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Joining the Open Plan Office Movement: Is It Worth It?

March 10, 2017 at 7:31 am Comments are Disabled

A businesswoman in an open office Working in an office cubicle can be peaceful – but much like the desk mini-bar cart and ashtray stand of the ‘60s, it’s increasingly becoming a thing of the past.

As big bosses strive to save money and space, they’re reshuffling desks and fiddling with temperature gauges – and with that came the open office plan.

The open plan has turned concepts into projects, caused hierarchies to loosen up and more walls to come down. And in modern workspaces, the corner office is no longer seen as the ultimate spot. But that’s obviously not the case in the Philippines, where offices are still divided into walls and cubicles.

So why should you switch to open-plan?

Increases Employee Performance

According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, companies that switch from closed-office to an open plan office experience performance increases. says such changes to the office floor plan must be carefully planned to be effective, however.

Facilitates Communication

An open-plan concept also facilitates communication between employees of different departments or those who do not interact regularly. This removes the idea that to talk to another employee, you must first talk to their supervisor, which is inefficient and only wastes time. In other words, an open plan space promotes a multi-level, free flow of information among co-workers.

Saves Space and Money

With fewer cubicles, more employees fit into less space. You can’t really put a person in a 6×6 cubicle comfortably – that’s like putting them in a prison cell. You can, however, easily put an employee in a 6×6 or even a 6×4 desk in an open plan environment, reducing the amount of space you use substantially.

The biggest fear in transitioning to an open concept is the lack of privacy. Yes, privacy will be limited compared to the traditional office layout, but that’s only a simple trade-off – increased employee performance, better communication, and more savings for privacy.

3 Things that Make Your SEO Clients Stay With You

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seoIn the field of SEO, client turnover can be as quick and common as industry updates. This is why for most SEO specialists and providers, the job is more than just helping websites rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). Your role should also take into account the things clients look for, which often come down to more sales and revenue.

Understanding these needs and how to properly address them is the key to the success of digital marketing agencies.

Business Goals

You have goals in putting up your SEO business, but so do your provider and clients. Many SEOs, especially those just starting out, have tunnel vision, with higher rankings as the only thing in their sight.

As search marketing has evolved, however, rankings are no longer the sole measure of success in marketing campaigns. Other important factors, such as click-through rates, leads, and conversions come into play here. says a good SEO program should understand what the client deems valuable, and build strategies and packages around that.

Cross-Channel Approach

Relying only on organic or paid search traffic is not a sensible long-term strategy. You need to provide a proper multi-channel process, maybe even become a full-service SEO company.

Mobile ads have propelled the revenues of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, not to mention subscription from businesses. Even if you can’t handle going full-service, you should at least try and expand to multiple channels. Converting traffic for clients in as many ways as you can will only strengthen their business partnership with you.

Numbers and Figures

Numbers, figures, and statistics build trust, but only if the reports you send are truthful and comprehensive. If your agency only sends traffic data, for example, you are not giving clients much value if this doesn’t come with an explanation. Disclosing the source of this traffic spike (be it from organic traffic or spam-related) builds trust.

Your reporting should create a positive experience, and being honest is the only good way to go about this.

At the end of the day, clients are not paying only for a boost in website visits, rankings, or leads. They also hire you to manage their whole campaigns as efficiently and effectively as possible. Keep your efforts up and your clients won’t be looking for other providers anytime soon.

TV Advertisements: Subtle Influence for a Direct Marketing Advantage

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TV AdvertisementsPeople in the marketing industry often hear that TV advertisements might not have that much of an effect as it used to. It may be difficult to believe, but TV ads still influence people – not in the manner you expect them to.

Impressions that last for a long time

As says, a creative advertising agency uses the power of music, stories, and catchphrases to leave a lasting impression on audiences. A blatant call to action may close an advertisement, but the true persuasion happens when a melody or a plotline leaves its mark on people’s minds.

