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The Heathy Senior: Coping with Change Better

September 28, 2016 at 5:51 am Comments are Disabled

Happy seniorsOne important factor in staying healthy as you age is building resilience or finding ways to deal with life changes. The way you handle and grow from these changes can dictate how you’ll grow old and enjoy life in the future. Even if your hair is turning gray, it is still important to stay positive and keep your perspective when times get tough.

Appreciate Life

Changes and transitions start to occur when you grow old. These may include loss of loved ones, children moving away, declining health, or end of a career. It is natural to feel sad for those losses, but this doesn’t mean you have to dwell in sadness. Keep in the mind that your life is precious and you have to stop taking things for granted to appreciate and enjoy life more.

Share Your Feelings

You may find it hard to express your feeling and think that doing so is a sign of weakness. The truth is, however, burying feelings is detrimental to both your physical and mental health. You can say you’re fine, but you cannot always deny what you’re going through. Legacy Retirement and other retirement communities in Logan may suggest that you find ways to acknowledge and process your feelings, maybe by talking to a friend or keeping a journal.

Learn to Accept Things

Some of the things in life are beyond our control. If things don’t go your way, don’t stress too much about it. It best to concentrate on the things you can control like the way you react to problems. Don’t take everything seriously; a little humor in life is healthy. If you think that your choices contributed to a problem, reflect and learn from them.

Face Your Challenges

When facing a challenge that is too big to handle, don’t just ignore it. If you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to get help. It is also a good idea to take things one step at a time. This may feel like a long journey, but even a small step can boost your self-esteem and make you more resilient.

Your age may slow you down, but this doesn’t mean you should let yourself be dragged down. Focus on staying healthy and positive so you can live life to the fullest and be happy.

Be the Boss of Your Own Health: 4 Doctors Women Should See

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Medical DoctorYou can make a lot of excuses to avoid seeing a doctor on the regular. You say you’re feeling okay, you’re too young to be sick, or that you’re scared something might actually come up in your tests. The truth is, health is not just about not being sick. Women, in particular, have special considerations and natural health risks that need to be monitored regularly.

Here are the four doctors every woman needs to have:

1. Primary Physician

Many women overlook the need to ensure their general health, thinking that the only doctor they need to see is their OB/GYN. The reality is although these two doctors monitor your general health as much as they can, they still test for different issues and screen you for different things.

2.  Obstetrician/Gynecologist

Women are advised to see a gynecologist in the peak of puberty. In Salt Lake City, for instance, there are many clinics that welcome and encourage young women to consult with them as early as 13. says a gynecologist’s role is to help you understand your body and give you an idea of what is normal. Ut is the OB/GYN’s job to help you take informed decisions regarding your reproductive health, especially for sexually active women.

3. Dentist

Oral health is often neglected, as if treating your teeth as separate to your body. The truth is that oral health is strongly linked to your overall health. Illnesses like heart diseases are directly linked to your oral health. Regular dental exams are vital to your health.

4. Dermatologist

Women’s hormones can sometimes act erratically, causing changes in the condition of your skin. Seeing a dermatologist helps you understand this process and assist you in mitigating the bad effects these hormone changes have on your skin.

It is very important for women of all ages to see these doctors and take an active role in their health. Always be mindful of the changes in your body; and together with your doctors, make sure your health is always in good condition.

Laser Dentistry: The Revolutionary Way of Dental Health Care for Children

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Laser DentistryChildren tend to develop dental anxiety without having experienced being in a dental office. The fact that the actual anesthetized tooth extraction is uncomfortable, if not painful, can make dental health care frightening for little kids.

Among the various methods in dentistry that makes it more child-friendly is with the use of laser technology. Laser dentistry replaces the traditional drill for many clinical procedures that result in painless dental techniques and surgical procedures.

