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Get Them Hooked: 3 Hacks for A Livelier Classroom

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Happy kids in classKids of today have way more options than any other generation before had. At a swipe of their fingertips, they can access heaps of information or be entertained by widely available visual, auditory, or socially interactive media that relates to their interests. Considering how much technology has sped up the process of out-of-classroom learning, what can London’s education agency sector do to keep these kids firmly seated in their desks by bringing new media to the traditional classroom?

The secret? Keep them on their toes. Here ate 3 ways to do just that:

Start class every day with creative ice-breakers

While kids might initially shy away during the early days of adoption, daily ice-breakers allowing them to get to know their peers at a faster rate than if they were to just chant the polite “how are you?”. Ice breakers can take the form of short physical games or exercises, or mental riddles to stimulate their out-of-the-box thinking.

Get them in the mood for collaborative learning

Learning is a two-way street and it’s not limited to what knowledge the teacher can pass on to his or her students. Feedback from peers is equally valuable, as validating one another’s ideas fosters a spirit of supportiveness. Education agencies can take this a step further by facilitating classes in such a way that students will be comfortable to exercise critical thinking but in a constructive and emotionally intelligent manner.

Allot time for quick reflections

Written or spoken reflections help kids synthesize their learnings in the way they find to be most striking. By spending at least 10 minutes at the end of every class for this activity, students can look back on what they did right and what they could do better next time. Teachers must gauge the collective personality of the class.

While electronic screens dominate the way information is disseminated today, physical interaction is still king when it comes to pumping energy and stimulating young minds.

Don’t Keep That: 4 Things You should Never Store in a Storage Unit

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Storage UnitRenting a storage unit is a great investment because it’s safe, clean, and serves as an extension of your home or business. Some people even use it as their actual home, although, technically, that’s illegal.

While storage facilities like bondstoragesb.com in downtown Santa Barbara have security measures in place and make sure that the area is clean, storage unit renters should also be responsible enough not to store illegal or potentially harmful items in their units. If you’re not sure what they are, here are some of them.

Items that Attract Pests

Food usually attracts the creepy crawlies, but non-food items like a corkboard also draw in pests because of its scent. Be careful when storing foam, too, because it’s prone to bug infestations. Store foam properly by keeping it in a sealed plastic container.

Unregistered Vehicles

Whether it’s a car, a boat, a motorcycle, or a trailer, you can’t store an unregistered vehicle in a storage unit. Storage facilities have to legally require you to present proof that the vehicle is currently registered before allowing you to move it in.

Moreover, you can’t store a close friend or relative’s vehicle. Any vehicle you store should be registered in your name.

Flammable Materials

You’ll run the risk of your possessions catching fire or exploding if you store fire-hazard items in your storage unit. Among the obvious items are gasoline, propane tanks, and aerosol cans. Paints, oil, fertilizer, and asbestos are also flammable, so keep them out of your storage unit.

Furthermore, if you want to store vehicles, snow blowers, or items that run on fuel, empty the tank first before locking it up.

Battery-Operated Items

Storing battery-operated items in a storage facility may decrease their overall quality because the unit’s indoor temperature isn’t regulated. Some storage facilities have already addressed this issue by offering temperature-controlled units, however.

If you decide to store electronics in an environment with an uncontrolled temperature, wait until the item is at room temperature before turning it on.

These are just some items you shouldn’t store in your unit. To get a full list of things that shouldn’t be stored in a unit, visit your storage provider’s website or ask for a brochure.

3 Things You Can Do After Finishing College

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A college student studying a notice board They say that your adult life finally starts when you finish college. For most people, college is a time for soul searching and figuring out what you really want to do in life. For some, the several years they spent in the university were not enough to make them realise what it is that they really want to do.

If you are one of these people, do not worry. There are many ways to approach life after college. Here are some great ideas to help you get started:

Get a job

This is probably the most obvious and practical option. College is a preparatory process for people who want to work as professionals. The challenge now is finding a job that lets you use what you have learned at school. As such, it is true that not all people get the privilege of using their degrees and applying their knowledge to the jobs they land.

If you get a job that is not related to your degree, it will still give you real-life experience, which is one of the most valuable factors considered by recruiters and employers.

Continue formal education

Not quite ready to join the workforce yet? How about continuing education? An MBA degree in Singapore will give you better opportunities. If you finished a degree in the sciences, an MS will help beef up your resume and expose you to the experts and tenured professionals in your field.

Learn new skills

You can still learn new things without going back to school. With the rise of the “gig economy” in the last decade, you can learn many marketable skills outside the classroom. Coding boot camps and even free online courses will give you skills that are highly valued in today’s market.

Are you ready for life after college? Try any of these recommendations to find your purpose and lead a productive, happy and fulfilling life.

Why Early Childhood Education Remains Essential for Children

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Early Childhood EducationThe human brain begins to form at conception and develops in a major way during the first three years of life. This means that preschoolers have the most amount of brain growth going on. They are also impressionable at this point. The good, the bad and the ugly all stick easily and leave a big mark in their lives. This is, therefore, the ideal time to give them important information and practices for a great foundation. Who is better to impart such skills than a trained teacher?

