There’s no need to fear! The Dentist is here!

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Girl Visiting Dentist‘Mum, I’m scared to go to the dentist!’ ‘No Mummy! Not the dentist!’ A child may fear the dentist due to the dental tools that are placed inside their mouth or fear that the dentist may extract one of their teeth. However, a child could see the dentist as a benefit to them, once they know what a dentist does for their oral hygiene.

Dental practitioners at Diana Dental suggest that dental disease can be prevented by bringing their children to their dentist twice a year. Specifically, a dentist can prevent tooth and gum disease from developing in a child at an early age.

Start ‘em young!

Children should start visiting their dentist after their baby teeth start growing sometime after their first birthday. At this early age, dentists can spot potential cavities and other dental problems from developing. Bringing a child to the dentist at an early age is beneficial for their oral hygiene.

The dentist is your new friend!

To avoid the fear of visiting the dentist, children should know that there is nothing to fear from their dentist. Demystifying what a dentist does could help, ‘Callum, this is Mr Dentist, he makes sure that your teeth are squeaky clean!’ ‘Nancy, this is Ms Dentist, she will make sure that your gums are healthy!’ These are just some simple introductions a parent may use to introduce a dentist to their child.

Without a doubt, informing a child about the benefits of visiting the dentist may be a basis for them to ease their tension about going to the dentist. Introducing them to their dentist at a young age will help develop a friendly bond that will make a child say: ‘Look at my shiny teeth, Mummy! When is the next time we are going to visit the dentist?’

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