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Understanding the Ins and Outs of Medical Malpractice Insurance

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Physicians and health practitioners are in a unique position to help and save their patients from medical emergencies. However, they’re also in a position to cause tremendous harm if they’re not careful when performing their duties. When physicians end up hurting someone due to negligence, the damage is often painful and expensive for the person injured to deal with. In some instances, the consequences can even cause death.

Many people, including those in Florida, sue over instances of medical malpractice. This is why you’ll need to have Florida medical malpractice insurance.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice defines an act of negligence on the part of a professional healthcare provider, which may result in further complications in the condition of the patient, and even death. It usually happens when a medical practitioner deviates from accepted medical standards either by mistake or on purpose. Some of the most common medical malpractice situations include anesthesia errors, birth injury, cancer misdiagnosis, dental malpractice, institutional sexual abuse, prescription errors, and surgery mistakes.

According to a study, around 90,000 people lose their lives annually due to medical errors in hospitals and healthcare centers. Medication error, the most common case of medical malpractice, affects almost 1.5 million people annually. The cases of malpractice increase every year, making it the third top cause of mortality in the hospital.

The Need

If your patient sues you for medical malpractice and is able to prove it in court, you’ll have to pay for damages, whether compensatory or punitive. In some cases, you’ll have to pay both. Being backed up by some sort of insurance gives you the assurance that everything will be taken care of. Florida medical malpractice insurance companies cover financial expenses incurred when defending a claim, undergoing investigation, attorney fees, expert witnesses, and other supplemental costs. The insurance company also pays out benefits awarded by a jury or a negotiated settlement between the parties.

Types of Medical Insurance

While some employers provide insurance coverage, it’s still important to have your own FL medical malpractice insurance. There are three types of malpractice insurance: hospital professional, physician professional, and allied healthcare professional liability. Some companies offer additional coverage and features such as risk and practice management, and assistance of consultants to help with the business aspects of practicing medicine.

As with other types of insurance, medical malpractice coverage protects your interests and safeguards a continuous practice of your profession.

201 Microbial Genomes Sequenced

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microbesResearchers have sequenced 201 microbial genomes to know more about the role played by these tiny, single celled organisms in our lives. The uncovering of their genetic secrets has also helped scientists to draw up and understand the microbial family tree. The astounding work done researchers have been published in the journal Nature.

Microbial Wonders

For scientists studying the single celled creatures was a daunting task, since these do not survive easily in lab conditions.  However, by using genetic technology to their benefit, researchers have found some hope as they yearn to discover and taxonomically assign the millions of microbial species.

The new genetic technology allows scientists to sequence the genes of the microbes. This technique has helped them to uncover the genetic make-up of 201 species of microbes without the need for their cultivation in laboratory conditions. The results of this study were astonishing since 29 new branches had to be drawn on the microbial tree of life.

Maybe It’s Time: Signs Your Loved One Needs Assisted Living

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As you grow older, you start to distance yourself from your parents to explore what life has to offer. You maybe busy growing up, but don’t forget that your parents are growing old. Your aging parents may become more specific in terms of their necessities and may need you on their side more than ever. This thought may hit you and make you worry at some point, but there’s nothing to fear. There’s always help in the form of assisted living in Littleton.

Giving them access to such services is one way to show your parents how much you love them. Before you even search for a facility, you should see if they really need this service. Here are some things to take into account.

Issues in Mobility

Maybe it’s time to start searching for an assisted living facility once you see that your parents have been struggling with their mobility. Climbing the stairs may take long and become difficult. And walking around the house, which they usually do as an exercise, may be already a burden.

Issues in Memory

Maybe it’s time to consider one of the assisted living homes in Littleton once you realize your parents keep forgetting things, especially their medicines, hygiene, and even the simplest tasks. Things get worse when your loved one wanders away from home and forgets his or her address.

Issues in Housework

Look around the house when you visit your mom and dad. If you know your mom to be a neat freak, it will be unusual to see their place to be extremely unclean. But this issue may only be because they’re busy. Determine if other indications like memory problems go together with this hint.

You should also observe if depression and anxiety go together with these indications. Make sure these are clearly manifested, though. Otherwise, you may just be seeing a false alarm.

Don’t ignore the signs. Things may only get worse for them as time goes by, and this will be painful for you. Maybe it’s time to find them a good assisted living facility where they can still live independently, but with proper care and assistance readily available when they need them.

Indiana Home Builders: Building a Home for the Future

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Your future home is already on the drawing board, and they’re not looking like the old houses in your neighborhood or the ones from your childhood. New materials, new designs, and new technologies are reshaping the way we build structures. As blueprints and floor plans change, so does the changing patterns of our lives.

And yet, with all this, many architects and designers are still drawing inspiration from nature, the ancient materials, and building techniques that has stood the test of time. Each homeowner who hires a new homebuilder in Indianapolis, for example, always has a unique and special design in mind.

Giving Back to Mother Earth

Probably the most exciting, important, and efficient trend in home design is the increasing sensitivity to the environment. Homeowners, architects, and engineers are all about going green, making homes more energy efficient, and low maintenance. This prompts people to go back to the basics, to go back to nature and look at the building techniques that make use of simple, biodegradable materials. Homebuilders in Indianapolis, for example, can build “earth houses” or “green houses” that are comfortable and economical yet stylish enough to stand up to today’s modern designs.

