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Exploring the Lion City: Four Things to Look Forward to During Your Visit

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Hanging bridge in Sentosa Singapore may seem small, but this country is a biggie when it comes to tour and travel experience. More than just being one of the cleanest and most disciplined nations, the Lion City is also a hub for fun activities and spectacular sights. Whether you’re looking for places to shop, views to capture, or water fun at the beaches in Singapore, here’s a list of things that are a MUST for you to try:

A Walk through Streets Full of Art

It may come as a surprise, but Singapore has a handful of lane ways decorated with street arts and murals. Tiong Bahru, for example, displays heritage-themed murals, while the Haji Lane in Kampong Glam has illustrations and paintings of various subjects along the street that portrays the Singapore multicultural mix. It also boasts the largest collection of street art in the country.

A Night Safari Experience

Want to try something new? The Night Safari in Mandai Lake Road is the world’s first nocturnal zoo which gives you a close-up experience with animals that are more active at night. Ride a tram or take the walking trails and see over 1,000 animals in the park.

Enjoy the Cool Waters of the Beach

Looking for ways to cool down during your stay in the Lion City? You’ll be happy to find several magnificent beaches in the area. Along these beaches, you will find not only fun and thrilling water activities but also a variety of the coolest bars and restaurants. Make sure to take a turn in any of these beach resorts for a refreshing experience.

The Shopping Hub at Orchard Road

Located in the heart of the Central Region, a large variety of shopping options are on Orchard Road. The area is the hub of retail and entertainment, with many hotels, galleries, malls, and hangouts.

Make your trip to the Lion City memorable by including these places and activities on your checklist, and find out why the city-state is one of the best.

Relive the Glory of the Roman Empire by Visiting the City of Bath

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Roman Inspired Bathroom
Do you want to experience a bit of Rome but do not have enough time to go there? There’s no need to worry. If you are from London, there is a way for you to experience Rome’s history and culture first-hand, without leaving the country. How? All you have to do is visit Bath City at Somerset; it is only an hour and a half if you take the train.

And why would you experience a bit of Rome when you visit Bath City, you ask? The answer to that question is that the Romans were the ones who created the city. They were the ones who built it, and it flourished under their rule.

Relive History

Even though the Romans no longer ruled the city, they left behind their legacy. So go ahead and find a boutique B&B in Bath. You’ll be able to relive history just by walking on the streets of the city, marvelling at the architecture you see. Explore the different museums found there to soak in more the legacy left behind by the Romans. You should visit the Museum of Bath Architecture. This is the place to be to know more about the Georgian architecture. By visiting the museum, you’ll be able to see the models and maps used in the city.

The best way to relive history is by visiting the Roman Baths. The Romans created the bath because the area has a natural hot spring. And until now, it still has its original Georgian Architecture. This is the reason why the City of Bath has a UNESCO World Heritage status. They have preserved the history that the Romans had created.

More to Offer

And if you think that reliving history can be quite tiring, don’t worry. Bath City has modern entertainment too. They have festivals all year round, which include:

  • The Bath Festival for Music and Literature
  • Bath Fashion Festival
  • Bath Digital Festival
  • Great Bath Feast for Food and Drink

The city not only offers a trip down history lane. They also have modern entertainment mastered.

Hire a Mini Bus for Group Tours

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Group of friends planning a group tourThere are various reasons why people organise group tours. Schools, offices, corporate companies, or family and friends at times organise their own group tours. Are you a person who people look to when they need to plans or organise group outings? If yes, then you’ll know how tiresome and time-consuming getting the right transport can be.

When planning, you go through the details of your trip starting with your budget, the number of people included in your trip, your destination, food and accommodation, and transportation. The purpose of your trip could be educational, a company outing, or leisure and recreation for a family group. You could have a group tour of the city or further afield in the outskirts of the city or maybe even further still. Whatever your reason for organising a group tour, you aim to let the group enjoy the trip.

