4 Changes to Keep up with the Evolution of the Modern Office

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Colourful office chairsFor decades, modern offices have largely shared the same design. In recent years, however, we have made strides to transform the modern workspace. Offices — its physical design and furnishings — currently serve as more than just a physical space to do our jobs. They now also deeply affect employees’ the state of mind.

To help us adapt to this shift in office design, Bishop Interiors, who offers office partitions in Christchurch, enumerates the changes we can consider to make the modern office more pleasant.

Replace Furniture

You can take redesigning a step further through your office furniture. You can find many pieces of office furniture that are beautiful and functional at the same time. You can match these pieces to departments or designated areas. This is to improve concentration and focus. You can even use the furniture to encourage collaboration and teamwork among employees.

Introduce Plants

Reimagine your office design and décors. Foster a culture that encourages your staff to be their best versions. Simply putting plants in the workplace will have a profound effect on employee productivity and creativity. Greenery and plants can even reduce stress levels in the office, a study shows.

Redesign Space

Once more, you can take it another step further by rethinking the entire office design. You can use office partitions to assign spaces for private and focused work. You can then designate areas for collaboration and recreation.

Repaint Different Sections

Colour can also play a big part in employee productivity. Instead of the usual drab white walls, you can mix and match colours. Orange, for example, can encourage creativity. Blue can induce innovation. Green does the same as blue. Red can encourage positive thinking. Of course, you still have to pick colours that coincide with your organisational values and brand.

You can try out the ideas and find out how your employees react to the changes. You can implement ideas incrementally to find out how each affects your workers. The incremental implementation also helps you spend little by little for these changes.

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