creativity. Greenery and plants can even reduce stress levels in the office, a study shows.

Redesign Space

Once more, you can take it another step further by rethinking the entire office design. You can use office partitions to assign spaces for private and focused work. You can then designate areas for collaboration and recreation.

Repaint Different Sections

Colour can also play a big part in employee productivity. Instead of the usual drab white walls, you can mix and match colours. Orange, for example, can encourage creativity. Blue can induce innovation. Green does the same as blue. Red can encourage positive thinking. Of course, you still have to pick colours that coincide with your organisational values and brand.

You can try out the ideas and find out how your employees react to the changes. You can implement ideas incrementally to find out how each affects your workers. The incremental implementation also helps you spend little by little for these changes.

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Catering Company

September 6, 2017 at 10:55 am Comments are Disabled

Catering business ready to provide foodStarting a catering business involves numerous decisions and logistics, which may be stressful even for seasoned chefs and entrepreneurs. Other than providing good food and service, there are still five important factors to consider. We listed them below:


Catering companies serve more than food; they offer the whole dining experience to customers. Due to this, knowledge in the catering industry is essential. Chefs, for example, may have the leverage, but they should know about basic customer service to deliver exceptionally. Work in an established catering company first and apply acquired knowledge to your business.


Where will all the cooking take place? Are you planning to start small and have your business at home first, or maybe you need to rent a licensed commercial kitchen? Location plays an important part in your catering business, as this is where you will prepare and cook food for customers.


Starting a catering business is like opening a restaurant; you need to work with commercial catering equipment suppliers to ensure that you have all the materials you need. Top Shelf Concepts recommends starting with kitchenware and gradually investing in tables, centrepieces, serving trays, and buffet equipment. You don’t have to buy everything right away — you can rent equipment and slowly build your inventory.


Build a network outside the catering industry. If you have friends and relatives from events and big corporations, inform them about your catering business and give them a discount for your services. Reaching out to people who can help your business grow is a great way to build a network of loyal customers. You can also join a catering association to expand your community.


Don’t discount the importance of business insurance. Secure a business license and a commercial liability insurance that will cover clients, guests, and anyone who consumes your services. You should also get a workers’ compensation insurance for each of your employees.

Preparation is the key when starting a catering business. Develop a business plan that suits your market, budget, and business goals to ensure a smooth start for your company.

3 Tips on How to Find the Best Janitorial Service for Your Business

August 11, 2017 at 9:32 pm Comments are Disabled

Cleaner rented to tidy up a personal office spaceGood housekeeping not only keeps your workplace a safe and clean place to do business, it also affects your employee’s morale, engagement rates, and productivity. So, hire the best cleaners you can find. Keep these tips in mind when you’re looking for the best janitorial service in Salt Lake City for your business.

1. Check out their online reviews.

It’s a well-known fact of the digital age: the majority of customers now search online first before making their initial contact of inquiry. When looking for a janitorial service in your area, a quick Google search can help. But it shouldn’t stop there. Apart from comparing pricing and inclusions, you should also compare online reviews from actual past and present customers. You should also check if the cleaning company has certifications from the necessary safety and health departments in your city.

2. Don’t agree to a period lockdown contract.

Now that you’ve made an inquiry and have received a quotation from the cleaning company, make sure that you read the service agreement carefully. There are some companies that insist on signing you up for a period, typically 6 months. But what if you are not happy with the work they’ve done? You’ll be forced to work with them for a period because of the contract. It is highly advisable that you do not agree to a period lock down so you can test the waters before signing up for a long-term partnership.

3. Verify the company’s proof of insurance.

There are many accidents that could happen during office cleanings. Ask the company if they have insurance against common workplace accidents. A good company will always protect their employees against potential accidents when on the job. Ask for proof of insurance.

Consider these tips towards a betters and safe workplace when looking for a new janitorial service for your office or establishment. Remember to take your time doing research. After all, it’s also an investment you make for your business.

Ways Your Company can Benefit from Automation

April 25, 2017 at 9:41 pm Comments are Disabled

Man pointing on an automation signA recent Australian survey indicated that full-time employees are spending more than five hours a week in unpaid overtime. An average of $10,000 a year goes to waste from extending working time, labouring through breaks, and taking work home, among many others.

To cut losses from overtime fees, a company may consider automation jobs to save on time and additional workforce. Companies may increase and find intelligent processes on automation jobs that would have an impact on work efficiency, such as the talent search services offered by

Here is a list of benefits your company can gain from automation:

Work Speed

Automation can significantly speed up the completion of business tasks. Automation software has a predefined workflow that can simultaneously complete tasks. Moreover, software can prioritise important tasks, optimise their flow and eliminate redundant tasks. Hence, automation can increase the productive time for the business.

Improves data output

Automation software can gather, process, analyse and make smart decisions from gathered data. This streamlining of information can allow businesses a faster and more efficient data monitoring and analysis. Thus, expect the rapid scrutiny and preparation of reports.

Lessens human error

Human error is inevitable, especially on manual work. Often, automation has smart programs that can check logical error in every stage of work. Hence, you can save time in resolving issues, resulting to more productive work time.

Increased work productivity

Automation can help decrease manual workload through its speed and efficiency. Individuals can then focus and utilise their skills in other productive tasks. A skilled employee partnered with smart software can result in a better work output.

Automation can do tasks like spell checking, calculations, and tabulation and when interpreted by a smart employee, a more efficient work results from the process.

Automation can help your company save on cost by reducing repetitive tasks and increasing work productivity. Companies can benefit from automation for it guarantees intelligent data reports and efficient streamlining of tasks.