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Incorporating Consumer Behaviourin Web Design

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Web designPromoting your products and services online does not always lead to more sales. There are factors that determine why some ecommerce websites succeed and others do not. Knowing why people buy goods at online shopping sites will help you determine these factors and their solutions.

It gives quick and easy access to products

A few seconds of clicks or queries and consumers will see a variety of goods that cater to different audiences and purposes. Make sure that your market can easily navigate your website in any device. Make your ecommerce website mobile-friendly. Quickclicks noted that a mobile-friendly site should no longer be viewed as a bonus; rather,it is a crucial, core element in giving your online business its best chance at success.

It gives them variety

Shopping sites allow consumers to select from a wide selection of products for different purposes. Give variety to your target market to make your ecommerce site successful. Include images, descriptions, and benefits. Provide reasons your products and services are better than your competitors to assure buyers that they’re in the right place and they’re buying the right goods.

It has flexible payment options

Online shopping continues to grow in popularity due to alternative payment methods. Many ecommerce sites usually allow real-time PayPal or credit card to eliminate the troubles of cash payments. Sell your products using those payment methods. The more convenient your products and services are, the higher your chances of attracting customers.

It saves them money

Consumers love ecommerce sites because they save money when shopping online. Apart from the lack of sales tax, the proliferation of discounts online allows them to find and buy goods at lower prices compared to actual retail stores. Post promo packages on your website periodically to attract buyers.

Ecommerce websites should provide the best online user experience to become successful. Improve your website’s content, navigation, payment methods and benefits for consumers and you’ll most likely see them buying your goods and services online.

3 Basic Security Measures Every Website Should Have

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Website securitySecurity is paramount for practically any website. Hackers have been more active in the past few months. Just recently, fraudsters attacked the United States government’s Internal Revenue Service, compromising more than 100,000 records of American taxpayers.

Your website may not be part of the government, but a security disaster like this is something you’d want to avoid at all costs. For this reason, you have to bolster all the security measures of your website. Experts in IT security in Singapore recommend taking different measures – most notably, going back to the basic, must-have security features of a website.

Activity Monitoring

Traffic patterns are something you have to pay attention to when managing a site. This isn’t just to improve your marketing, but also to keep your security in check.

Keep a log of visitor behaviour and monitor what they do each session. Once you have enough data, keep an eye out for suspicious or abnormal behaviours in your site. This is the first step to prevent an attack – remember that.

DDoS Protection

You have probably encountered the term DDoS before. This is something you have to protect your site against. A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack would overload your site’s server with traffic.

Eventually, the server would not be able to handle all the requests. Once this happens, your website will shut down. Make sure you have measures to protect your site from this.

SSL Certificates

Certain actions require the transfer of data from one computer to another. Different kinds of attacks target information such as credit card numbers and passwords from companies without proper security. The last thing you want is for these data to be compromised and cause troubles.

Singapore’s IT services provider says that protecting your data should not impact productivity. This is why you should use SSL certificates, a method that serves like an electronic ID for your data so that other servers would recognise it immediately.

Cyber security is always a big concern – never ever downplay that. With these basic security measures, you are on your way to making your website more hack-proof.

The Final Disclosure: Is Technology Good or Bad?

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technologyTechnology has taken human life into a completely new spectrum. For years it has proven its worth, breaking record after record and proving doubters wrong. The old apprehension of technology overthrowing humans is somehow a thing of the 80’s when science fiction movies took paranoia to greater heights.

Today, people are more reliant in technology than ever. It is indeed an important aspect that determines the success of a company. Many establishments rely on multi-site voice and data network support providers like to enhance their capabilities.

The problem is, the advancements in technology may have also brought back the old notion from two decades ago. As companies pursue a much faster and effective way of carrying out their business operations with automating certain processes, people who used to do such work become irrelevant.

Experts, however, suggest that this is not the case. Change is inevitable and though machines somehow are replacing humans in some companies, its emergence can in fact create more job openings.

While it may sound bazar, the reason for such an idea is reasonable. If you think about it, when companies employ technology in their operations, it makes them more efficient. This is what consumers are after and the latter’s satisfaction leads to a boost in sales, which then leads to the expansion of the company. Some may suggest that expanding is useless, as companies will just purchase more machines. What these people should understand is that a machine is incapable of doing everything. It also has its limitations.

Technology does offer both good and bad for the society, but one cannot deny that we would not achieve what we have today had it not for it. This is why people are embracing technology and continue to use it in their daily lives. To put it bluntly, people see it in a way that its benefits greatly outweighs its costs.

In Design We Trust: How Web Design Affects Trustworthiness Factor

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Website DesignBusinesses thrive primarily because people continue to patronize its goods and services. In order to persuade people to arrive at that purchase decision, you need to prove something to them: you are worth trusting.

So many Denver businesses are popping up and the thing that separates the good ones from the excellent ones is trustworthiness. You can resort to a variety of business strategies to improve this, but considering the major role your website in all of this, excellent web design tops it all.

The scientific study “Trust and Mistrust of Online Health Sites” says that good website design has a huge impact on people’s perception about your business. While the study focuses on health websites, the results are relevant across all businesses in all industries.

Trust Busted

Bad design is a big turn off. Among the many factors listed for reasons to reject a website, 94% were related to web design.

Busy layouts are an eyesore—enough reason for people to leave your website. If you want people to trust you, your website should have an easy-to-read, expected layout. A rule in web design Denver digital marketing experts follow is thinking like the user. If at the first glance of the website, you can’t figure out how to get the products and services page, it’s a tell-tale sign you need to revamp it.