It takes a skilled teacher to change a child

It takes a great teacher to transform a noisy and playful toddler into a responsible little person who is able to live and interact with others peacefully and courteously. It is their duty to give them a foundation that will last as the child ages and set the pace for adult life as they go along.

Unfortunately, early childhood education is an area that few people choose to study. The reasons may vary widely and they include a possibility of poor pay at completion. James Cook University Singapore noted that this might be a major issue because job satisfaction and performance are usually hinged on the pay. This is not always the case, however.

There will always be a demand

A child is born every day around the world and they will all need a starting point for their education. This, therefore, means that there will never be a shortage of opportunities for kindergarten teachers. Learn how to turn your passion for children into a skill that will always be required wherever you go.

Choose an institution that will allow you to reach into yourself for the best that you can be. Take up the challenge to be counted among those that took their time to impact a mind, mold a child and change a generation. The rewards are visible, definitely fulfilling and last for years.

How to Get Kids Interested in Aviation Training

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AirplaneLearning to fly is, most of the time, expensive and time-consuming. You need to ensure that you are getting the best value for your money and time. Your kids’ heart must be in it before you can spend any significant amount of cash on it. The last thing you want is to waste your money.

The basics of flying

When money is involved, all factors must be considered to ensure that you are getting the best value for it. Aviation programmes may be offered from different colleges. First, find the best school that guarantees you value for money. Whether you want to become a professional pilot or want to learn to fly for personal reasons it is important that you choose a school with the right trainers.

Enroll at a school that offers a flexible schedule to meet your needs. You may have to organise with the trainer to match your needs. Fortunately, it is always possible to get a trainer that is willing to fit with your schedule. Chances are that you may want to be present when your children are training, especially for the practical.

Set goals for flying

One of the easiest ways to convince your children to take part in aviation training is to give them the advantages of doing so. You need to explore the possible benefits that your kids will gain by training in aviation training. When they are able to own the idea chances are that they may even look forward to the training.

Arrange for a meeting with aviation professionals

Nothing motivates kids more than seeing someone that has made it. Organise for sessions that they can engage with pilots. The exchange of ideas may trigger an interest in them that you cannot do on your own. For some reason, children like associating with people that have already succeeded in a challenge.

You can always get your kids to enjoy aviation just as much as you do. All they need is a little push. With proper coaxing, you can have them flying in no time.

Boost Academic Performance: Determining Your Child’s Learning Style

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LearningChildren have a natural way of picking up information and they learn best by looking, listening and doing. It is important to keep in mind the every kid learns in a slightly different way. Figuring out your child’s learning style can help them develop a love of learning and even assure academic success.

Understanding how a child learns can improve how you can teach them. It is easy to do this by observing their actions, interests and preferences, which will give you information about how they process information. FamilyMatters.co.nz explains more about the three main types of learning styles: visual, auditory and tactile.


These children learn through seeing or by visual cues. They usually observe a person’s body language and facial expressions, and learn through demonstrations and descriptions. Visual learners have well-developed imaginations and tend to think in pictures. For kids who know how to read, written instructions may help simplify verbal directions. If your kid is a visual processor, too much movement in the classroom may be distracting for them.


These kids learn new information through listening and sound. Auditory learners get to know things and by participating in discussions or talking about new topics. Verbal directions may help them clarify written information or instructions. If your child is an auditory learner, they may learn best in a quiet environment; too much noise may be distracting for them.


Those who are tactile learners learn by touching and doing things. They understand things through physical movement and prefer activities that will allow them to use their hands. If your precious one is a tactile learner, you may notice that they are well coordinated and have good athletic ability. They greatly appreciate physical forms of encouragement like a pat on the back.

It is best to foster your kid’s strengths, but don’t forget to challenge them and teach them new ways. Your child can excel in different areas, so you have to offer experiences that will help develop new interest that will broaden their knowledge about the world.

Know the Importance of Wearing School Uniforms

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School uniformAs the country with the highest total time spent in school, Australia has students spending 10,710 hours
in the educational institution. That is a big part of a person’s life spent on school and activities
associated with it.

You learn different things in school. You communicate and socialize with different types of people. The
people you meet, the activities you do and the school uniform you wear will remind you of fond
memories as you grow older.

As one of the essentials when schooling, the uniform has benefits for students, which is why school
principals and parents should not disregard it.

Sense of Belonging and Equality

Most Australian schools have uniforms to create an environment where everyone can fit in. Without a
school uniform, students want to keep up with the latest fashion trends. Those who do not have trendy
outfits may experience bullying and teasing, which then results in low self-esteem.

School Pride and Loyalty

Uniforms make students feel proud and develop a sense of loyalty to their school. It helps identify the
school in events or competitions. It also minimises the access of non-students to the school premises.
With uniforms, know the students who go to the school and keep the others out.

Uniforms should always be clean to maintain the good image of the school, of course.

Permapleat.com.au recommends machine or hand wash on gentle cycle for polo tops. Do not use bleach
on tracksuits, shorts and trousers.

Benefit for the Future

Graduating does not mean you do not have to wear uniforms anymore. Many job opportunities may
require wearing uniforms to develop professionalism. Even the Army has uniforms and in fact, their
uniform has recently been upgraded to maintain high standards.

Investing in a school uniform is like investing in your future. Always remember that being neat, clean
and presentable attracts more friends—and success.