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Success of Credit Unions in Boosting the Economy of Communities

August 30, 2017 at 7:19 am Comments are Disabled

Woman stressed about moneyYou need finances to pay your bills, put meals on your table, take your children to school, enjoy a holiday trip, and many other essential activities. The source of the money is always a hurdle. You are at crossroads regarding where you could borrow money without staining your income or savings.

Economic experts advise that today, credit unions may be the preferred source of financial help because they are not only reliable but also readily available and cordial.

Here are some reasons for their success.

Strategic Structure

Community-Based credit unions have a strategic structure in their geographical location, board composition, not-for-profit model, and client base. First, they are based within the community and not in towns or major cities. Their existence and success depend on their excellent relationship with community members.

Their board of directors is not high profile individuals, but volunteers from the community. Equality is a policy they uphold throughout their service. Therefore, lenders, depositors, and borrowers receive equal treatment without hierarchical complications.

You would definitely feel warm and welcome when you meet someone from your neighborhood at your financial institution, whether you need personal or SBA loans in Ogden. Low-income credit unions, as people sometimes refer to them, use this strategy to make their clients feel at home.

Economic Growth

You do not have to be impoverished because you live on the outskirts of the city. You could use credit unions to build your assets such as acquire more land or build a bigger house. Similarly, they build the unions on the idea that people with low income can pull their little resources together, and loan each other.

You can appreciate them as a form of investment rather than a burden. Moreover, there are no minimum account balance requirements. Unlike banks, there are no fees, and interest rates on your saving s are higher than what banks offer.

You may want to consider credit unions because just like banks they offer mortgages, business loans, credit cards, debit cards, and checking accounts. You will also be proud to be part of the institution and not secluded or treated with less attention. 

Exploring the Lion City: Four Things to Look Forward to During Your Visit

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Hanging bridge in Sentosa Singapore may seem small, but this country is a biggie when it comes to tour and travel experience. More than just being one of the cleanest and most disciplined nations, the Lion City is also a hub for fun activities and spectacular sights. Whether you’re looking for places to shop, views to capture, or water fun at the beaches in Singapore, here’s a list of things that are a MUST for you to try:

A Walk through Streets Full of Art

It may come as a surprise, but Singapore has a handful of lane ways decorated with street arts and murals. Tiong Bahru, for example, displays heritage-themed murals, while the Haji Lane in Kampong Glam has illustrations and paintings of various subjects along the street that portrays the Singapore multicultural mix. It also boasts the largest collection of street art in the country.

A Night Safari Experience

Want to try something new? The Night Safari in Mandai Lake Road is the world’s first nocturnal zoo which gives you a close-up experience with animals that are more active at night. Ride a tram or take the walking trails and see over 1,000 animals in the park.

Enjoy the Cool Waters of the Beach

Looking for ways to cool down during your stay in the Lion City? You’ll be happy to find several magnificent beaches in the area. Along these beaches, you will find not only fun and thrilling water activities but also a variety of the coolest bars and restaurants. Make sure to take a turn in any of these beach resorts for a refreshing experience.

The Shopping Hub at Orchard Road

Located in the heart of the Central Region, a large variety of shopping options are on Orchard Road. The area is the hub of retail and entertainment, with many hotels, galleries, malls, and hangouts.

Make your trip to the Lion City memorable by including these places and activities on your checklist, and find out why the city-state is one of the best.

Be the Best Bridesmaid with these Useful Tips

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Vintage wedding carYour best friend is tying the knot, and she asks you to be the bridesmaid. While it is an exciting event, helping plan a wedding can be stressful too, especially if you have little time. And as a bridesmaid, everyone expects you to help the bride prepare for the event as much as you can.

Here are some tried and tested tips on how you can help without burnout.

Help Find a Venue

If there is one thing that is difficult to find when it comes to planning a wedding, it would be the venue. Looking for a place is a daunting task since there are many things to consider. First would be the number of guests and the type of wedding (indoors, garden, or beach).

You can look up wedding venues Corpus Christi, TX for ideas. There are those that cater specifically to weddings, such as The Ranch At San Patricio.

Stay Calm and Collected

With her upcoming wedding, the bride is sure to lose her temper at times. As a bridesmaid, it is your job to calm her down, and you can only do this if you are calm yourself. You know your friend well, and this makes you the best person to talk to her.

There will be a lot of things going on, and a cool head can make things go easier.

Talk About the Budget

If the bridesmaid’s dress goes beyond your budget, you need to speak to the bride. This should happen from the onset, so both of you would be clear on what you can and cannot afford. It is also a good idea to have some extra cash on hand in case there something you or the bride might need the last minute

While planning a wedding and being a bridesmaid can be a difficult task, but it is fun, too. Just keep in mind that a dear friend will be taking the road to marriage soon, and you are a part of that special event.

New Zealand Awards Funding Grant for Plastic Recycling Plant

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Scrap metal on recycling plant siteEnviroNZ’s plastic recycling facility in Christchurch received a $1.25 million funding grant from the New Zealand Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund.

The company will spend the money upgrading and recommissioning the facility, according to Christchurch Associate Environment Minister Scott Simpson. These upgrades will allow the extrusion plant to recycle more than 1,000 tonnes of woven polypropylene bulk fertiliser bags per year.

Reusing Waste

The recycled materials will be converted into pellets, which local companies will use to manufacture products, such as irrigation tubing and rope. The process is similar to the scrap metal recycling services offered by companies like Metal Salvage Services Ltd and can be used for other purposes, including home furnishings, fixtures and lighting.

