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New York Child Custody: Getting Sole Custody

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Child custody and visitation paperworkOnly a couple of states award sole child custody. Under New York child custody statutes, the court would always presume that continuous and regular contact with both parents in the child’s best interests. That is unless shown otherwise. That said, most states (including New York) favor joint child custody, except in cases when one of the parents is found unfit and a joint child custody arrangement would not be in the child’s best interest.

Child Custody Factors in New York

Courts take into account different factors that it deems relevant to a child’s best interests. In child custody cases where a parent is asking sole custody, the court would pay closer attention to the following factors:

  • Drug and/or Alcohol Use – Use or abuse of illegal drugs, habitual drunkenness, as well as DUI arrests could prohibit a parent from getting custody.
  • Mental and Physical Health – The custodial parent should be in the right state of mind and have sufficient energy to care for the child properly.
  • Availability – A custodial parent should be as present as much as possible to supervise the child’s welfare.
  • Child Abuse or Neglect – One of the most crucial evidence against an unfit parent is substantiated allegations of child abuse or neglect.
  • Domestic Abuse – A parent with a domestic violence conviction or subject to a protection order could be easily considered unfit by the court.
  • The Home Environment – The custodial parent should provide a healthy and safe home for the child.
  • Financial Capacity – This isn’t an extremely significant factor because the court could balance financial differences by ordering child support payments.
  • The Parents’ Age – Age isn’t a huge factor either unless there’s a substantial difference.

The Main Takeaway

If you’re concerned about your soon-to-be ex-spouse’s reliability as a parent and strongly believe that it would be best for your child that you get sole legal and/or physical custody, you should be prepared to show proof of your spouse’s unfitness, says many prominent divorce attorneys in Long Island.

Take note that it’s not necessary to take child custody disputes to court. In most instances, showing your readiness to take your case to court could persuade your spouse to go to mediation instead (especially if they’re guilty of things that could disqualify their custody rights) and work things out more amicably.

When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Rental Apartment

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A HouseWhile renting has benefitted you for quite some time now, you will get to the point wherein you’ll start thinking about buying a home more and more. Like most people in Utah, becoming a home owner is part of your goals, and now is a good time to consider turning this dream into a reality.

With the help of a mortgage lender in Salt Lake City, such as American Loans, you can finally bid your rental apartment goodbye and say hello to the wonders of owning your home.

Home Ownership Brings Emotional Satisfaction And Joy

The first and foremost reason almost all hard working individuals out there work so hard is because they want the freedom from monthly payments towards a property they’ll never own. While you would still have to make payments towards your mortgage, this money goes into ownership. Simply seeing your name in the deed will already make you throw your chest out in pride. At the same time, you’ll feel joy swell up knowing that your hard-earned money has gone into something that will shelter you and your loved ones for life.

Sense Of Security And Stability

Investing in a home is one of the best ways to have some semblance of security and stability in your life. Having a piece of land and structure on top of it under your name means you’ll have a warm, cozy, and comfortable shelter to come home to.

A Purchase That Appreciates And Is Safe Against Inflation

One thing that many people tend to overlook when it comes to home ownership is the fact that real estate appreciates over time, rather than losing value like many other types of purchases. Furthermore, the price of houses tend to go up rather than drop in times of market instability, especially when the demand exceeds supply. And with experts forecasting the continued growth of the Utah population in the following years, you should grab the chance to buy now than later.

Dental Emergencies: What Needs Immediate Care and What Can Wait

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Patient in a dental careYou may experience dental emergencies just as you may experience medical emergencies. Before you rush to the dentist, however, you have to know which situations will be worth bothering a dentist for, and which ones can wait until your next regular appointment.

You can look at the guide below to differentiate dental scenarios.

Actual Dental Emergencies

You can immediately approach an emergency dental service here in Paddington such as Dentist @ W2 if you have been in an accident and sustained damage to your teeth. The specific situations below constitute dental emergencies.

Your teeth may still be in place, but bleeding may be continuous even after a few minutes.

Alternately, your teeth may appear okay, but you feel severe pain in your gums or teeth. You will undergo an X-ray and other diagnostic procedures to find out the cause of the pain.

Visible damage to your teeth needs immediate dental care. You can easily identify cracks, splits, and chips when you look at your teeth after an accident.

Teeth knocked out of position may be hanging by a thread of connective tissue. You can push the tooth back into place if you can, and you can immediately go to an emergency dental service.

Finally, you can knock out your tooth in an accident. In such a case, find the tooth; clean it; place it back in if you can. If you cannot, put it in a glass of milk. See an emergency dentist afterwards.

Dental Non-Emergencies

Now you know what constitutes a dental emergency, you can know what dental situations can wait a while.

Toothaches can be quite painful sometimes; unless you can see bleeding, injury, or serious infection, you can schedule a regular dentist’s appointment.

You can lose a veneer or crown.

You can break your braces and wait for your regular dentist, but it can be an emergency if you hurt your mouth.

You can now better judge dental situations and know when to visit or not visit an emergency dentist.

5 Things to Consider Before Starting a Catering Company

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Catering business ready to provide foodStarting a catering business involves numerous decisions and logistics, which may be stressful even for seasoned chefs and entrepreneurs. Other than providing good food and service, there are still five important factors to consider. We listed them below:


Catering companies serve more than food; they offer the whole dining experience to customers. Due to this, knowledge in the catering industry is essential. Chefs, for example, may have the leverage, but they should know about basic customer service to deliver exceptionally. Work in an established catering company first and apply acquired knowledge to your business.


Where will all the cooking take place? Are you planning to start small and have your business at home first, or maybe you need to rent a licensed commercial kitchen? Location plays an important part in your catering business, as this is where you will prepare and cook food for customers.


