Innovative Building: The Benefits of Modular Construction

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White modern apartment buildingModular construction is changing the way we design and erect our buildings. It utilises off-site manufacturing, a method wherein large components of the building are constructed in the factory and then transported to the build site for easier assembly.

Just recently, KiwiBuild, the government programme that aims to build thousands of homes for Kiwis, is considering off-site manufacturing to help it reach its high target, recognising the multiple advantages of this construction method.

With the rising popularity of modular construction, people are building structures in new, more efficient ways.

Speed of Construction

Instead of doing everything on-site like in traditional construction, modular construction firms manufacture the different building components in the factory. This process reduces construction time significantly; while the build site is being excavated and primed, the parts are already being made.

Modular methods present a considerable advantage for those engaged in commercial building design and construction, as the reduced construction time can save money for both the client and the developer.

Quality of Materials

The factory manufacturing process ensures that all building components are made with high precision and exact measurements, allowing the different parts to work seamlessly together. Doing so reduces the chances of defects and costly rework.

Components also undergo rigorous tests in the factory, making sure that each part is of consistent quality.

Sustainability of Process

The shorter construction time minimises the waste produced on-site, which can help relieve the local community of potential environmental hazards. Modular construction also employs fewer workers and gives them less physically taxing tasks, which contribute to overall worker health and safety.

The highly precise manufacturing process also reduces waste by maximising raw materials used for construction. Instead of disposing of a steel panel used for a specific component, for example, the remaining material can be utilised for smaller parts, making sure nothing goes to waste.

Modular methods are helping the construction industry build quality structures in more cost-efficient ways. These methods are not just better and faster, but they are also innovative and sustainable, helping us improve today while ensuring opportunities for future generations.

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