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Apple Wins In Samsung Patent Case

August 15, 2013 at 5:14 am Comments are Disabled

apple samsungApple Inc has won a key patent case against rival Samsung that could see Samsung phones banned from the US market.

Samsung’s alleged blatant copying of iPhone features

The US International Trade Commission (US ITC) upheld a 2011 decision, which discovered that Samsung had unfairly used Apple patents in some of its devices such as mobile phones, media players, and tablets.

The verdict came as Apple asked an appeals court to force Samsung to stop using its iPhone features that a jury had said to be in violation of its patents.

The US ITC has decided that Samsung devices affected by the ruling are blocked from the US. However, the ban is on hold while President Barack Obama assesses the court ruling.

The President has 60 days to review the findings, although analysts say he is unlikely to overturn the commission’s ruling.

Fair marketplace competition

“We are disappointed that the ITC has issued an exclusion order based on two of Apple’s patents,” Samsung said in a statement.”The proper focus for the smartphone industry is not a global war in the courts, but fair competition in the marketplace.”

Apple welcomed the verdict, placing it in the context of the company’s worldwide patent wars.

“With today’s decision, the ITC has joined courts around the world in Japan, Korea, Germany, Netherlands and California by standing up for innovation and rejecting Samsung’s blatant copying of Apple’s products,” said the company.

No More Jersey-Selling For NCAA

August 14, 2013 at 1:17 am Comments are Disabled

jerseyThe NCAA has decided to bow out of the memorabilia-selling business. This decision, taken by NCAA president Mark Emmert comes in the wake of reports that came out earlier in the week stating that some such items linked to individual school teams were found in the association’s commercial website.

Memorabilia-Selling a Mistake

Emmert felt that selling those kinds of goods was a mistake the NCAA made. Since it is not the core objective of the group, Emmert said that it would no longer associate itself with that kind of a business.

He however, added that the commercial site will not be removed in totality from the net. There is still a market for the generic NCAA apparel, said Emmert and added that the association had hired another company, ShopNCAASports.com to operate the site.

Mark Lewis, the company VP mentioned that in the near future, the commercial site will be temporarily shut down and will reopen as a market only for NCAA championship merchandize.

Washington Post Purchased By Amazon Founder Bezos

August 12, 2013 at 7:50 am Comments are Disabled

washingtonpostThe Amazon.com founder that brought books to the digital age, Jeff Bezos has acquired another pillar of old media- The Washington Post. Bezos, 49 has forged a deal to purchase the broadsheet and other newspapers for a whopping $250 million. The announcement on Monday that came as a surprise to many has reiterated how the internet has profusely altered the media landscape.

The Post is Sold

Like many newspapers, Washington Post of late had been witnessing a dwindling number of readers and advertisers, both of whom were rather drawn to the internet. The venerable newspaper that was once held in high regard for busting the Watergate scandal had been in the past few years forced to cut staff, scale back ambitions and shut down several bureaus.

Now with the Post in the safe hands of Bezos it is hoped that days would change for the yesteryear formidable paper. On his acquisition, the Amazon founder made it clear that there is a need to invent to new strategies in the internet age and urged the staff to be prepared to be experimental.

Maximizing your Stay at Apartments for a Holiday

August 8, 2013 at 9:13 am Comments are Disabled

Travelling to the Gold Coast for the first time can be troublesome if you’re really not familiar with the place. Goal Coast is the perfect location for those who want to escape from their busy schedule and unwind with their family and friends. The place offers many theme parks, wonderful beaches, and shopping centres that you will enjoy. There are plenty of reasons to love about the place.

When planning for a trip, the very first thing you need to think about is where you will be staying. When it comes to accommodation, there are many Gold Coast holiday apartments to choose from. If you’re on a budget, you can find some affordable accommodation, too. With the number of lodgings available, you must know how to pick the perfect one. The right choice of accommodation will make your vacation experience a worthwhile one. If you’ve already chosen a place to stay, learn how to maximise the place to make the most out of it.

