Dental Emergencies: What Needs Immediate Care and What Can Wait

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Patient in a dental careYou may experience dental emergencies just as you may experience medical emergencies. Before you rush to the dentist, however, you have to know which situations will be worth bothering a dentist for, and which ones can wait until your next regular appointment.

You can look at the guide below to differentiate dental scenarios.

Actual Dental Emergencies

You can immediately approach an emergency dental service here in Paddington such as Dentist @ W2 if you have been in an accident and sustained damage to your teeth. The specific situations below constitute dental emergencies.

Your teeth may still be in place, but bleeding may be continuous even after a few minutes.

Alternately, your teeth may appear okay, but you feel severe pain in your gums or teeth. You will undergo an X-ray and other diagnostic procedures to find out the cause of the pain.

Visible damage to your teeth needs immediate dental care. You can easily identify cracks, splits, and chips when you look at your teeth after an accident.

Teeth knocked out of position may be hanging by a thread of connective tissue. You can push the tooth back into place if you can, and you can immediately go to an emergency dental service.

Finally, you can knock out your tooth in an accident. In such a case, find the tooth; clean it; place it back in if you can. If you cannot, put it in a glass of milk. See an emergency dentist afterwards.

Dental Non-Emergencies

Now you know what constitutes a dental emergency, you can know what dental situations can wait a while.

Toothaches can be quite painful sometimes; unless you can see bleeding, injury, or serious infection, you can schedule a regular dentist’s appointment.

You can lose a veneer or crown.

You can break your braces and wait for your regular dentist, but it can be an emergency if you hurt your mouth.

You can now better judge dental situations and know when to visit or not visit an emergency dentist.

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