Local SEO: Top Things to Focus on this 2017

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SEO and SEM on paperThanks to local search, within the span of three years, it has become so much easier to find local stores, businesses, or nearby items, creating a significant shift in the search behavior and intent of users. Now, they no longer have to type in the specific location in their searches. 

If you’re looking to amp up your local SEO this 2017 or even dominate the local SERPs, focus on the following:

Keyword Research

While this could admittedly be time-consuming, the rewards are simply great. Make certain that your keywords and key phrases are always coupled with geo-modifiers that your potential customers might utilize for searching businesses similar to yours. You could also run the words and phrases you generated through Google’s Keyword Planner so that you could get some ideas together along with your search traffic stats every month.

Meta Descriptions and Title Tags Still Work and Matter

Make sure that your meta descriptions and title tags are being displayed in full on SERPs. They must likewise include keywords you want to rank for such as “Italian restaurants in Denver”, adds thirdstage-marketing.com, a local SEO specialist in Denver. Utilize tools that would help you see how your meta descriptions and title tags would look in SERPs.

Schema Markup

Schema markup, commonly known as local structured data, are simply codes added to sites for offering search engines with more detailed information about your business services or products, their prices, along with location-based offers, among many others. When implementing local structured data, you could optimize your site based on your specific type of business, location, and listings of your business in upcoming events. It’s also vital to note that Google is rewarding sites that use local structured data since it helps crawlers in better understanding your pages and their content.

SEO, including local SEO is always evolving and will continue to evolve. New algorithms are being released all the time, and SEO best practices constantly change as more and more businesses fight for the top spots in SERPs. Although the points mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg for local SEO optimization, implementing these would help ensure that you're always on top of your local SEO game.

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