Abrasive vs. Garnet Blasting: Understanding the Difference

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Raw garnet crystalsOne of the best ways to improve the look and feel of a car is by changing its paint. In fact, your choice can affect the vehicle’s resale value.

Repainting a car is similar to that of a home. You can apply a fresh coat over the old one, but it cannot guarantee you will have a good finish. The effective strategy is to strip the old paint first and prepare the wall for the new paint job. For cars, the preparation stage is called sandblasting.

If you are planning to give your car a new look, you should start looking for a sandblaster in New Zealand. You may perform either abrasive blasting or garnet blasting. Discover the difference between these procedures.

What is Abrasive Blasting?

Many people tend to interchange the terms ‘abrasive blasting’ and ‘sandblasting’. It could be because the former likewise uses a granulated material to clean surfaces. By applying a high pressure of these materials into the surface of the vehicle, it can remove the paint and signs of rust. In some cases, it can change the shape of the car’s body.

This method is effective at removing the dirt, grime, paint, and stain in car parts that require disassembly and re-installation. These may include the chassis and the components of a machine.

What is Garnet Blasting?

Garnet blasting means the material used for cleaning is garnet. It is a naturally occurring silicate mineral known for its deep red colour, although it is likewise available in various shades, such as yellow and green.

Garnet is one of the commonly used abrasives these days for many reasons. One, it does not produce a lot of dust. It is safer than silica and is not hazardous to one’s health. It is also harder; and therefore, more durable.

Your choice between these two blasting techniques is best for your car depends on many factors. Vehicle owners can work closely with their automotive specialists to get more information. Either way, leave sandblasting to the professionals.

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