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3 Things Successful People Do During Their Free Time

July 15, 2017 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

Young people at work When you think of successful people, do you imagine them to be working hard all the time, not leaving the office, or staying connected 24/7 through their laptops and smartphones? While this may be true for some (workaholics do tend to succeed sometimes), it is not always the case. Many successful people do live normal lives.

That said, they must do something when they’re not working, right? Her Magazine lists some of the things successful people do whenever they have free time.

They Spend Quality Time with Family

If you want to be successful, don’t turn your back on your family. They’ll keep you sane when things get too tough, and they’ll keep you grounded when you become successful. With your family, it doesn’t matter how successful you are; what’s more important is that you’re there for them, win or lose.

They Read a Lot

Self-made billionaires and millionaires are not always college graduates, but they are often good readers. They learn a lot from reading. You can do it, too. By giving yourself some time to read every day, you can learn more about people, cultures, places, trends, history, etc. It also sharpens your vocabulary and your understanding of other people. Anything from history books to novels to magazines for women will help you learn something that may be useful in the future, so start reading more today.

They Continue Learning

Successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college are not the rule; they’re the exception. Many successful people believe in the power of learning, and so should you. Even if you have a degree already, what’s to stop you from taking more classes, getting a Masters and a PhD, attending lectures and seminars, and generally just learning more? Your learning can feed your success and vice versa.

For sure, successful people do more than these three examples. Your takeaway from this is success doesn’t depend on spending your entire life in a box. It’s about living a normal, healthy, and productive life, and working hard to get what you want.

Retail Strategies for the Online Shopping Store

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Person holding a productYou may not have a physical store, but online retail businesses still work in the same way as physical businesses do. You still want to stand out so more customers will buy from you as much as possible. Obviously, you can only achieve this if you have the right strategies that will result in increased sales. 

Here are some smart strategies that can drive your online retail business forward:

Understand Your Target Market

Naturally, you can only sell products to consumers if you have a deep understanding of their wants and needs. Good online retailers always invest in customer research to better target their marketing efforts, pricing, and sales. You can understand your customers more by accessing data points like online surveys, market research, focus groups, and others.

Devise Pricing Promotions

Once you gain a better understanding of your target market, you can easily devise strategies to convert leads into sales. For example, you can use discount sales, coupon codes, and other promotions to attract consumers with bargain prices. PriceManager noted to keep the MAP pricing policy in mind if you do this, however, to stay within the limits of the minimum advertised pricing.

Improve the Returns Process

Besides bargain pricing, you can create a smoother and better returns process. Many brands already took advantage of the returns process to increase loyalty in their customers. They studied what drove returns, and used their research to create a solution that not only reduced returns but also made repeat customers.

Personalize Shopping

You can also personalize business’ shopping experience to attract customers. People in the digital world love personalization, and you can take advantage of that. You can use a person’s shopping history to make recommendations on what to purchase. You can use personalized e-mails of your current offers. You can find many other ways to personalize your retail.

With the above-mentioned strategies, you can surely stand out from your competitors and increase sales. Of course, when you're already standing out, make sure that you maintain consistency.

Mistakes that First Time Borrowers Make

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Mortgage Loan AgreementThe mortgage application process can be a confusing one for newbies. Too often, excited home buyers make costly but easily avoidable mistakes. Take advantage of today’s impressively low mortgage rates by avoiding these rookie mistakes borrowers commonly make.

Getting One Quote

It’s common for first-time borrowers to consult one lender and apply the first loan they find. The problem with this is that the rates from one mortgage company can differ significantly from those of another. The experts at Community Lending Group suggest that before signing any papers, take your time to compare what different lenders are offering and go for the best mortgage company in Utah that offers the best deal.

Finding a Home First

Understandably, many first time home owners are too excited by the idea of buying a home that they hardly discuss their mortgage options first. Unfortunately, they miss the fact that getting financing is the most important step in the home buying process. Get a mortgage preapproval before making any moves. You don’t want to fall in love with a home before you are sure you can afford it.

Ignoring Other Expenses

You may think you can afford a mortgage, but that’s different from affording a home. There are many other expenses to factor, for instance, homeowners insurance, property taxes, home maintenance and so on. Most lenders will only prequalify you for a loan based on your average debt-to-income ratio per month.

Not Preparing All Your Documentation

You’ll be surprised by the amount of paperwork involved in a mortgage application. Find out what you’ll need from the beginning and start preparing early enough. Your lender will be able to advise you on all the forms and statements you’ll need.

If you are new to a mortgage application, it’s possible to make mistakes that could ruin you financially. Do your homework about everything as you make this crucial leap.

Questions You Should Ask House Cleaning Services

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House Cleaning ServicesThese days, hiring house cleaning services has become a necessity. For both families and companies, there are plenty of options, ranging from individuals to cleaning services in Dunedin and elsewhere. To determine whether the cleaning services fit you, ask the following questions before hiring.

1. Are you bonded or insured?

Accidents are prone to happen during the cleaning process. If you hire an insured cleaning company, they can cover damages or anything that is broken or lost in your home. This gives you peace of mind since you know your house is safe even when you’re not there. However, it is best to put away breakables or anything valuable during the cleaning process.

