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3 Things Successful People Do During Their Free Time

July 15, 2017 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

Young people at work When you think of successful people, do you imagine them to be working hard all the time, not leaving the office, or staying connected 24/7 through their laptops and smartphones? While this may be true for some (workaholics do tend to succeed sometimes), it is not always the case. Many successful people do live normal lives.

That said, they must do something when they’re not working, right? Her Magazine lists some of the things successful people do whenever they have free time.

They Spend Quality Time with Family

If you want to be successful, don’t turn your back on your family. They’ll keep you sane when things get too tough, and they’ll keep you grounded when you become successful. With your family, it doesn’t matter how successful you are; what’s more important is that you’re there for them, win or lose.

They Read a Lot

Self-made billionaires and millionaires are not always college graduates, but they are often good readers. They learn a lot from reading. You can do it, too. By giving yourself some time to read every day, you can learn more about people, cultures, places, trends, history, etc. It also sharpens your vocabulary and your understanding of other people. Anything from history books to novels to magazines for women will help you learn something that may be useful in the future, so start reading more today.

They Continue Learning

Successful entrepreneurs who dropped out of college are not the rule; they’re the exception. Many successful people believe in the power of learning, and so should you. Even if you have a degree already, what’s to stop you from taking more classes, getting a Masters and a PhD, attending lectures and seminars, and generally just learning more? Your learning can feed your success and vice versa.

For sure, successful people do more than these three examples. Your takeaway from this is success doesn’t depend on spending your entire life in a box. It’s about living a normal, healthy, and productive life, and working hard to get what you want.

Technology Makes Personal Financing Easy: A Guide for Young Professionals

June 7, 2017 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

British pound coins up close macro studio shot against a shiny reflective White backgroundPersonal financial management is an intimidating thought shared among many young professionals. You may have earned some cash doing part-time jobs throughout secondary school and university, but being fully independent of the parents and handling your own money might be intimidating.

Fortunately, technology has found ways to make personal financing easier. You can now manage your money and balance your accounts with the simple tap of a finger on your smart phone.

Online Resources and News Websites are Everywhere

Decades back, people would have to wait for the newspaper every morning to read the news or to go to the library to research on something. Thanks to technology, you can now enjoy access to breaking news and credible resources online. You may use these to stay updated on the latest business news or to find a more effective way to balance your accounts.

As an example,Stock Market London fills online readers in on the latest news about the stock market, but it also publishes articles that provide tips for personal financing. Similar websites exist to help young professionals such as yourself become more financially responsible. You must be careful about the pages you visit, though, because not all are credible.

Mobile Apps Make Nearly Everything Accessible to You

Mobile apps include games and social networking platforms, but those are not the only apps you can download on your smart phone. Technology has made it possible to do mobile budgeting, track investments, transfer money between bank accounts and check the latest finance trends at the palm of your hands.

Of course, when you have doubts, you may also rely on peers and family to give you advice on how to better handle your money and manage your personal finances. Nevertheless, technology has made personal financing simpler for young professionals through online resources and mobile apps.

Meet Your Real Investment and Home Owning Needs

April 21, 2017 at 7:53 am Comments are Disabled

A Duplex UnitIf torn between the acquisition of a home and a rental unit, you can make a compromise that gives you the best of both worlds. You can realize both your investment dreams without losing the advantage of owning the roof over your head. A duplex can give you a taste of both sides of the coin.

You can live in one unit and let out the other one. Such a move enables you to lower the cost of your mortgage and will a little luck, some additional income. However, before rushing to make such investment, you need to take a few precautions.

Research the Market

Ideally, the other units in a duplex should help you pay off the mortgage on the loan each month. As such, you need to be sure of the level income you stand to collect from units each month. A detailed market survey can help you make an accurate estimate of the possible return on investment.

