Tools of the Trade: What You Need in Your Salon

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cutting hair at a salonReady to open the salon’s doors to eager clients wanting to have a haircut? How are your equipment and tools? There can’t be any important item missing, as you’ll never know which client will ask for a certain hairstyle. You would not want to embarrass yourself that way.

But what exactly should you prioritise when shopping for salon equipment? Get your supply of the following to be client-ready:

Efficient Cutting Tools

This does not mean just getting one kind of cutting shears, no. You have a plethora of items to keep in your arsenal, from razors to hair-thinning scissors. You will be facing various hair types, and to achieve the best look for your client’s hair, you might have to use one or several cutting tools.

Don’t worry when they ask questions; seeing your cutting tools may trigger their inquisitive side, especially because you are handling a part of their face that they will have to style by themselves every day after the salon appointment.

Comfortable Chairs

Your cutting skills mean you are ready to cut some hair, but your chairs mean you are ready to get clients. Never underestimate the role of comfortable salon chairs.

Clients will be using them for most of the time you are cutting their hair, so if their back is hurting or they barely fit in the chair, they might have a negative experience. If you intend to open a salon, don’t just pay attention to the quality of cut; pay attention to client comfort, too.

Moisturising Shampoo

Some stylists cut dry hair, while others shampoo the hair beforehand to tame the locks first. You will want a luxurious brand of shampoo that leaves the hair feeling soft and tangle-free. It won’t hurt if the shampoo smells divine, as well.

This might require getting into a partnership with certain brands, so you don’t end up paying expensive retail prices to get the best shampoo on the market. Talk to your supplier of hair dyes and treatments and settle on a favourable arrangement.

With how critical clients can be these days, you’ll do your business some good by double-checking that you have everything you need. Only after that’s done can you proudly open your salon.

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