2. Do you have special cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies?

Some companies only provide cleaning equipment and expect you to provide the cleaning supplies. For some people, they prefer to use their cleaning materials instead of the cleaning supplies provided by the cleaning company. You can ask the cleaning service if they use green cleaning supplies or conventional cleaning supplies. If they cannot accommodate your request, it is best to provide the cleaning supplies you want during the process.

3. What services do they offer?

Ask the cleaning company what they could offer you. You should know if they charge extra if you want them to handle specific tasks such as cleaning the floors and windows or cleaning the toilet and bath. Also, you should find out whether they offer lawn or yard clean-ups and dishes. After answering all the above questions, ensure that you get a written contract indicating all the terms and conditions of the job as well as the costs. This is critical in helping you handle any disagreements along the line. Make sure that the cleaning company helps you in making cleaning easy. Get the quality service you expect and hire a reputable cleaning service in Dunedin.

Local SEO: Top Things to Focus on this 2017

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SEO and SEM on paperThanks to local search, within the span of three years, it has become so much easier to find local stores, businesses, or nearby items, creating a significant shift in the search behavior and intent of users. Now, they no longer have to type in the specific location in their searches. 

If you’re looking to amp up your local SEO this 2017 or even dominate the local SERPs, focus on the following:

Keyword Research

While this could admittedly be time-consuming, the rewards are simply great. Make certain that your keywords and key phrases are always coupled with geo-modifiers that your potential customers might utilize for searching businesses similar to yours. You could also run the words and phrases you generated through Google’s Keyword Planner so that you could get some ideas together along with your search traffic stats every month.

Meta Descriptions and Title Tags Still Work and Matter

Make sure that your meta descriptions and title tags are being displayed in full on SERPs. They must likewise include keywords you want to rank for such as “Italian restaurants in Denver”, adds, a local SEO specialist in Denver. Utilize tools that would help you see how your meta descriptions and title tags would look in SERPs.

Schema Markup

Schema markup, commonly known as local structured data, are simply codes added to sites for offering search engines with more detailed information about your business services or products, their prices, along with location-based offers, among many others. When implementing local structured data, you could optimize your site based on your specific type of business, location, and listings of your business in upcoming events. It’s also vital to note that Google is rewarding sites that use local structured data since it helps crawlers in better understanding your pages and their content.

SEO, including local SEO is always evolving and will continue to evolve. New algorithms are being released all the time, and SEO best practices constantly change as more and more businesses fight for the top spots in SERPs. Although the points mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg for local SEO optimization, implementing these would help ensure that you're always on top of your local SEO game.

Deconstructing AV Trends for Effective YouTube Advertisements

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Youtube On A Laptop YouTube advertising may just be your next step to gaining exposure and creating an impact for your brand. It lets you show off products and services in a way that appeals to how consumers prefer to get information. Moreover, it lets you track which ads receive the best response through YouTube Analytics data.

Here are local AV trends that have proven successful for video advertisements.

Tell a Story within Three Frames

Many people use their mobile phones to watch videos on YouTube, so make your ads mobile-friendly. Divide the story into three frames: the opening, the hook and the landing — and make sure that they relay a single message. Otherwise, you might confuse viewers.

Have a Catchy Tune

Singapore-based online marketing company says that a video uses both emotions and sounds to convey a message that connects with people. So choose catchy background music to match the visuals of your video ads.

Use Cliffhanger Plots

Nothing gets viewers wanting more of something than a strategically planned ending. This is true for TV series and movies; it also works for video advertisements. Use cliffhanger plots that tell viewers something about your brand, but leave them wanting more.

Finally, here’s a trend that never grows old: get to know your audience. YouTube is easily available to all audiences, from children to senior citizens. Find out what each type of audience wants to see and incorporate all those details into portraying your brand. This way, it will feel inclusive and genuine.

YouTube advertising lets you showcase products or services that is different from the quintessential words and images. Keep these trends in mind for your own effective advertisements.


Failed Three Times: London Stock Exchange Deal Blocked Again

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Stock Market AnalysisOne of the biggest stories concerning the European stock market in 2017 is the failed merger between the London Stock Exchange and its German rival, the Deutsche Börse, based in Frankfurt. The merger, valued at £21bn, was blocked for the third time by the European Commission. Previous attempts fell through in 2000, and again in 2005 before the 2017 deal failed.

All major news channels, including The Guardian and the BBC, as well as smaller finance news sites such as Stock Market London are already covering aspects of the failed merger.


The merger had always received backlash due to fears of it creating a ‘de facto monopoly’. A de facto monopoly refers to a non-government created monopoly that is not protected from competition. An LSE and Deutsche Börse merger would have a monopoly of bonds and debts. Margrethe Vestager, a prominent anti-trust official of the European Commission, mentions that the two companies cannot guarantee that it won’t limit competition.

German regulators, in particular, worry that the merger will create problems after Brexit. The merger would have placed the headquarters in London —problematic as the UK will be no longer part of the EU. They were originally pushing to locate the headquarters in Frankfurt instead before the whole merger was ultimately rejected. Vestager herself, however, says that her decision was not influenced by Brexit.

Increased Shares

The two companies originally wanted to merge to allow them to compete more readily with the global market. The merger would have allowed London to maintain its economic ties with the EU. It would have also resulted in an estimated of £384 million euros in annual cost savings.

Despite the deal falling through, investors have responded positively to the failed deal. The London Stock Exchange saw a 3% jump in their shares, and the Deutsche Börse went up by 0.5%.