Otherwise, you are likely to make a crucial mistake capable of running your finance. More than just comparing income, you need to consider, the population and their income levels. Such a move enables you to calculate your income with a high degree of accuracy, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Get the Money Factors Right

Naturally, duplexes and multiplexes carry a higher asking price than single-family dwelling units do. Hence, you need to make sure your finances are in order before approaching a HUD multifamily lender for funding. If relying on the rental income from the units to cover part of the mortgage, make sure they are occupied.

You stand a better chance of success if you can back your claim with financial statements. Putting a sizable down payment in addition to having a high credit score and a low debt income ratio also helps your creditworthiness.

Multi-homes make an incredible way to kick off your real estate investment journey. These useful tips ensure that you make the right call when making your investment decisions.

Why Gold is a Better Bet Than Bitcoin

March 22, 2017 at 1:00 am Comments are Disabled

Bitcoin MiningBitcoin is nice. It disrupts currencies, and it is valuable. If it manages to take off, a lot of Bitcoin miners will be very rich, rewarding their embattled faith in the world’s first decentralised cryptocurrency. By then, who knows what it will become: it could be the next gold, silver or even as a business opportunity.

That is where it ends for Bitcoin, despite what its biggest believers will say. It is a mystery to most people and the fact that you need a miner set up, register to Bitcoin’s official ledger and selling it is close to impossible. It is because most of the people you will find interested in Bitcoin are only in it to sell. A lot of miners, not enough buyers, and that is only the start.

Gold vs. Bitcoin

Gold has always been there, and it is always valuable regardless its form. Whether it is an ingot, jewellery or coin, gold sells wherever you bring it. Not that you would lug it around in your pocket, but there are places that may offer a smaller spread when you are selling. You can always play it safe and sell it back from where you bought it, though, and you will still earn a pretty penny.

Going back to bitcoin, it feels very limited, and there is a compelling reason why its momentary jump over gold is not a good thing. Moreover, it is worrying that a group can fundamentally control the currency. The very thing that makes bitcoin brilliant, its boundlessness, is something that the Chinese companies leverage to have a major hold over it.

Using Your Sense

If there is a challenge in gold investment, it is taking control. If all your money is in a single ingot, you are dependent on how the market will swing. It also does not encourage growth because ingots are the haymakers in the gold transaction. If you buy one, you had better have a clear plan on selling it. There is also the issue that you have no money left.

To address it, be a diverse metals investor. Spread your money on sovereign and minted coins, light gold bars or silver. This way, you will not corner yourself and be a one-big-swing kind of bullion seller.

Valuable, stable(-esque) and definitely for a thinker, investing in gold is a valuable move when you do it right. Its position in the financial world should tell you that no other ventures in precious metals that offer a better proposition.

Joining the Open Plan Office Movement: Is It Worth It?

March 10, 2017 at 7:31 am Comments are Disabled

A businesswoman in an open office Working in an office cubicle can be peaceful – but much like the desk mini-bar cart and ashtray stand of the ‘60s, it’s increasingly becoming a thing of the past.

As big bosses strive to save money and space, they’re reshuffling desks and fiddling with temperature gauges – and with that came the open office plan.

The open plan has turned concepts into projects, caused hierarchies to loosen up and more walls to come down. And in modern workspaces, the corner office is no longer seen as the ultimate spot. But that’s obviously not the case in the Philippines, where offices are still divided into walls and cubicles.

So why should you switch to open-plan?

Increases Employee Performance

According to a study published in the Harvard Business Review, companies that switch from closed-office to an open plan office experience performance increases.

Projectsunlimited.com.ph says such changes to the office floor plan must be carefully planned to be effective, however.

Facilitates Communication

An open-plan concept also facilitates communication between employees of different departments or those who do not interact regularly. This removes the idea that to talk to another employee, you must first talk to their supervisor, which is inefficient and only wastes time. In other words, an open plan space promotes a multi-level, free flow of information among co-workers.

Saves Space and Money

With fewer cubicles, more employees fit into less space. You can’t really put a person in a 6×6 cubicle comfortably – that’s like putting them in a prison cell. You can, however, easily put an employee in a 6×6 or even a 6×4 desk in an open plan environment, reducing the amount of space you use substantially.