This explains the frequency of relatable characters on television commercials, such as caring mothers and adventurous teenagers. The more people relate with them, the stronger the impression a TV advertisement leaves.

Not immediately as you thought it would be

Many people define effective commercials as something that makes them jump out of their seats to purchase a product or get a service. This rarely happens, though. Advertising agencies hardly expect to see results immediately. Despite not having instant results, there is still a high possibility that people will remember the brand featured in TV commercials.

Exposure to all audiences

Television viewers have less control over their exposure to commercials—unless they decide to turn to another channel or switch off the telly. Repeated broadcasting of commercials ensures continuous exposure to viewers. While the price of advertising in television is higher than marketing on the Internet, the audience reach and returns will be worth the costs.

It’s all about timing

People often turn on the telly to take a break from household chores, or as a habit before going to sleep. This means viewers may have a better perception of advertisements and response to new information. While people’s intentions for watching television may vary, advertisements will be there once they tune in on their favourite shows. This makes television commercials an effective strategy for businesses.

Even with the rising popularity of computers and video streaming, televised ads continue to make an impact on today’s consumer market. At one way or another, some people have based their purchasing decision on the numerous ads they see daily.

Increasing Brand Awareness and Building Credibility as a Start-Up SEO Company

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content marketingAre you interested in starting your own search marketing business? A growing number of people out there are showing greater interest in the opportunities found in the digital marketing industry, and chances are you are one of them.

The reality, however, is that the majority will not go past with the planning process, as they get instantly intimidated by all the time, money, effort, and experience it would require.

Just like other businesses, it’s downright difficult get started in business, especially if it involves SEO. Perhaps the most challenging part is establishing trust and getting loyal customers. Let’s face it; why would customers choose you if there are other established companies? Plus, it will take time to get to know you, who you are, and how they can benefit from you. You can’t immediately convert your target market into buyers, unless you handle their needs and wants properly.

So how do you turn casual visitors into long-term customers?

Invest in Content Marketing

The number of SEO firms has grown beyond the number initially expected by industry analysts. What had made things easier for startups is private label SEO reselling, so they can keep up with demands. If you’re striving to be the best, learn how content marketing can help you. It’s a powerful tool that can generate traffic to your site, increase engagement with customers, and build brand awareness. Work with a reliable company offering white label SEO solutions, as doing so can help you establish authority. A reliable partner can also help you develop a strong foundation for all future SEO campaigns.

Focus on Branding

Big brands such as Starbucks, Nike, Coca-Cola or Aeropostale naturally attract attention and buzz. This is the reason you must focus on building a solid brand reputation, as it can help you get online traction quickly. Create a killer brand strategy that will give your business a major edge in a highly competitive market. Get a great logo, have a catchy tagline, and be consistent with color.

Once you have defined your brand, come up with creative ways to get the word out. Building credibility may seem stressful, but can expand the reach of your business.

Shop Sign Gimmicks You Should Try

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LED signageOne of the most important aspects of a business establishment is its store façade and signage. Apart from branding purposes, the signage serves as a point-of-sale advertising tool. The attractiveness and ingenuity of the storefront attracts potential customers.

With the competition getting tougher, you must come up with a unique and appealing signage not just to pique your consumers’ interest, but to pull them in as well. Visit sign shops like in Brisbane and check out their samples. With their help, you may develop a design that suits your business and consumers’ taste.

You can dress up your store façade many ways. Here are few examples:

Moving/Flashing Signage

Thanks to technology, store markers can now be visible even during the night. More than being a “beacon in the dark,” light boards and LED signage increases the store’s appeal, especially if done in a creative manner. Ask your supplier if they can place a light sequence within the light board. Instead of a stationary lighting, have different parts illuminated in a pattern. You can have your logo and business name animated for LED signage.

