The Borgias Cancelled Early

the_borgias_by_sonofjoeShowtime cancelled The Borgias earlier than original plans. The network announced that the show’s June 16 episode is already the show finale, ending the drama series after only three seasons.

The show originally had a four-season run planned, the same as its Showtime predecessor The Tudors. The Borgias creator Neil Jordan released a statement saying there are a lot of reasons they decided not to continue with a fourth season. He said the final episode, which he wrote, “seemed like the end of a journey for the family.” Jordan said the family was the center of the drama, and that whatever bonded them as a family “dies in this episode.”

One’s End is Another’s Start

The historical fiction show’s ratings hit a series high in its latest episode. Viewers of Season 3 average about 2.4 million, around the same compared to its previous season.The Borgias season 3 finale airs Sunday, June 16, 10/9c on Showtime.

The network is currently prepping another show, The Vatican, starring Friday Night Lights’ Kyle Chandler as Cardinal Thomas Duffy. The network has already called it quits with a number of its high profile, award winning shows including Weeds and The Big C. Another highly rated show, Dexter, premieres its final season this month as well.

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