The biggest fear in transitioning to an open concept is the lack of privacy. Yes, privacy will be limited compared to the traditional office layout, but that’s only a simple trade-off – increased employee performance, better communication, and more savings for privacy.

3 Things that Make Your SEO Clients Stay With You

August 3, 2015 at 12:59 pm Comments are Disabled

seoIn the field of SEO, client turnover can be as quick and common as industry updates. This is why for most SEO specialists and providers, the job is more than just helping websites rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). Your role should also take into account the things clients look for, which often come down to more sales and revenue.

Understanding these needs and how to properly address them is the key to the success of digital marketing agencies.

Business Goals

You have goals in putting up your SEO business, but so do your provider and clients. Many SEOs, especially those just starting out, have tunnel vision, with higher rankings as the only thing in their sight.

As search marketing has evolved, however, rankings are no longer the sole measure of success in marketing campaigns. Other important factors, such as click-through rates, leads, and conversions come into play here. SEOResellerProgram.com says a good SEO program should understand what the client deems valuable, and build strategies and packages around that.

Cross-Channel Approach

Relying only on organic or paid search traffic is not a sensible long-term strategy. You need to provide a proper multi-channel process, maybe even become a full-service SEO company.

Mobile ads have propelled the revenues of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms, not to mention subscription from businesses. Even if you can’t handle going full-service, you should at least try and expand to multiple channels. Converting traffic for clients in as many ways as you can will only strengthen their business partnership with you.

Numbers and Figures

Numbers, figures, and statistics build trust, but only if the reports you send are truthful and comprehensive. If your agency only sends traffic data, for example, you are not giving clients much value if this doesn’t come with an explanation. Disclosing the source of this traffic spike (be it from organic traffic or spam-related) builds trust.

Your reporting should create a positive experience, and being honest is the only good way to go about this.

At the end of the day, clients are not paying only for a boost in website visits, rankings, or leads. They also hire you to manage their whole campaigns as efficiently and effectively as possible. Keep your efforts up and your clients won’t be looking for other providers anytime soon.

TV Advertisements: Subtle Influence for a Direct Marketing Advantage

June 11, 2015 at 5:41 am Comments are Disabled

TV AdvertisementsPeople in the marketing industry often hear that TV advertisements might not have that much of an effect as it used to. It may be difficult to believe, but TV ads still influence people – not in the manner you expect them to.

Impressions that last for a long time

As HatMedia.com.au says, a creative advertising agency uses the power of music, stories, and catchphrases to leave a lasting impression on audiences. A blatant call to action may close an advertisement, but the true persuasion happens when a melody or a plotline leaves its mark on people’s minds.

This explains the frequency of relatable characters on television commercials, such as caring mothers and adventurous teenagers. The more people relate with them, the stronger the impression a TV advertisement leaves.

Not immediately as you thought it would be

Many people define effective commercials as something that makes them jump out of their seats to purchase a product or get a service. This rarely happens, though. Advertising agencies hardly expect to see results immediately. Despite not having instant results, there is still a high possibility that people will remember the brand featured in TV commercials.

Exposure to all audiences

Television viewers have less control over their exposure to commercials—unless they decide to turn to another channel or switch off the telly. Repeated broadcasting of commercials ensures continuous exposure to viewers. While the price of advertising in television is higher than marketing on the Internet, the audience reach and returns will be worth the costs.

It’s all about timing

People often turn on the telly to take a break from household chores, or as a habit before going to sleep. This means viewers may have a better perception of advertisements and response to new information. While people’s intentions for watching television may vary, advertisements will be there once they tune in on their favourite shows. This makes television commercials an effective strategy for businesses.

Even with the rising popularity of computers and video streaming, televised ads continue to make an impact on today’s consumer market. At one way or another, some people have based their purchasing decision on the numerous ads they see daily.