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Packaged Greens Pose Higher Health Risks – Experts

August 7, 2013 at 7:20 am Comments are Disabled

Food safety authorities say that contamination is quite possible during the harvesting, washing and packaging of leafy greens in the wake of two American states linking the outbreak of a stomach bug to bagged salads. While nutritionists say that chances of contracting an illness from vegetables is low than without consuming them, they do mention that packaged salads increase health risk since the ingredients are mixed from several batches.

More on the Issue

stomach bugIowa and Nebraska had recently reported that a packaged salad containing iceberg, lettuce, carrots and red cabbage was contaminated with the parasite cyclospora which had caused sickness in some 400 people across the two states.

Last year too, the Food and Drug Administration had recalled around 20 packets of the bagged salad as they were found to be contaminated with E.coli bacteria that can cause serious illness.

Experts warn consumers to wash and rinse the greens well before eating, even if they are prewashed to reduce health risk.

Keith Urban To Return To “American Idol”

August 6, 2013 at 3:31 am Comments are Disabled

urbanDim the lights, here we go!

Good news to “Idol” fans, Keith Urban is still in it to win it, as Fox’s chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly confirmed Thursday that the country singer will be back for another season of “American Idol.”

“He did a great job on the show. Fans loved him and you can see how much he loved doing the show,” Reilly said during the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour.

Reilly also addressed rumors that former judge Jennifer Lopez may be returning to the panel next year for season 13.

“Most of what you’re reporting or you read is true. (Lopez) has been a close part of the show all along,” he said. “There have been discussions there. There is no deal with her or with anybody else.”

Names coming out of the rumor mill of who will be joining the long-running singing competitioninclude season three contestant Jennifer Hudson and “Idol” mentor will.i.am of The Black Eyed Peas.

The judges’ panel went through a major shakeup at the end of season 12 when original judge Randy Jackson announced less than a week before the finale that he was leaving the show he helped build. And two weeks after the season finished, judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj quit as well.

Report: Bucks Trade Brandon Jennings

August 2, 2013 at 6:09 am Comments are Disabled

The Detroit Pistons have made another offseason decision, acquiring point guard Brandon Jennings from the Milwaukee Bucks. It is the team’s latest attempt to end their four consecutive years of postseason drought.

Jennings has a new home

According to a source familiar with the agreement, Detroit landed the point guard from the Milwaukee Bucks for Brandon Knight and two prospects.

The source said Jennings has agreed to a sign-and-trade $24 million, three-year deal with the Pistons. Detroit would give up Ukrainian center Viacheslav Kravtsov and forward Khris Middleton in the agreement.

Sign-and-trade deal for Jennings

Detroit is active this offseason, signing free agents Josh Smith, Chauncey Billups, and Luigi Datome along with bringing back Will Bynum.

The Pistons signed Billups in part to mentor Knight, but have decided to replace him with Jennings.

They expect Jennings to give them a better shot this season than Knight, who hasn’t proven that he can be a reliable point guard.

Milwaukee drafted Jennings 10th overall in 2009 out of Oak Hill Academy and could’ve matched any offer made to the restricted free agent.

Good Vibrations: Identifying and Solving Machine Vibrations

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Industrial machineries often produce certain levels of vibration during operations. It comes with the territory, so to speak. When vibration reaches beyond normal levels, however, it may be a sign of problems that need urgent action. Failing to find a solution can lead to serious and costly damages.

Vibration can wear down the equipment faster and reduce its lifespan. Vibrating machineries also create noise, which can be hazardous and can contribute to safety risks. When there are instances of unwanted vibration, the equipment may be consuming too much power as well.

Preventing and solving vibration problems is crucial since they are indications of wear and tear for most industrial machines. Vibration control products such as vibration mounts can help in vibration reduction, in addition to regular maintenance. Be on the lookout for the following causes so you can minimize machine vibration:


Regular maintenance is important as worn out parts may cause vibration and other serious problems. When left unchecked, a chipped gear tooth or a broken drive belt can lead to accidents, which in turn can cause downtime.


Machinery vibration may be due to shafts being out of line. This may occur during assembly or it could also happen over time because of expansion caused by excessive heat. Another cause would be shifting or improper reassembly of parts after maintenance. The resulting vibration may be in the axis of the machine.


Always make sure that all spare parts, screws or bearing of your machineries are attached properly. Loose parts can cause unwanted vibration. If the vibrating equipment has loose bearings or screws, it should be checked right away to prevent further problems.

There are various tools available for vibration reduction, depending on the cause of vibration. Vibration pads are among such tools. These types of anti-vibration solutions are usually cheap, easy to use and resistant to changes in environmental conditions. You can use anti-vibration to isolate noise, extend equipment life, and reduce maintenance costs by minimizing excessive wear and tear.