Know all Complimentary Products and Services

One of the easy ways to make the most of your stay is by checking all the perks you can receive. Some offer complimentary breakfasts, snacks or dinner for their guests. You can also look for free services offered by the management. Massage and spa treatments are only a few of the services you can get.

Check out All the Amenities

Convenience is one factor you should prioritise when looking for a perfect accommodation. Look for a Gold Coast holiday accommodation that offers amenities such as gymnasiums, swimming pool, secured parking lots, playground for children, and many more for your convenience.

Be Keen on your Room Choice

It’s important to choose your room carefully. Wrong choice of room can ruin your entire vacation. If you want a more private and quite place, go for a secluded location and avoid areas near elevators or vending machines. You should also inspect the furniture, fixtures, and beddings to avoid hassle. Report any damages on the furnishings and faulty fixtures to the management immediately.

Reliability is the most important factor to consider when choosing a perfect holiday accommodation in Gold Coast. Proper planning and preparation are important to keep a fun and hassle-free travel.

Packaged Greens Pose Higher Health Risks – Experts

August 7, 2013 at 7:20 am Comments are Disabled

Food safety authorities say that contamination is quite possible during the harvesting, washing and packaging of leafy greens in the wake of two American states linking the outbreak of a stomach bug to bagged salads. While nutritionists say that chances of contracting an illness from vegetables is low than without consuming them, they do mention that packaged salads increase health risk since the ingredients are mixed from several batches.

More on the Issue

stomach bugIowa and Nebraska had recently reported that a packaged salad containing iceberg, lettuce, carrots and red cabbage was contaminated with the parasite cyclospora which had caused sickness in some 400 people across the two states.

Last year too, the Food and Drug Administration had recalled around 20 packets of the bagged salad as they were found to be contaminated with E.coli bacteria that can cause serious illness.

Experts warn consumers to wash and rinse the greens well before eating, even if they are prewashed to reduce health risk.

Keith Urban To Return To “American Idol”

August 6, 2013 at 3:31 am Comments are Disabled

urbanDim the lights, here we go!

Good news to “Idol” fans, Keith Urban is still in it to win it, as Fox’s chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly confirmed Thursday that the country singer will be back for another season of “American Idol.”

“He did a great job on the show. Fans loved him and you can see how much he loved doing the show,” Reilly said during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.

Reilly also addressed rumors that former judge Jennifer Lopez may be returning to the panel next year for season 13.

“Most of what you’re reporting or you read is true. (Lopez) has been a close part of the show all along,” he said. “There have been discussions there. There is no deal with her or with anybody else.”

Names coming out of the rumor mill of who will be joining the long-running singing competitioninclude season three contestant Jennifer Hudson and “Idol” mentor will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas.

The judges’ panel went through a major shakeup at the end of season 12 when original judge Randy Jackson announced less than a week before the finale that he was leaving the show he helped build. And two weeks after the season finished, judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj quit as well.

Report: Bucks Trade Brandon Jennings

August 2, 2013 at 6:09 am Comments are Disabled

The Detroit Pistons have made another offseason decision, acquiring point guard Brandon Jennings from the Milwaukee Bucks. It is the team’s latest attempt to end their four consecutive years of postseason drought.

Jennings has a new home

According to a source familiar with the agreement, Detroit landed the point guard from the Milwaukee Bucks for Brandon Knight and two prospects.

The source said Jennings has agreed to a sign-and-trade $24 million, three-year deal with the Pistons. Detroit would give up Ukrainian center Viacheslav Kravtsov and forward Khris Middleton in the agreement.

Sign-and-trade deal for Jennings

Detroit is active this offseason, signing free agents Josh Smith, Chauncey Billups, and Luigi Datome along with bringing back Will Bynum.

The Pistons signed Billups in part to mentor Knight, but have decided to replace him with Jennings.

They expect Jennings to give them a better shot this season than Knight, who hasn’t proven that he can be a reliable point guard.

Milwaukee drafted Jennings 10th overall in 2009 out of Oak Hill Academy and could’ve matched any offer made to the restricted free agent.