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There’s Something in the Air: Air Quality and Pollution

July 10, 2013 at 2:54 am Comments are Disabled

Breathe in, breathe out. Breathe in, cough, breathe out.

This is slowly becoming a common thing among children and the elderly today, as the world’s air pollution is blowing up into a big problem. Around the world, air pollution is slowly rising to the list of silent killers, even passing malaria and AIDS combined. And this has been gaining attention today especially in China, where Beijing and other cities have been blanketed by a thick layer of fog.

Luckily, for those in the other parts of the world like the United Kingdom, air monitoring and quality are much better than Beijing’s.

A Step Towards Change

Because environmental destruction and pollution have been a huge problem, world leaders have taken the initiative to address the situation before things get worse. And in Britain, the government has taken the challenge and enacted the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health law.

You’re probably already aware of the many health risks in your office and industry. This is where the law comes in. The COSHH assessment requires employers to control substances in their office and environment that are hazardous to the health of their people. This aims to prevent, or at least minimise, the workers’ exposure to hazardous substances.

The Nose Knows

You don’t need scientific data just to see or prove that the environment is polluted. Just take a look around, or breathe in the air along the busy streets of the metro. The nose knows. Environmental protection is not just about recycling. It’s also the little things like reducing the smoke belching from your car, putting small potted plants in the office for better air quality monitoring, reducing the noise your business’ production makes, and making office processes more efficient.

The workplace is never risk-free until the air you breathe is also safe. So before breathing in that fresh outdoor air, puffing that next smoke, or inhaling that stuffy office air, think about it. There’s something in the air, and it’s not the smell of apple pie wafting from your grandma’s oven.

That’s What You Get When You File for Divorce

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Filing for divorce is probably the most difficult situation a person has to go through. After all, separation is a big issue among families. It affects them emotionally, financially, and psychologically. Regardless of the reason behind the separation, it’s a complicated subject that will change their lives forever.

A Mixed Bag of Emotions

Irreconcilable differences and psychological incapacity are the major reasons couples file for divorce. This is when both parties can’t live together in harmony because of their personality and cultural differences. This is also when the other party is not capable of supporting the family.

If the divorce was your decision, you have to be ready. You’ll have to state the differences and details of the impending dissolution of your marriage. This might take some time, so it’s advisable that you hire a West Palm Beach divorce lawyer. A legal professional can help you deal with this sensitive matter.

A Pain in the Wallet

Filing for divorce can be costly, as you need to pay fees for the court and your divorce lawyer. It can also be a problem if you’ll be the person who’s leaving the house. Costs might add up because you need a new place to stay. The awards of alimony, however, can be your lifesaver if you’ll be the recipient.

A full in-court divorce involves negotiations among the divorce lawyers of both parties and your spouse. In addition, your case has to follow the court’s schedule. This can drag the whole case, costing you pay more money.

The Future of the Children

Any child doesn’t want their parents to be separated, as it destroys their picture of a happy family. Even though there are child support modifications, custody, and visitation rights, not living under the same roof makes them sad. In addition, they receive all the stress when both parties are not in good terms.

Filing for divorce is not easy. This is why a divorce attorney in West Palm Beach can be of help during the legal process. Look for a lawyer who can provide sound legal assistance.

Teach Mental Health, Schools Urged

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A new charity urged every secondary school in the UK to teach mental health lessons.

Many young people face depression and anxiety

mentalhealthMindFull charity claims too many students with signs of depression or anxiety are often let down or ignored. The charity released a new counselling service online to support and advise 11 to 17-year-old students.

The charity’s founder, Emma-Jane Cross, said poor mental health among young students is “one of the last great medical taboos in the UK today.”

MindFull’s inaugural report calls for a “sea-change” to move towards young people’s mental health.

Focus on the importance of mental health

In her foreword, Ms Cross describes the degree of the issue as “epic” with thousands “teetering on the brink” of people suffering serious mental illness, risking “terrible long-term effects” for both young people and society in large.

She added, too many have to resort to harming themselves on purpose in order to cope, or worse still are thinking about ending their own lives.

The report requires awareness to focus on the importance of mental health to be integrated into every aspect of young people’s development particularly in schools and health facilities.

Ms Cross said the charity aims that its new online service will help do this by providing professional counselling and peer support for young people.

Enjoy Hunting with Super Human Eyes

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I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you” – No, this isn’t Bryan talking to his daughter’s kidnapper from the movie Taken. This is the thought of many hunters as they go out to the forest and search for deer, elks, or even turkeys.

A hunter without the right accessories is like an exposed prey in the wild. After all, you don’t know what you’ll see during a hunting trip. For your safety and for an unforgettable trip, you need to bring the right accessories, including a pair of binoculars.

Hunter’s Best friend

Binoculars or field glasses are versatile and portable. In fact, many outdoor enthusiasts never go on a trip without bringing a pair. Hikers, birdwatchers, and hunters need these to enjoy their activities. In hunting, you need field glasses so you can easily spot your prey.

There are different types of binoculars on the market. You can choose from basic field glasses to the more advanced gadgets with features such as motion detection.

Compact and Standard Binoculars

Standard binoculars offer clear and sharp images. These are perfect when you’re looking at your prey from a distance. Most standard field glasses on the market weigh from 20 to 35 ounces. If you prefer a larger pair of binoculars, don’t forget to bring a tripod. This will help keep the binoculars steady so you can look through it comfortably.