Go Sturdy, Go Healthy

There are homes that can literally make you sick just by living there. Home builders in Indianapolis, home owners, and designers are becoming increasingly aware of the health hazards arising from the use of synthetic materials, chemical additives, and non-organic products. Most of today’s innovative homes are not just the most unusual; there are also those modern enough that can fit right in any neighborhood. Usually these homes don’t rely on plastics, fume-producing paint, tar, and glues.

Weatherproof for When Nature Strikes Back

Mother Nature has been acting up the past few years, and storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters are becoming stronger and more frequent. Engineers and architects are coming prepared, though. They’ve been making steady progress developing designs that can withstand the elements. Homes in Tornado Alley and in areas where storms, hurricanes and other weather disturbances, more and more builders are turning to insulated wall panels for sturdy concrete construction.

The present keeps on changing, and so will home designs. Although Cape Cod homes, bungalows, and mansions in the Hamptons are here to stay, many homes will come up with newer and more efficient designs. The question is, where do you see your home in a decade? Will it be a traditional one or different from those we see today?

Beyonce Responds To $50m Pepsi Criticism

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beyonce-pepsi-cartBeyonce Knowles-Carter is facing criticisms after she decided to sign a complex, $50 million promotional deal with Pepsi.

Beyonce is also a big part of Michelle Obama’s ‘Let’s Move Fitness’ campaign, which is now called into question due to her contract with Pepsi.

Like Coca-Cola, Pepsi has long been criticized for targeting kids and adults with its sugary drinks that when consumed excessively, have negative effects on long-term health.

In an interview with Flaunt, Beyonceanswered questions about her involvement with both the First Lady’s plan and Pepsi campaign, saying, “Pepsi is a brand I’ve grown seeing my heroes collaborate with. The company respects musicians and artistry. I wouldn’t encourage any person, especially a child, to live life without balance.”

Promoting a public health crisis

Mark Bittman wrote in the New York Times that, “From saying, as she once did in referring to Let’s Move, that she was ‘excited to be part of this effort that addresses a public health crisis,’ she’s become part of an effort that promotes a public health crisis.”

Beyonce’s deal includes not only traditional ad sections, but also gives the company a stake in her art.

Asiana Flight Attendants: Heroes Of Airplane Safety

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AsianaWhen there’s an emergency on an airplane, on whom do passengers rely? It’s the flight attendants. This adage was proven true in the Asiana crash at the San Francisco International Airport. Lee Yoon Hye, a veteran flight stewardess, is one of the role models coming out in the midst of the investigation.

Lee was one of the 12 attendants who assisted the passengers in disembarking safely from the plane. She acted calmly throughout the whole emergency, never once failing in her duty to help her passengers out.

“I was not thinking, but acting,” Lee recounted. “As soon as I heard ‘emergency escape,’ I conducted the evacuation. When there was a fire, I was just thinking to extinguish it, not thinking that it’s too dangerous or ‘What am I going to do?’”

According to Lee, her colleagues also galvanized themselves to help passengers and the injured crew, even when a fire burned in the back of the plane. They popped the emergency slides and helped the travelers down carefully.

More praises were heaped on Lee. Joanne Hayes-White, the San Francisco Fire Chief, admired Lee for being so cool and collected. Many experts say that this is the result of Asiana flight attendants undergoing three months of training, especially for emergencies and terrorist attacks. They prepare well before their first flight, so they can respond well when unexpected crises happen.

There’s Something in the Air: Air Quality and Pollution

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Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, cough, breathe out.

This is slowly becoming a common thing among children and the elderly today, as the world’s air pollution is blowing up into a big problem. Around the world, air pollution is slowly rising to the list of silent killers, even passing malaria and AIDS combined. And this has been gaining attention today especially in China, where Beijing and other cities have been blanketed by a thick layer of fog.

Luckily, for those in the other parts of the world like the United Kingdom, air monitoring and quality are much better than Beijing’s.

A Step Towards Change

Because environmental destruction and pollution have been a huge problem, world leaders have taken the initiative to address the situation before things get worse. And in Britain, the government has taken the challenge and enacted the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health law.

You’re probably already aware of the many health risks in your office and industry. This is where the law comes in. The COSHH assessment requires employers to control substances in their office and environment that are hazardous to the health of their people. This aims to prevent, or at least minimise, the workers’ exposure to hazardous substances.

The Nose Knows

You don’t need scientific data just to see or prove that the environment is polluted. Just take a look around, or breathe in the air along the busy streets of the metro. The nose knows. Environmental protection is not just about recycling. It’s also the little things like reducing the smoke belching from your car, putting small potted plants in the office for better air quality monitoring, reducing the noise your business’ production makes, and making office processes more efficient.

The workplace is never risk-free until the air you breathe is also safe. So before breathing in that fresh outdoor air, puffing that next smoke, or inhaling that stuffy office air, think about it. There’s something in the air, and it’s not the smell of apple pie wafting from your grandma’s oven.