Revolutionary Laser Technology

Beginning in 1997, dentists in the United States have been using laser to reduce drilling, and in many cases, laser prevents the need for an injection. It is, thus, a revolutionary way of providing dental care in the pediatric population. In Utah, cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry utilize laser technology to aid in the procedures. It is an alternative to relatively uncomfortable and painful dental practice available for both adults and children.

Treatment Procedure

This technology uses a unique combination of laser energy, mist of air and water to provide gentle and precise treatment. This aims to conserve healthy tooth structure and minimize pain and discomfort with lesser tissue contact. Using state-of-the-art laser equipment, the dentist controls high-powered frequencies and cut teeth with minimal contact to the surrounding tissues.

This can be used in various applications including hard tissue dentistry procedures, such as cavity detector, tooth preparation and dental fillings, and soft tissue treatments like suture-free removal of soft tissue folds.


Laser dentistry avoids getting injected with anesthesia. The overall time of the procedure is also less than the traditional treatment.

After the procedure, the gums will have less swelling, scarring, bleeding and post-operative sensitivity. It is also highly recommended for its rapid healing effects. Without really inflicting wounds on the gums, patients will feel less pain.

Children need to be presented with less painful options when it comes to dental healthcare and for this, one of the best solutions is clearly laser dentistry.

Ready to Become a Yoga Instructor?

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yogaYou started practicing yoga 10 years ago, and now you feel the need to take the next step and become an instructor. Before setting up a class with your friends and their acquaintances as your first students, you may want to get certified first.

Why Train?

Not all yoga enthusiasts understand the science and safety of their practice. The danger of holding a class without certification revolves around risks of pushing students too hard and therefore causing injury. Apart from physical risks, you deprive them of the spiritual and mental depth involved in yoga.

You Want to, but are You Ready?

Most instructors set their foot down and enter training programs upon realizing that an hour’s worth of classes no longer gratifies them. They want more, and they want to take the lead this time. Even an aerial yoga certification sounds tempting to them, even if they’ve never tried aerial yoga before, shares

Their attitude towards yoga also helps in determining when they are ready to become instructors. Some of the things worth reflecting on exist in simple daily activities. Do you recommend yoga to others as a means of solving minor physical pains? When you meet new people, do you include yoga in your introduction?

Dissatisfaction with day jobs acts as the major indicator that this change is necessary. If you would gladly choose yoga pants over corporate attires any day, the next step is to find the right school to receive training.

Learning about Certifications

Yoga Alliance, a prominent yoga organization in the United States, registers training programs that meet their standards. The two levels of certificates they offer depend on the number of hours a teacher completes – a 200-hour and a 500-hour program. Completing a 200-hour training enables you to teach in most yoga studios, as it is their usual minimum requirement.

A 500-hour training, on the other hand, broadens your field of specialty. It touches fields like therapeutic and restorative yoga, and considered the highest form of training recognized by Yoga Alliance.

The intensity of these trainings and their interference with commitments like your day job could require not only commitment but also sacrifice.

Bring Back Your Smile — Types of Teeth Restoration Methods

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smileA cosmetic dentist can carry out various procedures to give you the perfect smile. There are plenty of options and methods for treating discoloured, missing, chipped, or misshapen teeth. Your cosmetic dentist can close gaps in your teeth, reshape them, change the length, and restore them.

Commonly, these treatments include bonding, bleaching, veneers, crowns, contouring, and reshaping, as Mill Street City Dental Centre explains below.


The most popular and commonly used method for whitening teeth. Most people undergo bleaching to lighten the shade of their teeth, while some just want remove stains on their teeth. Discolouration may be a sign of aging, hereditary, caused by smoking, medication, or drinking tea or coffee.


Bonding utilises a material that closely resembles the colour of your teeth for filling in spaces or discoloured teeth. It is performed by the cosmetic dentist in a single session but lasts for many years. It is however more prone to chipping or staining than other teeth restoration methods.


Also commonly called caps, crowns are utilised for covering your tooth to restore it to its proper appearance and shape. Because they are costly, they are only used in instances where other restoration techniques won’t work. They take the longest time to implement, but in return, they are the most durable.


