Reiki for Pets: The Energy Therapy That Can Help Everyone

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Reiki HealingReiki is a simple hands-on therapy in which energy from the practitioner flows through their hands and into the recipient who is having the treatment. One of the great aspects about Reiki is that once a person has completed the courses, they have a free form of pain relief at their fingertips that can be used on family members or self-administered.

Reiki has been shown in scientific studies to reduce the need for pharmaceutical painkillers, reduce stress hormones and anxiety, lower blood pressure and help with sleep.

Using Reiki on Pets

Once human members of the family have experienced the benefits that Reiki can bring, they may be keen to try it for their pet.

Reiki can be used to:

Comfort an Animal – When he feels ill, it may ease pain and aid him in recovery.

Calm an Animal – If he is anxious about something, for example, if he misses a member of the family who is absent.

If a pet has been re-homed after abuse or neglect, the positive energy and gentle touch of Reiki could help restore their trust in humans.

Provide Pain Relief – Reiki can also be used if he has had surgery, for instance, a routine neutering operation, to provide extra pain relief and promote self-healing.

Absent Reiki

What if the pet concerned is a goldfish. Pets that can’t be touched could still benefit from Reiki as no-touch techniques can be used. Hands can be hovered over the area or in the case of a fish, placed in the tank. Absent (distance) healing can also be given. Distance healing is taught in Reiki healing courses.

To learn more about how Reiki can help your pet, contact a professional team.

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