Simpson said that the plastic recycling plant is expected to reduce the volume of woven polypropylene bulk fertiliser bags that are dumped on farms. In addition, EnviroNZ has partnered with Ballance and Ravensdown for a streamlined collection system for single-use bulk fertiliser bags. The two fertiliser companies manufacture an estimated 1 million bags weighing around 3,000 tonnes.

Farmers have now sent 100 tonnes of bags on average per month to support EnviroNZ’s recycling efforts.

Funding Scheme

Established in 2009, the New Zealand government’s Waste Minimisation Fund provides financial assistance to sustainable projects. A levy of $10 per tonne of disposed on landfills helps in sustaining the fund. To date, the programme has granted more than $80 million for more than 130 environmental projects.

The fund prefers projects that 'collectively give the largest net benefit over time', according to the Ministry for the Environment’s assessment criteria. Other benchmarks for the funding include strategic value, partnership and cross-sectoral collaboration among others.

Plastic recycling is important in reducing the buildup of waste in landfills and other dumpsites. The public and private sector should cooperate in advancing initiatives that not only help the environment but also conserve natural resources.

Relive the Glory of the Roman Empire by Visiting the City of Bath

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Roman Inspired Bathroom
Do you want to experience a bit of Rome but do not have enough time to go there? There’s no need to worry. If you are from London, there is a way for you to experience Rome’s history and culture first-hand, without leaving the country. How? All you have to do is visit Bath City at Somerset; it is only an hour and a half if you take the train.

And why would you experience a bit of Rome when you visit Bath City, you ask? The answer to that question is that the Romans were the ones who created the city. They were the ones who built it, and it flourished under their rule.

Relive History

Even though the Romans no longer ruled the city, they left behind their legacy. So go ahead and find a boutique B&B in Bath. You’ll be able to relive history just by walking on the streets of the city, marvelling at the architecture you see. Explore the different museums found there to soak in more the legacy left behind by the Romans. You should visit the Museum of Bath Architecture. This is the place to be to know more about the Georgian architecture. By visiting the museum, you’ll be able to see the models and maps used in the city.

The best way to relive history is by visiting the Roman Baths. The Romans created the bath because the area has a natural hot spring. And until now, it still has its original Georgian Architecture. This is the reason why the City of Bath has a UNESCO World Heritage status. They have preserved the history that the Romans had created.

More to Offer

And if you think that reliving history can be quite tiring, don’t worry. Bath City has modern entertainment too. They have festivals all year round, which include:

  • The Bath Festival for Music and Literature
  • Bath Fashion Festival
  • Bath Digital Festival
  • Great Bath Feast for Food and Drink

The city not only offers a trip down history lane. They also have modern entertainment mastered.

4 Facts about Dental Implants Everyone Should Know

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Dental implantsTooth implants are increasingly becoming in-demand. It is particularly popular among people seeking a lasting solution to teeth problems. There’s a good reason for this. The procedure is easy, affordable and efficient. If you’ve been considering getting them, an expert on tooth implants from Stoke-on-Trent shares these facts things to keep in mind:

1. Your medical insurance does not cover dental implants.

While getting tooth implants is remarkably affordable, you still need to be prepared to pay for the procedure. It is because your medical insurance does not cover getting dental implants. Find out what dentists around you charge, and go for the most affordable one.

2. The process takes some time.

Most surgeries take just one session, but it will be months before you completely heal. In some instances, it could take you nine months or more before you recover completely. However, stick to your dentist’s instructions to make everything smoother.

3. You need to be in good health to undergo the procedure.

Your dentist will insist on getting a clean bill of health first. The last thing you want is for the process to aggravate pre-existing illnesses. Be sure to consult your physician. They will conduct the appropriate tests before going to the dentist.

4. You have to find the right dentist.

Different dentists specialise in various dental procedures. Don’t just go to anyone to get tooth implants. Insist on finding out whether the dentist has the proper credentials to prove they are more than capable of doing the procedure. Even better, visit online sources for a list qualified dentists before committing to anyone.

The vast majority of dental implant procedures are successful. Still, it is crucial to know what goes into the surgery, so you make the right decisions from the outset.

Why New Zealand’s Branding Campaign Became a Success

August 16, 2017 at 9:36 am Comments are Disabled

Advertising methodsA significant part of New Zealand’s economy relies on exported products and services. A successful tourism branding campaign, therefore, was essential to not only lure overseas tourists but also improve the image of local businesses.

Clean and Green

According to Carl Stephens of communications firm Baldwin Boyle Shand, the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign helped enterprises expand their networks in Asia, particularly in Singapore. A New Zealand Trade and Enterprise study backed this claim by showing that exports to the Lion City increased to US$2.15 billion in 2014 from US$269 million in 2004.

Stephens believes that the concept of a country with ‘clean and green’ products, particularly food, led New Zealand to have a good image among consumers in Asia. While it is no secret that the country has stringent quality standards for its dairy products and fresh produce locally, the campaign boosted that impression abroad.

Digital Dynamic

Local companies can also borrow a page from the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign to prompt their own businesses’ growth. From commercial screen printings to digital marketing tools, there are several ways to raise awareness on your brand for your target market. Before embarking on your campaign, make sure that your promotional materials comply with Advertising Standards Authority’s code of ethics, though.

Social media also provided businesses with a modern way to connect with their audience, according to Stephens. However, brands should not use them for the sole purpose of gaining a huge following among consumers. Businesses should also learn to use it authentically and engagingly so they foster in-depth connections with patrons, Stephens noted.

New Zealand’s efforts to promote itself as a tourist and business destination seemingly paid off. For this reason, there is no reason that local companies cannot achieve the same level of success in marketing their own brands.