These are slim pieces of either plastic or porcelain that will be positioned over your teeth to alter shape and colour. They are often utilised on chipped, misshapen, discoloured, crooked, or irregularly shaped teeth.

Reshaping and Contouring

Contouring and reshaping is done in one session and is used for correcting chipped, overlapping, crooked, and misshapen teeth. They are usually used for modifying your teeth’s position, shape, or length.

Your cosmetic dentist in Perth will advise you on the teeth restoration method most suitable for you after a thorough examination of your teeth’s overall condition. Choosing the best restoration treatment is highly crucial since more often than not, the treatments are not only for cosmetic purposes but can also improve existing teeth issues like your bite among others.

Researchers Discover Role of Amelotin in Enamel Formation

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TeethFor something animals have had for millions of years, scientists still don’t quite understand the formation of enamel on teeth. Researchers know that the process involves several proteins; they’re just not sure what those proteins are. Fortunately, a new study publishes the discovery of one of those proteins that plays a vital role in the hardening of the mineral.

Much Ado about Amelo

Amelotin (AMTN) is a basement membrane protein predominantly expressed in ameloblasts during the maturation on amelogenesis, as well as the lower levels of the junctional epithelium of erupted teeth. That’s a lot of big words, so we’ll go at them one at a time. Dentists in Perth describe amelogenesis as the process when enamel begins to form on teeth, and ameloblasts are cells that only appear during tooth development.

Because of the limited timeframe in which ameloblasts appear, amelotin isn’t as readily available as many researchers would prefer. But, they did have enough to determine the role the proteins have in the formation of the hardest substance in the human body.

Scientists were able to confirm their hypothesis by testing the mandibular strength of mice lacking the amelotin protein. It may not seem like much, but this discovery is quite significant because there have yet to be any reports regarding such a protein playing any kind of role in mineralisation.

Discovery Applications

By analysing the data that the study revealed, independent organisations can verify the effectiveness of oral products and procedures that claim to strengthen enamel. Studying amelotin further will also allow researchers to study how to strengthen enamel, as well as the eating habits and the kind of food that affect its durability.

The applications of this discovery also have a potential in industries outside medical dentistry. Many people aren’t aware of this, but enamel is very hard and has a lot in common with titanium. If engineers can replicate the amelogenesis process, they can theoretically create a new breed of tools and implements that can rival steel and iron. There’s a possibility that such tools may not be as effective or practical as steel and iron, but it would be cool nonetheless.

Staying Beautiful with these Popular Medical Aesthetic Procedures

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BeautySingapore is, without a doubt, a melting pot of different cultures and histories that mesh into a beautiful landscape like no other. However, the country is not just for tourists and foodies– it has proven to be a haven for people seeking top quality medical aesthetic procedures.

The Rising Popularity of Medical Aesthetics

In 2013, over 15 million people worldwide used some form of cosmetic surgery. Nearly 100,000 had procedures done in Singapore, such as the following:

1. Botox Injections

Botox or botulinum toxin is so popular in Singapore that some girls undergo botox injections the moment they turn 18. It is also one of the most affordable procedures available in the country, coming in at an average of $400 to $1,000, depending on which location the treatment targets.

2. Liposuction

This is another popular procedure in Singapore and listed among the top five procedures that expats come over for. Liposuction may cost an average of $2,400 per area, making Singapore a slightly more expensive destination to cut loose some fat, but the better facilities and highly recommended doctors make it a cut above the rest.

3. Breast Augmentations

According to Thomson Well Women Clinic, this procedure is far more popular with Singaporeans than with expats. An estimated 15,000 people in the country undergo breast augmentations per year. Just like liposuction, breast augmentation in Singapore can be pricier than in South Korea or Thailand, costing about $17,000.

Singapore is quickly proving its promise to be the best destination for medical aesthetics. With better facilities, more advanced technologies, and highly trained medical professions. it is shaping up to be the cosmetic centre of the world.