If you’re like some hunters who don’t want to anything hanging from the neck or shoulders, choose compact binoculars. You can easily put these field glasses in your pocket and just take them out when you need them.

See in the Dark

If you’re hunting at night, a pair of night-vision field glasses such as night-vision Nikon binoculars will make the trip exciting for you. While you may still have to depend on your other senses in the dark, at least you won’t have to strain your eyes to spot your prey.

Hunting is a great outdoor activity that challenges your skills. Don’t become the prey in the game. Be prepared and spot your target first before it finds you. Visit this website for more information about binoculars you can use for hunting.

Waze Profit Signals Growth Leading To Internet Innovation

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The billion-dollar profit of navigation firm, Waze to Google, signals growth for Internet innovation.

Dominating Israel’s high-tech market

high tech productsCompanies that made products for other firms, such as computer chips or communications device, have dominated Israel’s high-tech market. In recent years, the Internet and mobile market emerged, as the majority of Israeli startup businesses. Many have been successful in the worldwide sector.

According to the president and chief operating officer of Wix, Nir Zohar, there’s definitely a shift that Waze has done a great deal of emphasizing.

“I would assume that we will find more foreign investors coming to Israel to invest in Israeli entrepreneurs,” he added.

Known for creativity and International outlook

Wix, a personal website firm, filed for a $75 million initial public offering the United States last month, just as Google was finishing its plan to buy Waze for $1.03 billion.

Experts of the Israeli Internet startup sector say Israeli firms are known for their creativity and international goal, so the move into the rapid changing world of smartphone apps and consumer sites has been easy.

Analysts say Israeli firms are used to taking conventional strategies in developing products.

Every Business Superhero Needs a Sidekick

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Managing a growing business is rewarding but isn’t always easy. There are times when you need extra sets of hands to help fulfill a huge client order or accomplish back office processes. In the past, you’d have to hire additional employees to accommodate the sudden increase in your workload. This isn’t always a practical move, especially if you have to consider your budget and the size of your company. Fortunately, you can hire business sidekicks to help you go through some of your busiest days.

Sidekicks have Your Business’ Back

Let’s face it, you can’t be everywhere, doing everything every time. Prioritize things you need to do and delegate some business processes to temporary staff.

As your business grows, you’ll notice that your back office operations are expanding, too. Eventually, these processes may drain your resources. Outsource some of these procedures so you can stay focused on more important business matters. For instance, if you recently closed a contract that will temporarily increase your company’s purchasing volume, you can outsource purchasing to a reliable company.

Temporary Staff Helps you Save Money

Consider outsourcing staff if your employees lack skills or if the size of your company limits you from accomplishing tasks. For instance, if you own a clinic and you’re ready to accept additional insurance providers, you can look for an outsourcing company that specializes in medical billing. This is more affordable than getting additional employees to handle different health care insurance requirements. With an outsourced staff, you won’t have to worry about additional monthly salary and employee benefits. In the end, you are able to accomplish more, without bringing in more people to your company.

Sidekicks Help You Control Operations and Increase Efficiency

If you’re spending too much time on operations, you should consider outsourcing. Most outsourcing companies have excellent management skills. They can help you watch over some of your poorly managed departments. This can greatly help you increase your company’s efficiency and even motivate your employees to perform better.

Don’t be a burnt out superhero when managing your business. You need a sidekick occasionally. Take some load off your shoulder and manage your business efficiently through staff outsourcing.

Saving the World by Catching Flu

July 4, 2013 at 8:00 am Comments are Disabled

There are a myriad of ways to change society for the better. Others do it through altruism and volunteerism. Others generate awareness on some issues by holding events. Nevertheless, the efforts of everyone are important, be it small or widely influential. But it takes a huge heart and dedication to do something only a handful can do—to willingly catch flu.

Society owes it to paid medical trials for progressive medical research and drug development. Yet, certain parts of society are still a bit sceptical about it. There’s always a huge risk that a common cold may turn into a sinister global pandemic. Without medical research, experts will not be able to find a cure, or worse, stop the spread of illnesses. A medical trial holds the key for better drug development and disease analysis.

Ancient Practice

Medical trials have been around since the ancient times. Physicians of the olden days tested a variety of drugs on able volunteers. One famous example is James Lind’s demonstration in 1747 that proves citrus fruits can cure scurvy. Afflicted sailors who ate oranges and lemons fully recovered compared to those who drank vinegar.

Modern Standards

In this day and age, medical trials have evolved into a more dynamic field. In the UK, for instance, doctors and medical specialists use only the best practices and ethical standards. Health regulations prohibit methods that might endanger the life of the volunteers. Health care and research facilities must always set their standards according to the International Conference on Harmonisation Good Clinical Practice guidelines.

Some medical trial facilities in the UK even offer comfortable amenities for volunteers. As a research might take up quite some time, patients are encouraged to stay in a quarantine unit. With wireless Internet access, flat screen television, video game consoles, and three meals a day, volunteers can still go on with their daily routines while doctors can observe and examine the effects of new drugs on them.

Medical trials are undeniably the driving force behind drug developments. Its worth is indispensable in the field of medicine and health sciences. A volunteer’s yes today might be the future generations’ cure for tomorrow’s illnesses.