Vision Problems in Seniors: Steps to Take

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senior citizensVision health is an essential part of the overall health of any person regardless of their age. Losing eyesight is probably the most hallowing loss many people fear. While not everyone will turn blind in their lifetime, visual impairment tends to affect millions.

For seniors, the problem is more profound. Self-reliance in these individuals depends on how well they develop appropriate skills. In this article, we discuss vision loss in seniors. The caregiver is given tips on how to lessen the discomfort.

Causes of Vision Loss

Seniors have a problem reading the small print, telling the difference between some colors and operating in dimly lit rooms and so on. More serious vision issues may develop with further age advance. Glaucoma, which is characterized by loss of peripheral vision, is one such condition. Others are retinopathy, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Hospice homes in Indiana remind seniors that it is possible to have these conditions and not exhibit the symptoms that go with them. It is important to have them checked often.

Devices to Use

Upon establishment of the presence of these conditions, caregivers can consider acquiring a number of assistive devices available in specialty stores and drugstores statewide. Some of the most popular include:

• Closed circuit televisions (CCTVs)
• Special keyboards for computers
• Special buttons and dials for phones
• Penlights
• Magnifiers

See the Ophthalmologist

Any senior over the age of 65 should receive a thorough eye exam every couple of years or as recommended by the doctor. During the exam, the ophthalmologist not only assesses eyesight but also identifies any concealed eye diseases. This is also an opportunity for the patient to get new eyeglasses.

Developing poor eyesight as a senior is expected, but it is not an excuse to resign to the challenge. Self-reliance is still possible provided one takes the right measures. For more about all the possible age-related eye problems and their remedies, visit one of the best hospice homes in Indiana today.

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