Hiring a Mini Bus for Your Group Tour

Transportation is necessary to get to your destination. Do you have the right vehicle to use for the tour? If yes, then, you cross that item off your list and not worry about it. However, if you don’t have a vehicle, you’ll need to make sure you have adequate transport. You can hire a mini bus or coach from a reliable transport company and discuss with them the details of your trip. Look for a mini bus or coach that is air-conditioned, has cushioned seats and is preferably equipped with a loudspeaker system. Having a professional driver is a must too. All these will help facilitate a pleasant trip but considering what you can do too, turns a good journey into a great one.

Transport Companies

In Sydney, there are transport companies that specialise in group tours. Companies such as Mona Vale Coaches can provide you with different types of coaches and buses for hire. You can contact their friendly staff and tell them the purpose for renting the mini bus. They also accept other purposes such as transfers from airport, for weddings, for concert events, for conferences, and more.

Have fun and enjoyable group tour with family and friends, or with people in your organisation. Travel safely with trusted drivers from mini bus companies.

Wanna Live Elsewhere? Here are 4 Key Steps to Your Immigration Plan

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Migration Process to New ZealandYou may have your roots in your hometown with your family, but there will be instances when you look around you and feel foreign in your own land. You may realise that the grass is indeed greener on the other side (hello, Adele) or that you can better grow where you’re independent and focused on work. Regardless of reason, if you’ve been planning to move permanently to another country but can’t seem to get around to it, here are four steps you should take to get started.

Know the Requirements

Different countries like New Zealand offer varying visas and living and work arrangements for its immigrants. You can check an embassy’s website and check the requirements to prepare yourself. There will be international language requirements. Some embassies also follow a point system; you can check their website and see if you’re eligible for immigration.

Prepare Your Papers

Once you’ve checked the requirements, it’s time to prepare your documents. You may need to get tonnes of documents to be included in an embassy’s pool of candidates. Usual papers are certificates of employment, birth, and even marriage if you’re including your spouse in your application. It may take weeks to get your papers from government agencies, though, so factor that in your timeline. You may also need to write an essay expressing your interest to migrate.

Look for Employment Opportunities

You need a job to live in a foreign country permanently, of course. You can do this once you’ve arrived there but it’s better to look for potential jobs while you’re still in your home country. There are certain job categories available: skilled migrant, immediate, and long-term. It’s often easier to move if you’re in the medical or engineering fields. It depends on the country, too.

Consult Immigration Experts

When you’re still unsure of your eligibility, papers, and potential job, perhaps it’s time to consult immigration experts such as Business Immigration NZ. They know the bowels of immigration requirements and can effectively advise you about your plan. They’re licenced by the embassy or consul and are authorised to provide advice for immigrants like you.

These four steps may take a month to a year or more, depending on your efforts and how much or how soon you want to move. Make sure you have the time, money, and patience and you’ll get there when it’s time.

Your Choice of Landscape Determines Your Inner Landscape

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Beach Rentals in Sea IsleThe idea that your choices reveal who you are as a person is a premise that launched numerous narcissistic quizzes.

But it rings some truth, especially when it comes to geography. Studies show that your preferences of vacation destination links to how much of an introvert or extrovert you are. University of Virginia psychologist Shigehiro Oishi and colleagues Minha Lee and Thomas Talhelm claimed that introverts thrived in secluded locations while extroverts enjoyed open areas.

Oishi’s Study

Oishi and his team surveyed 921 undergraduates, rating their personalities with a standard questionnaire. The survey asked students their choice between mountains and oceans. Comparing the results, the study reported that extroversion shared a link with beaches while introverts chose a peaceful night at the mountains.

Visual tests further confirmed their findings. After taking the standard personality questionnaire, the students viewed pictures of beaches and oceans. Oishi’s team asked where they’d want to visit and invest their time.

Beach Please or Solo Night in the Mountains?

The beach was the top choice among extroverts and if you are one, it’s easy to understand why. Extroverts are most comfortable in the presence of others. Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Fox & Roach, Realtors, a local Sea Isle rental, says that the beach offers endless opportunities to bond. You can play volleyball, jetski, or simply lay down on the sand with other peers.