Starting a catering business is like opening a restaurant; you need to work with commercial catering equipment suppliers to ensure that you have all the materials you need. Top Shelf Concepts recommends starting with kitchenware and gradually investing in tables, centrepieces, serving trays, and buffet equipment. You don’t have to buy everything right away — you can rent equipment and slowly build your inventory.


Build a network outside the catering industry. If you have friends and relatives from events and big corporations, inform them about your catering business and give them a discount for your services. Reaching out to people who can help your business grow is a great way to build a network of loyal customers. You can also join a catering association to expand your community.


Don’t discount the importance of business insurance. Secure a business license and a commercial liability insurance that will cover clients, guests, and anyone who consumes your services. You should also get a workers’ compensation insurance for each of your employees.

Preparation is the key when starting a catering business. Develop a business plan that suits your market, budget, and business goals to ensure a smooth start for your company.

Success of Credit Unions in Boosting the Economy of Communities

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Woman stressed about moneyYou need finances to pay your bills, put meals on your table, take your children to school, enjoy a holiday trip, and many other essential activities. The source of the money is always a hurdle. You are at crossroads regarding where you could borrow money without staining your income or savings.

Economic experts advise that today, credit unions may be the preferred source of financial help because they are not only reliable but also readily available and cordial.

Here are some reasons for their success.

Strategic Structure

Community-Based credit unions have a strategic structure in their geographical location, board composition, not-for-profit model, and client base. First, they are based within the community and not in towns or major cities. Their existence and success depend on their excellent relationship with community members.

Their board of directors is not high profile individuals, but volunteers from the community. Equality is a policy they uphold throughout their service. Therefore, lenders, depositors, and borrowers receive equal treatment without hierarchical complications.

You would definitely feel warm and welcome when you meet someone from your neighborhood at your financial institution, whether you need personal or SBA loans in Ogden. Low-income credit unions, as people sometimes refer to them, use this strategy to make their clients feel at home.

Economic Growth

You do not have to be impoverished because you live on the outskirts of the city. You could use credit unions to build your assets such as acquire more land or build a bigger house. Similarly, they build the unions on the idea that people with low income can pull their little resources together, and loan each other.

You can appreciate them as a form of investment rather than a burden. Moreover, there are no minimum account balance requirements. Unlike banks, there are no fees, and interest rates on your saving s are higher than what banks offer.

You may want to consider credit unions because just like banks they offer mortgages, business loans, credit cards, debit cards, and checking accounts. You will also be proud to be part of the institution and not secluded or treated with less attention. 

Exploring the Lion City: Four Things to Look Forward to During Your Visit

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Hanging bridge in Sentosa Singapore may seem small, but this country is a biggie when it comes to tour and travel experience. More than just being one of the cleanest and most disciplined nations, the Lion City is also a hub for fun activities and spectacular sights. Whether you’re looking for places to shop, views to capture, or water fun at the beaches in Singapore, here’s a list of things that are a MUST for you to try:

A Walk through Streets Full of Art

It may come as a surprise, but Singapore has a handful of lane ways decorated with street arts and murals. Tiong Bahru, for example, displays heritage-themed murals, while the Haji Lane in Kampong Glam has illustrations and paintings of various subjects along the street that portrays the Singapore multicultural mix. It also boasts the largest collection of street art in the country.

A Night Safari Experience

Want to try something new? The Night Safari in Mandai Lake Road is the world’s first nocturnal zoo which gives you a close-up experience with animals that are more active at night. Ride a tram or take the walking trails and see over 1,000 animals in the park.

Enjoy the Cool Waters of the Beach

Looking for ways to cool down during your stay in the Lion City? You’ll be happy to find several magnificent beaches in the area. Along these beaches, you will find not only fun and thrilling water activities but also a variety of the coolest bars and restaurants. Make sure to take a turn in any of these beach resorts for a refreshing experience.

The Shopping Hub at Orchard Road

Located in the heart of the Central Region, a large variety of shopping options are on Orchard Road. The area is the hub of retail and entertainment, with many hotels, galleries, malls, and hangouts.

Make your trip to the Lion City memorable by including these places and activities on your checklist, and find out why the city-state is one of the best.

Be the Best Bridesmaid with these Useful Tips

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Vintage wedding carYour best friend is tying the knot, and she asks you to be the bridesmaid. While it is an exciting event, helping plan a wedding can be stressful too, especially if you have little time. And as a bridesmaid, everyone expects you to help the bride prepare for the event as much as you can.

Here are some tried and tested tips on how you can help without burnout.

Help Find a Venue

If there is one thing that is difficult to find when it comes to planning a wedding, it would be the venue. Looking for a place is a daunting task since there are many things to consider. First would be the number of guests and the type of wedding (indoors, garden, or beach).

You can look up wedding venues Corpus Christi, TX for ideas. There are those that cater specifically to weddings, such as The Ranch At San Patricio.

Stay Calm and Collected

With her upcoming wedding, the bride is sure to lose her temper at times. As a bridesmaid, it is your job to calm her down, and you can only do this if you are calm yourself. You know your friend well, and this makes you the best person to talk to her.

There will be a lot of things going on, and a cool head can make things go easier.

Talk About the Budget

If the bridesmaid’s dress goes beyond your budget, you need to speak to the bride. This should happen from the onset, so both of you would be clear on what you can and cannot afford. It is also a good idea to have some extra cash on hand in case there something you or the bride might need the last minute

While planning a wedding and being a bridesmaid can be a difficult task, but it is fun, too. Just keep in mind that a dear friend will be taking the road to marriage soon, and you are a part of that special event.