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4 Changes to Keep up with the Evolution of the Modern Office

September 18, 2017 at 9:21 pm Comments are Disabled

Colourful office chairsFor decades, modern offices have largely shared the same design. In recent years, however, we have made strides to transform the modern workspace. Offices — its physical design and furnishings — currently serve as more than just a physical space to do our jobs. They now also deeply affect employees’ the state of mind.

To help us adapt to this shift in office design, Bishop Interiors, who offers office partitions in Christchurch, enumerates the changes we can consider to make the modern office more pleasant.

Replace Furniture

You can take redesigning a step further through your office furniture. You can find many pieces of office furniture that are beautiful and functional at the same time. You can match these pieces to departments or designated areas. This is to improve concentration and focus. You can even use the furniture to encourage collaboration and teamwork among employees.

Introduce Plants

Reimagine your office design and décors. Foster a culture that encourages your staff to be their best versions. Simply putting plants in the workplace will have a profound effect on employee productivity and creativity. Greenery and plants can even reduce stress levels in the office, a study shows.

Redesign Space

Once more, you can take it another step further by rethinking the entire office design. You can use office partitions to assign spaces for private and focused work. You can then designate areas for collaboration and recreation.

Repaint Different Sections

Colour can also play a big part in employee productivity. Instead of the usual drab white walls, you can mix and match colours. Orange, for example, can encourage creativity. Blue can induce innovation. Green does the same as blue. Red can encourage positive thinking. Of course, you still have to pick colours that coincide with your organisational values and brand.

You can try out the ideas and find out how your employees react to the changes. You can implement ideas incrementally to find out how each affects your workers. The incremental implementation also helps you spend little by little for these changes.

New Zealand Awards Funding Grant for Plastic Recycling Plant

August 23, 2017 at 4:15 am Comments are Disabled

Scrap metal on recycling plant siteEnviroNZ’s plastic recycling facility in Christchurch received a $1.25 million funding grant from the New Zealand Government’s Waste Minimisation Fund.

The company will spend the money upgrading and recommissioning the facility, according to Christchurch Associate Environment Minister Scott Simpson. These upgrades will allow the extrusion plant to recycle more than 1,000 tonnes of woven polypropylene bulk fertiliser bags per year.

Reusing Waste

The recycled materials will be converted into pellets, which local companies will use to manufacture products, such as irrigation tubing and rope. The process is similar to the scrap metal recycling services offered by companies like Metal Salvage Services Ltd and can be used for other purposes, including home furnishings, fixtures and lighting.

Simpson said that the plastic recycling plant is expected to reduce the volume of woven polypropylene bulk fertiliser bags that are dumped on farms. In addition, EnviroNZ has partnered with Ballance and Ravensdown for a streamlined collection system for single-use bulk fertiliser bags. The two fertiliser companies manufacture an estimated 1 million bags weighing around 3,000 tonnes.

Farmers have now sent 100 tonnes of bags on average per month to support EnviroNZ’s recycling efforts.

Funding Scheme

Established in 2009, the New Zealand government’s Waste Minimisation Fund provides financial assistance to sustainable projects. A levy of $10 per tonne of disposed on landfills helps in sustaining the fund. To date, the programme has granted more than $80 million for more than 130 environmental projects.

The fund prefers projects that 'collectively give the largest net benefit over time', according to the Ministry for the Environment’s assessment criteria. Other benchmarks for the funding include strategic value, partnership and cross-sectoral collaboration among others.

Plastic recycling is important in reducing the buildup of waste in landfills and other dumpsites. The public and private sector should cooperate in advancing initiatives that not only help the environment but also conserve natural resources.

Why New Zealand’s Branding Campaign Became a Success

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Advertising methodsA significant part of New Zealand’s economy relies on exported products and services. A successful tourism branding campaign, therefore, was essential to not only lure overseas tourists but also improve the image of local businesses.

Clean and Green

According to Carl Stephens of communications firm Baldwin Boyle Shand, the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign helped enterprises expand their networks in Asia, particularly in Singapore. A New Zealand Trade and Enterprise study backed this claim by showing that exports to the Lion City increased to US$2.15 billion in 2014 from US$269 million in 2004.

Stephens believes that the concept of a country with ‘clean and green’ products, particularly food, led New Zealand to have a good image among consumers in Asia. While it is no secret that the country has stringent quality standards for its dairy products and fresh produce locally, the campaign boosted that impression abroad.

Digital Dynamic

Local companies can also borrow a page from the 100% Pure New Zealand campaign to prompt their own businesses’ growth. From commercial screen printings to digital marketing tools, there are several ways to raise awareness on your brand for your target market. Before embarking on your campaign, make sure that your promotional materials comply with Advertising Standards Authority’s code of ethics, though.

Social media also provided businesses with a modern way to connect with their audience, according to Stephens. However, brands should not use them for the sole purpose of gaining a huge following among consumers. Businesses should also learn to use it authentically and engagingly so they foster in-depth connections with patrons, Stephens noted.

New Zealand’s efforts to promote itself as a tourist and business destination seemingly paid off. For this reason, there is no reason that local companies cannot achieve the same level of success in marketing their own brands.

How Duct Cleaning Can Help Reduce Your Electric Bill

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Air duct cleaningCleaning your air ducts at your home’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system will not just keep your homes cool in the summer; it will also help you save on power.

