The 5 Common Causes of Motorbike Accidents

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motor accidentEven though motorcycles are popular, they’re potentially dangerous. Drivers and passengers have no protection on motorbikes, unlike with cars that encase them in a steel container. Apart from the helmet and clothes of the riders, there’s nothing between them and the road.

When accidents between motorbikes and other vehicles occur, they often result in serious injuries and even fatalities. In case of death, the surviving family members looking to seek compensation should file a wrongful death case. They can do so with the aid of a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer.

There are a range of accidents that can seriously injure motorcyclists. These accidents include:

Turning Left

When drivers look around before making a turn, they tend to look for full-size vehicles prior to turning and don’t often notice motorcycles.


Drivers cause mishaps at intersections when they ignore the safety signals, such as the traffic lights and stop signs.

Red Lights

When a car speeds through a red light at an intersection and collides with a motorbike, the rider may often suffer fatal injuries and possibly die.

Failure to Yield

Drivers cause mishaps when they don’t realize that a motorcyclist has the right of way at an intersection or didn’t see the rider coming.

The Driver Not Seeing the Motorcyclist

This is the most prevalent cause of motorbike accidents. Speeding, ignoring posted signals and signs, or inattentiveness can prevent drivers from seeing riders during both the day and night. At night, risks can double due to narrow and poorly lit streets.

Learning about the common causes of motorbike accidents from a licensed Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer is important. When riding a motorcycle, people are 3 times more likely to receive injuries and 14 times more likely to die. Knowing the common risks can help riders to avoid them.

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