Specially Shaped Signage

Step out of the boring square or rectangle boards. Customise your store fascia sign and ask your supplier to cut it according to the printed design. A common choice is logo-specified signage shape. Apart from simply sticking a unique-shaped board above your store entrance, you can go for a pylon signage. From the regular arrow pointing to your shop, use your store mascot’s image or your logo in 3D. You can ask your supplier to incorporate lights and moving mechanism for the pylon signage, as well.

Perked-up Windows

A subtle-and-yet-compelling approach to store signage is through your windows. This is a great space for displaying your products or showcasing your classy interior. Add some charm through graphic stickers and frosting that reflects your business type. Move in your products or best furniture on the window’s view.

Don’t limit yourself with only one style. Try mixing up a special-shaped signage with a light sequence, or a light board with matching frosted window. Study your market’s habits and your material options. Get ideas from popular establishments. Combine concepts to come up with an engaging façade that you and your customers will love.

Heading for the Greenlight: 3 Reasons to Give Your Startup Ideas A Go

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brand marketingLet’s face the truth, you don’t actually need to major in accounting, medicine, engineering or business to secure a beautiful future. There’s never a guarantee yet we all have that chance towards a golden ticket to success just as long as we stay extremely determined towards our endeavors. Brilliant business ideas start to randomly pop out of your mind and most often than not, you always just shrug it off, thinking “Nah, that probably wouldn’t work, I’m never going to be an entrepreneur.”

But then, what a total waste it would be if you keep on shoving those ideas on the deepest, darkest corners of your mind, which would probably be forever lost.

Thing is, while startups are challenging because of all the uncertainties it involves, there’s nothing much to worry about, and here is why.

A More Convenient World

This era gave us a lifestyle wherein people have emerged to make things easier for one another. You will have everything you need to start! Resources are available everywhere and online, suppliers would be very easy to contact. Communications and transactions are so convenient you could even manage a business while wearing pajamas at home.

A Wider Market

Another great thing that this modern technology gave us is better access to a wider pool of clients. Social media made it easier to promote locally, nationally and even worldwide and in fact this amount of online presence is also equal to the opportunities you could acquire. You could also rely on brand marketing service for a smart and efficient way to make your budding business grow.

The Big Break

The top reason why you should not be afraid of initiating your startup is the very simple fact that this might be the big break in life that you are waiting for. You must start something not only for yourself, but to serve as an inspiration to others. It is never easy to step up against the possibility of failure, but at the same time it’s a greater loss to not take that leap of faith that might change your life and the lives of those around you.

You Cannot Go Wrong with Search Engine Marketing

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search engine marketingIn a business, it is obvious that you have to think about so many things. Depending on what kind of business you are into, you will have to think about matters such as production or manufacturing, distribution, raw material acquirement, cost, and so on.

All of that will be useless without one vital part — advertisement. Without a good marketing plan to put your business on the map, you can say goodbye to your business and your money. With the recent economic boom in Perth, how will people know your business exists amid all the other businesses out there?

To be successful in the quickest way possible you have to play to the advantages of today’s technology, one method being search engine marketing.

Online Presence Revealed

In Perth, experts define search engine marketing (SEM) as a kind of advertising strategy that includes a process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines like Google or Yahoo! through both paid and unpaid efforts. This plan means to make your product, your business, and even your website known to those who are surfing the Internet.

With millions of people around the globe with access to the online world, SEM will surely help in attracting people to your business.

How Exactly Does It Help?
  • SEM delivers a direct message to target audience. This means that if you are into the beauty product business, and if a person searches for keywords like ‘beauty product’ related to your business, then they will be able to see your advertisements.
  • SEM works 24/7. The Internet doesn’t sleep, thus, many people will come to know your business.
  • SEM is cost effective. You need only to pay for your advertisement if a person clicks on it.

To become successful out there in the world with your products or services, you have to set up an SEM plan. Perth has no shortage of SEM firms ready to take your business to the next level, but you have to be careful in choosing which one can handle your brand’s needs.