Helping Your Friend with Drug Addiction

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Packings of pills and capsules of medicinesDrug addiction and substance abuse remains as a problem in the United States. Addiction affects thousands, and your good friend may be affected to. When you have a close friend who struggles with substance abuse, no matter what age you are, as a friend, you have to take action.

Identifying Drug Addiction

You can know if a friend has developed an addiction to drugs in a number of ways. When the friend shows a lack of self-control, you know your friend is addicted. Of course, your friend may hide this, but you can look at other signs. Isolation, neglecting school or work, and other abnormal changes in priorities or behavior can indicate an addiction.

What to Do to Help

You can help by first approaching your friend every time you meet with compassion and honesty. You need to show compassion by making your friend feel loved and supported; make him or her know you will be there to help. You need to be honest to ask your friend the hard questions and to speak the truth.

In Case of Refusal

The two traits above can help your friend turn to professional help when you encourage them. Renaissance Ranch Outpatient and other experts say that you can point them to an outpatient drug rehab program here in Farmington. When your friend refuses help or treatment, however, you can call in the help of family or other friends. You can continue to show compassion and honesty until your friend decides to get help.

What to Do during Treatment

Once your friend receives professional help, you still need and still can offer support. You can talk with the treatment provider to know how you can show your love and support. You may be allowed to continue contact, or you may be advised to refrain from contact for a while.

People have different needs, meaning their journey through drug addiction may not be the same as others. No matter what happens, no matter how long the journey takes, at all times, you can continue to love your friend.

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