Sleeping Pills or Supplements: Which is More Bedtime-Friendly?

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Woman with InsomniaInsomniacs have it rough. There’s nothing worse than having to lie down in bed after a tough day at work, then realizing that you’re not getting any sleepier for hours. To try and remedy this, you make a cup of tea, a glass of milk, or even a glass of wine.

When nothing else works, the temptation to resort to sleeping pills grows ever stronger. There are multitudes of prescription drugs designed to knock you out and hit the bed at command, but are they the last option? Many natural supplements claim the same sleep-inducing effects and don’t need a prescription, so, which is the better choice?

Risks and side effects

Prescription pills, at first use, are very effective sleeping aids. For the first few nights, you are guaranteed to get some good rest almost as soon as you take them. But after prolonged use, such medications have side effects like constipation, muscle pain, migraines, and even rebound insomnia.

Over a period, your body is even likely to develop a tolerance to the drugs, rendering them useless. The only way to get some sleep with them is to take more pills.

If you do take more pills for sleep, the danger of dependence, and eventually addiction arises. You may feel the need to continue taking sleep medication even though they no longer work for you. As with any drug, withdrawal symptoms will manifest if you stop suddenly; nausea, excessive sweating, and anxiety may ensue.

The restful alternative

Natural dietary supplements, on the other hand, carry no such risks. With these supplements sourced from natural ingredients and readily available, Insight Nutrition agrees that organic insomnia treatments prove more useful with the use of calming components, like Melatonin.

In fact, dietary supplements infused with naturally calming ingredients like Valerian root and L-theanine help the body relax from stressful states. Since these supplements do not pose any risk of addiction, they are entirely safe and effective for intake.

Many pharmaceuticals will claim to have the best solution to sleep-deprived individuals. But nothing beats natural solutions for such disorders, as the human body and mind – made up of organic material – responds best to what nature already has to offer.

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