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3 Reasons You Should Visit a Theme Park

April 27, 2018 at 9:49 pm Comments are Disabled

People enjoying park rideAmusement and relaxation facilities are very popular across the world, but with more than four hundred amusement parks and attractions across its 50 states, the U.S. is quite arguably the global “capital” of amusement.

North America takes the lead in attendance with 375 million guests annually, according to a Wilkofsky Gruen Associates report. The Asia Pacific region follows closely behind with 368 million guests a year.

Providing a direct economic impact of approximately $55.4 billion in 2011 alone, these parks in the United States are a robust part of the economy. However, as economically stimulating as theme parks may be, their effects on individuals, especially kids, are even more vital.

There are many benefits to visiting theme parks here in NJ for kids, and they include exposure to good fear, according to Judy Kurianski, a clinical psychologist. Other benefits that children (and even adults) get from visiting theme parks include the following.

1. Bonding Moments

Quality time and creating meaningful memories with your kids are major benefits of visiting a theme park with them this summer. It allows families that are otherwise distracted by the daily rigors of living to bond and gel in a friendly atmosphere.

2. Weight Loss

If you have kids struggling with weight issues or on the verge of being overweight, visiting a theme park is a fun way to help promote weight loss without creating a negative connotation. Theme parks often cover as much as 100 square miles, and walking even parts of it ensures you’ll burn those calories. Now imagine doing that for a few days! You can expect that walking an average of five to 10 miles in a theme park could result in burning between 500 to 1,000 calories.

3. Mood Improvement

Theme park activities such as roller coaster rides provide the opportunity for a physical ascent. The higher the ride, the more endorphins the body releases while descending.

This leaves the kids feeling even more positively energetic. Of course, this mood improvement is a huge plus for the family.

Theme parks continue to grow at an amazing rate while buoying the economy of the United States. The growth of this sector can only benefit both the economy and family, mutually.