The hot weather during the summer months often leads to an increased consumption of electricity, particularly for air conditioners and humidifiers. However, homeowners can reduce their power bills with the right maintenance and controlled usage. Here's how:

Smart Consumption

The continued use of the air conditioner likely accounts for the increase in electricity during the summer season. While it’s impossible not to use this appliance in a hot weather, you can avoid incurring a large bill by making sure that your cooling system is in tip-top shape.

In Maryland, for instance, homeowners can specialists in air duct cleaning in Gaithersburg or Baltimore. It’s ideal that you replace or clean your duct filters at least twice a year, as well as check for any leaks on the ductwork.

Cool Homes

Homeowners can install smart thermostats to control the room temperature at home and reduce energy consumption. According to the US Department of Energy, a well-functioning thermostat could provide up to 10% of energy savings in a year.

Some other alternatives for can be as simple as opening windows and doors to let air flow into the house. In some cases, expert advice and assistance will be necessary if other options have failed to improve your HVAC system.

Most of us will turn on the AC day and night to beat the summer heat, while some might choose not to do so out of fear of paying a hefty electric bill. These present some disadvantages to your health or finances, so it’s best to be aware of money-saving tips to keep your home cool without hurting your budget.

Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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Love word formed with popcorn on wooden table
Expressing love is almost a reflex to some people. Although some say love does not depend on the amount spent, there is a special feeling one gets when they receive a gift as a communication of love and affection. Whether you are a man or a woman, deciding the perfect gift for any occasion can be a stressful endeavor. But not to worry, we got you covered. Check out these ideas below.

Something for the Tummy

If there is one thing that we can count on to put a smile on someone’s face, that is food. You have to be really odd to frown upon something delicious and filling. Plus, the good thing here is that there are more options available.

A Delicious Option

Tell them you love them with special treats that will not ruin the diet. Popcorn, for example, has very little calories and actually has health benefits. A gourmet popcorn basket is full with a variety of popcorn flavors. Plus, this basket of goodies is something your loved ones can eat wherever they like.

For the Young at Heart

Another option is a stuffed toy, which many young ladies, or those young at heart, understand. This is especially true if it is their favorite animal or character. This might not be suitable for an anniversary, but they are still very endearing. This is especially true if there is no particular reason for the gift.

Something more serious

Of course, if one has the means, then jewelry says a lot. This is particularly true for extraordinary occasions. Such a gift is often considered as a form of serious commitment in the relationship.

Expressing one’s love is a personal choice by both men and women. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to do so that will delight your partner.

3 Things Successful People Do During Their Free Time

July 15, 2017 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

Young people at work When you think of successful people, do you imagine them to be working hard all the time, not leaving the office, or staying connected 24/7 through their laptops and smartphones? While this may be true for some (workaholics do tend to succeed sometimes), it is not always the case. Many successful people do live normal lives.

That said, they must do something when they’re not working, right? Her Magazine lists some of the things successful people do whenever they have free time.

They Spend Quality Time with Family

If you want to be successful, don’t turn your back on your family. They’ll keep you sane when things get too tough, and they’ll keep you grounded when you become successful. With your family, it doesn’t matter how successful you are; what’s more important is that you’re there for them, win or lose.

They Read a Lot

Self-made billionaires and millionaires are not always college graduates, but they are often good readers. They learn a lot from reading. You can do it, too. By giving yourself some time to read every day, you can learn more about people, cultures, places, trends, history, etc. It also sharpens your vocabulary and your understanding of other people. Anything from history books to novels to magazines for women will help you learn something that may be useful in the future, so start reading more today.

They Continue Learning

Successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college are not the rule; they’re the exception. Many successful people believe in the power of learning, and so should you. Even if you have a degree already, what’s to stop you from taking more classes, getting a Masters and a PhD, attending lectures and seminars, and generally just learning more? Your learning can feed your success and vice versa.

For sure, successful people do more than these three examples. Your takeaway from this is success doesn’t depend on spending your entire life in a box. It’s about living a normal, healthy, and productive life, and working hard to get what you want.

Retail Strategies for the Online Shopping Store

July 8, 2017 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

Person holding a productYou may not have a physical store, but online retail businesses still work in the same way as physical businesses do. You still want to stand out so more customers will buy from you as much as possible. Obviously, you can only achieve this if you have the right strategies that will result in increased sales. 

Here are some smart strategies that can drive your online retail business forward:

Understand Your Target Market

Naturally, you can only sell products to consumers if you have a deep understanding of their wants and needs. Good online retailers always invest in customer research to better target their marketing efforts, pricing, and sales. You can understand your customers more by accessing data points like online surveys, market research, focus groups, and others.

Devise Pricing Promotions

Once you gain a better understanding of your target market, you can easily devise strategies to convert leads into sales. For example, you can use discount sales, coupon codes, and other promotions to attract consumers with bargain prices. PriceManager noted to keep the MAP pricing policy in mind if you do this, however, to stay within the limits of the minimum advertised pricing.

Improve the Returns Process

Besides bargain pricing, you can create a smoother and better returns process. Many brands already took advantage of the returns process to increase loyalty in their customers. They studied what drove returns, and used their research to create a solution that not only reduced returns but also made repeat customers.

Personalize Shopping

You can also personalize business’ shopping experience to attract customers. People in the digital world love personalization, and you can take advantage of that. You can use a person’s shopping history to make recommendations on what to purchase. You can use personalized e-mails of your current offers. You can find many other ways to personalize your retail.

With the above-mentioned strategies, you can surely stand out from your competitors and increase sales. Of course, when you're already standing out, make sure that you maintain consistency.