But if you are a professed introvert, you want some peace. The mountains, not the beach, are your places for solace. Introverts enjoy most when they are alone with their thoughts. Since the mountains offer a more peaceful setting, you would want to spend time here rather than in a noisy beach.

Room for More Research

Sure enough, the study still has its set of limitations. The researchers could not determine whether geographical preference shaped personality or vice versa. There’s still much to explore on how living near beaches or mountains affects an individual’s personality.

Still, this study is a reminder of how your surroundings match the landscape within you.

Discover the Best Gastronomic Experience: Foodie Hotspots in London

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Borough MarketLondon is one of those cities where it feels like you will never run out of wonderful places to visit. There are so many mainstream choices, along with more than a handful of hidden gems. Turn right and you will see a Mexican taco joint. Turn left and you will notice pistachio-coloured sweets inspired by Italy.

Here is a quick guide if you want to go on a culinary adventure in the British capital:

Authentic Indian Restaurant

Your trip to London will never be complete without visiting Brick Lane’s Indian restaurants. They offer the tastiest afternoon dishes, not to mention they bring together authentic flavours that reflects traditional recipes. From Chicken Chat and King Prawn Puri to Aloo Bhaja and Garka Lamb, Indian cuisine is ideal for those wanting to experience unique food. The combination of fragrant herbs and spices, such as coriander, cardamom and cloves make it a favourite for many.

Food Trails

Expect to go on a one to two-hour stroll when journeying through London’s diverse food trail. Exploring the city’s food trail is already an adventure by itself. One thing you will love about this is the close proximity from one to shop to another, which makes it a real treat.

Borough Market

This place is one that should be on every tourist’s itinerary, as there is no better way of experiencing an exciting food adventure than to visit a London market. Though crowded, Borough Market is a go-to place for nougat, Mexican guajillo chili, Spanish Iberico bellota ham, candied nuts, Turkish delights and a variety of cheeses from France. All the different choices will lead to something that can please even the pickiest eater.

Oyster Bars

Are you craving for some seafood? If so, then an oyster bar is a great place to indulge. Many people come to London to appreciate the seafood specialties such as scallops, razor clams, tiger prawns and Dublin Bay prawns.

London is probably limitless when it comes to choices for places to eat. The city’s food scene is constantly evolving, guaranteeing there is always something waiting to be discovered.

City Life or Suburban Living?

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CitySome people prefer the hustle and bustle of city life, thanks to quick access to schools, jobs and other luxuries. Little do they realize that city living may produce more disadvantages than benefits. Here are reasons city life may not be as exciting as it seems:

More costs

The cost of living in the city is generally more expensive than the suburbs. The US census noted that the average price of new homes reaches $272,900. 20 cities in the US experience a fast-paced increase in home prices at 5% due to high demand and low supply of properties. There’s a lower cost for suburban living, on the other hand. People can buy suburban homes for sale in Lake Conroe for as little as $170,000, for instance.

Lower quality of life

Cities tend to be more unhealthy and unsafe than the suburbs. The high population creates more pollution and causes health issues. Cities are not good for one’s peace of mind, as these have higher crime rates. It’s healthier and safer to live in the suburbs due to fewer commercial areas and lower population.

Not conducive for families

City life can be difficult for those who want to start families. The high cost of living leaves people with fewer options when looking for homes to accommodate additional members. It also keeps them from giving education for their children. Research showed that cities account for one in 4 students who don’t graduate each year, despite educating 1.7 million or about 1 in 8 high school students. The lack of income affects their capacity to receive education.

Dwindling options

With more people moving to the cities to find homes and jobs, there are fewer options left to newcomers. Lands for property development in cities are expensive and limited so contractors are building houses outside the periphery. The suburbs, meanwhile, gives people more opportunities to establish homes and businesses.

City life is not as exciting as some people think. The high cost of living, lack of opportunities, health and safety risks that city life poses may not be good for one’s peace of mind. It’s better to go for the suburbs, at times.