Taking Your Pet to the Vet, Minus the Stress

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Immanuel Kant once said of pets, “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” One way of showing love and care for your beloved pets is by taking him to a vet when they’re sick or for a routine checkup. Some pets dread it, while some don’t seem to mind at all. Here are some ways to make the visit go a little more smoothly for both of you.


Transport birds in small house cages or carry cages. Don’t leave the water in the cage to avoid spills. Don’t worry about your bird getting thirsty. They don’t generally drink in a moving vehicle. If it is a long trip to your Castle Hill vet, carry a separate water bottle and stop for a short water break.

Birds can feel stress sitting in a cage while watching the scenery pass by. To help ease and relax them, cover the cage with a sheet or towel.


Keep your pet reptile in a secure container that won’t move around too much while the car is moving. Try plastic boxes with air holes but line its base with a towel or newspaper for them to grip. They can also be transported through calico bags but be careful that they are not bumped around or sat on. Keep temperatures comfortable for your reptile friend.


Transport fish in clean plastic containers, such as storage containers with a lid or a bucket that is free from chemicals. Use a container with a large surface area for ample oxygenation.

Having a pet that is feeling under the weather is not fun. That is why it is best to take him to a Castle Hill veterinary hospital when he’s showing signs of being ill. After all, they can be the perfect companies, reciprocating as much love as we have for them.

Extending the Life of POS Systems

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In business, the key to grow is when your revenues exceed your expenditures. Cutting your costs by eliminating unnecessary expenses is a common way to adhere to this formula. While it’s necessary to minimize the amount of money going out of the company, there are investments that help your business to run efficiently and meet your goals.

A point of sale system is a major investment if you belong in the service industry. The success of any groceries, restaurants, or other similar businesses relies on the reliability of your POS system. While there’s no stopping your system from breaking eventually, proper maintenance and usage will prolong its life.

Regular Rest

Like any machine, your POS system also needs regular rest. Restarting a computer is the best way to keep it operational and repair its system naturally. The more you keep it on round-the-clock, the more you’d experience errors and signs of damage. The key is to restart your system regularly. Schedule it during times when there are no system upgrades and on hours when you expect the least number of customers.

Disk Maintenance

Performing regular disk maintenance is a basic way to care for your computer. This keeps your POS system to running efficiently and minimizes its errors. Performing disk maintenance is also an ideal troubleshooting step to fix sluggishness or other kinds of system problems. Taking it for a depot repair is also advisable to have a professional check and solve the issue immediately.

Finger over Pens

Another simple way to prevent early damage on your POS system is to use your fingers to tap it. Touch screens are highly sensitive and react to the amount of pressured applied. This means that the harder you tap it, the faster it would wear down. The use of pen instead of a finger is human nature, as servers usually hold it for writing down orders, it’s important to refrain from this habit from the beginning.

Proper care and a dose of common sense are all you need to maintain your POS system. Cleaning the computer regularly keeps it functional and having a backup saves all stored information safe when the hardware fails. Hiring a company specializing in depot service is a small price to pay to extend the life of your valuable investment.

Useful Tips to Consider Before Buying a Used Car

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Buying a car is a major investment, even if it’s pre-owned or used. So before starting your search for used cars in Indianapolis, it is always helpful to determine what your needs are and what you can afford.

Assessing your needs

Determine the type of car that you need as opposed to what you want. If what you need is a vehicle for a family with two kids, then you may want to restrain yourself from purchasing your dream coupe.

Decide on your budget

If you are getting a loan, determine the amount of money you feel comfortable to spend for the car each month. Also, don’t forget to consider the additional costs that car ownership requires like insurance, maintenance, and gas.

Find the best deal

In terms of shopping for used cars, the best deal doesn’t necessarily mean getting the most inexpensive one. Instead of looking for the cheapest car, find a well-maintained used car in good condition for a reasonable price. If you are looking for a Ford, for example, go to a reliable Indianapolis Ford dealer that offers a great deal that depends on car’s condition and other factors.

Be mindful of serious damages

Since you are buying a used car, it’s normal to see some minor dents or scratches. What you should be concerned is for the vehicle to be in a good mechanical condition. If you see some cosmetic issues, you can use them to negotiate a lower down.

One last thing: Before you step foot on the lots of dealers of used cars in Indianapolis IN, make sure you have done enough research about the car that you want. Researching doesn’t just spare you from some issues, it can also save you money. Doing research can also help you avoid being rushed into a sale by an overly eager sales person. Once you have all the details figured out, making an informed decision is as easy as driving a newly purchased car off the lot.