Poor use of colors is another cited mistrust factor. The site will need a major makeover if it uses something absurd like orange text against a red background. Think about your color palette carefully. If you insist on using bright colors like red and orange, you have to neutralize the strong vibe with neutral colors, like black or white.

According to the study, people are more likely to mistrust your business if the site is plagued with pop-up advertisements. These ads are not just annoying, but they also kill your credibility. Stay away from pop-ups. Use more subtle ways of advertising your products and services. This could be in a form of blog or an infographic. This tactic allows you to market your products and educate customers at the same time.

Trust is a Must

There are many benefits to designing your website with trustworthiness in mind. More than the approval of customers, trustworthiness also contributes to improving brand recognition. This is something that has a huge impact on the over-all image of your company. Trustworthiness can also help create more links for you. Since you already have the loyalty of existing customers, they are likely to serve as ambassadors and promote your website.

The little details of your web design speak a thousand things about your reputation. The question left to answer now is, what reputation are you conveying in your web design?

Data Security: The Serious Consequences of a Breach

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ATMHow secure is your website? The history of the Internet is rife with massive data breaches, and even big names like eBay, JP Morgan Chase, and Sony have not been immune. Hackers will stop at nothing to break through website security, as the prize for their efforts is information worth millions of dollars.

When a well-known business experiences an online data breach, you will probably see it as front-page news on tech publications, like The Data Center Journal. This is because the consequences of a breach can be devastating, especially for consumers.

1. Lost privacy – Anonymity is precious on the Internet, and data breaches can easily take that away. Hackers of e-commerce websites will see customer names, addresses, purchase histories, and much more. This is information that can be embarrassing at best, and often has serious repercussions. In some cases, it has even lead to harassment or attempted blackmail.

2. Financial damage – What people fear even more than losing their anonymity, however, is losing their hard-earned money. Some hackers have been able to get stored credit or debit card information, racking up purchases on these stolen cards and leaving the owners to deal with the mess. While they might be able to contest the purchases, it is often a long and difficult process.

3. Online vulnerability – A few years ago, Epsilon experienced what was possibly the biggest email address breach in history. The perpetrators stole more than a billion email addresses from over a hundred businesses, putting around 60 million Americans at risk of massive spam attacks and phishing attempts. Even if they did not get any financial information, the damage is immense enough as it is.

Businesses that suffer data breaches certainly do not get off scot-free either. Organizations and their employees can also lose sensitive information and resources, but more importantly, the damage to their reputation is huge. Customers will rapidly lose trust in a service that cannot keep their information secure, and may feel that they would be safer with a competitor.

The 3 Rules to an Impressive AdWords Quality Score

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search marketingGoogle is known for many things, but a haphazard or careless approach to business certainly isn’t one of them. Even though online advertising makes up the vast majority of its revenue, the company does not accept just any ad that comes its way. They have much higher standards than that.

One thing that the search giant has emphasised time and time again is that they only want to show their users quality content, and this applies to the advertisements they see as well. Any annoying, ugly, or irrelevant ads are not part of the organisation’s vision.

This is why AdWords has the quality score metric; ultimately, it measures how well-made, relevant, and high performing your advertisements are. A higher score means better placement and lower costs, which is why Perth’s search marketing experts like always make improving it a top priority.

Improving Your AdWords Quality Score

Novice paid search marketers often find the quality score a frustrating and confusing metric. But there are only a few simple rules that you have to follow if you want to keep it high.

1. Conduct better keyword research – Your keyword selection is the very foundation of the entire campaign, and choosing the right ones will also have a measurable effect on your quality score. It allows you to create more relevant, higher quality ads that your target audience will love.

2. Improve ad copy – Sophisticated ad copy does not just drive clicks and conversions, it also greatly affects your quality score. Avoid any grammatical or spelling mistakes, and describe the product in a meaningful yet compelling way.

3. Match the landing page – It’s astonishing how many people will create masterful PPC ads that lead to a landing page completely different from what the clicker expects. Whether this is an oversight or intentionally deceitful, you can be sure that your score will take a hit if you do this.

Do not be discouraged if it takes a long time to raise your quality score. Much of it depends on time; if you keep testing and improving your campaigns, the rest will eventually follow.

Photography 101: How to Use your LCD Effectively

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LCD display in DSLRKnowing how to use your LCD screen will provide you with a huge advantage as a DSLR user. If you’re new to photography, you may have a few questions regarding the entire equipment, however. Here are some basic tips on using LCD screens effectively.

What is an LCD?

DSLRPros explained that the LCD is the liquid crystal display located on the rear of the camera. This helps you to view and review the images you have taken. Always check the display options of your camera and take some time to know more about the menu system.

What are the basic features of LCD screens?

The features depend on the type of camera that you’re using. Each offers different sizes and varying resolutions. Of course, the better the resolution of the LCD on your camera means the better the image quality will be. In most DLSR previous models, you will notice fixed LCDs. Today, you can tilt them, making it easier to take photos from overhead, on the ground and other positions. Some new models even have touch-screen features, allowing you to take photos or change a setting much easier.

Which is better: LCD or viewfinder?

Some cameras don’t have a viewfinder, so you have to rely on your LCD for framing your images. Both features have advantages over the other when it comes to composing images. On the plus side, you can be more creative with your shots using both features. You can simply hold the camera higher or lower for a different viewpoint. The only drawback is when you have to take photographs in really bright conditions. While LCDs show you a full image you want to take, the viewfinder usually crops a small amount of the scene at the edges.

In a sense, you cannot rely fully on your LCD preview even if it provides a reasonably accurate display. The best thing you can do is to review the histogram for an accurate assessment of an exposure. This gives you better details of the images.