Top Factors to Consider When Looking for A Recruitment Agency

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hiring the right employeeAs a business owner, you would want your employees to be the best in the industry. You go above and beyond to attract the crème de la crème in the pool. But sometimes, getting the right applicant from those who walks in can be tough.

This shows how important the services of recruitment agencies in New Zealand are. While this is the last recourse and your hiring manager may have a bit of apprehension, getting the right people for the job is of the essence.

While there are many recruitment agencies in the country, not all can offer the services that you are looking for. Here are three primary considerations.

Your Hiring Philosophy

One of the most important aspects to consider before tapping the services of any recruitment agency is your hiring philosophy. Take note that there are two types of recruiter: a relational and a transactional one.

How do you want to go about hiring? If you want the per transaction basis wherein the recruiter just provides the manpower and nothing else, then the transactional setup may be more appropriate. But, if you want the recruiter to develop a more thorough understanding of your business and the manpower that you require, then you may go for a relational recruiter.


Once you have determined the kind of recruiter that you want to hire, it is now time to determine how experienced they are. It is worth considering the time a recruitment agency has been in business.

The recruitment industry is a competitive one and an established agency must be doing something right to be in afloat a year after year. Don’t hesitate to ask your potential recruiter about their related experience in your industry.


You take great pains in polishing your hiring process. That’s why you should demand the same from the recruiter. The quality of the people they get can only be as good as the method that they employ.

What is their hiring process? What kinds of measures and security checks do they employ? Questions like these will give you a solid idea of the recruitment agency’s methodology.

Your business can only be as good as the people in it. Make sure that you get the best by tapping the services of a quality and reliable recruiter. Consider these three important factors.

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